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Using the Window and Help Menu of Microsoft Excel 2003

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The Window and Help Menu of Microsoft Excel 2003

The window and help menu has got some important tools that you can use to manipulate your document. Though you will find yourself rarely using some of these tools. Let us start with the window menu and see what it comprises.

Window Menu of Microsoft Excel 2003

New Window Launcher

  • New Window – use this command to create a new window that can help you to view multiple sheets or workbooks at the same time.
  • Arrange – this command is used hand in hand with the new-window command. After creating a new window to help you view multiple sheets or workbooks at the same time. You use the arrange to organize the sheets in a tiled, horizontal, vertical, or cascaded manner depending on which layout will be easier for you to analyze the worksheets.
  • Compare side by side – this command will help you to compare workbooks you have opened using the new window command in a side by side design.

Hide Unhide Commands

  • Hide – use this command to hide your active window.
  • Unhide – this tool is for revealing the hidden windows.
  • Split – you can use this command to split your window.

Freezing Panes Option

  • Remove split – this command will remove the split you have created.
  • Freeze panes – this command is used to freeze or lock some parts of your window. When scrolling either vertically or horizontally, the frozen parts will not be moving. This can be useful when you have a lot of data and you need to keep scrolling counter checking or comparing contents.

The Help Menu

As the name suggests, the help menu provides basic help to the user of the program. This is by querying stored solutions in the Excel program.

  • Microsoft Excel Help – use this command to get help from Excel either offline or online. If you are stuck anywhere, just go to Microsoft Excel help or press F1 and on the 'search for' box, type what you want to search for.

The Help Menu of Excel 2003

The Help Menu of Excel 2003

The Help Menu of Excel 2003

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Excel Assistant

  • Microsoft Excel Assistant – This is an animated (to some annoying) office assistant that keeps on popping up as you work within the Excel workbook. To use the assistant, you may be forced to install the feature if it is not yet installed.
  • Microsoft office online – use this command to go to the Microsoft Office Website.
  • Contact us - use this command if you want to contact Microsoft Product Support Service.

The Microsoft Office 2003 Assistant

The Microsoft Office 2003 Assistant

The Microsoft Office 2003 Assistant

Checking for Updates

  • Check for updates – this command is for checking the latest program updates that you can get from Microsoft.
  • Detect and repair – detect and repair is a tool you can use when you are having problems with your Excel software. This command will automatically find and fix errors in all office files.

More Commands

  • Activate product – use this command to activate your product if you have just installed it.
  • Customer feedback – this is a feedback system for customers aimed at helping Microsoft to improve their products. Use it to air your views.
  • About Microsoft Office Excel – use this command to know much more about this software in Microsoft Office Excel. Even the end-user license agreement will be found here.

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