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Unable to Sign in Login to Outlook Email

I use Outllook everyday. I often at work and it is a great email program. Sometimes it has its sign in glitches.


No Sign in Screen? How to Fix

Microsoft Outlook is a pretty powerful email software program. It's pretty well designed. That said, it has its occasional hiccups. Logging on to MS Outlook is normally very simple. Logging on to MS Outlook is normally so simple that we tend to take it for granted. When it does not sign on, the tasks at hand come to a screeching halt. Your inbox folder won't update beyond the last time you entered your user name and password.

So anyway, your trying to log into Outlook and it will not let you sign in as you normally would? Or, simply put, you want to log into Microsoft Outlook but there is no log on screen appearing. Outlook is not automatically connecting you and you have no place to type in your user name or password. Not being able to log into your email can really hamper the tasks at hand. Here is another way to sign on.

Step One to Getting on Outlook

Open your Outlook email program as you normally would, of course. If you are experiencing a problem you are not seeing a message at the bottom of the screen telling you that you are "Connected to Microsoft Exchange" and / or a message that "All Folders Are Up to Date."

Click on File

Click on "File" which is located as it normally is in the upper left side of the computer screen. This will take you to a completely separate "Account Information" page that contains your account settings, mailbox setting, automatic replies you may have set up, etc.

Account Information Page

Click on “Office Account” in the left Column. It is the forth command from the bottom. This will take you to a new page.



On the new page page, look below the title “Account”. There will be a link called "sign out”. The "sign out" link is very small but it is there. Come to think of it, it might, depending on your circumstances say, "Sign-In". I haven't seen the "sign in" link option before. Regardless if it says "sign out" or "sign in", click this link.

I'll finish the article based on my experience clicking "Sign-out"


Window Removing This Account

Window will appear saying “Removing this account…” plus a lot of other dialog that probably doesn't really affect you but it is a Microsoft warning / head's up.

Scroll to Continue

Click the yes button. At first, this seemed intimidating. I was concerned that my account would be wiped off the face of MS outlook completely. Personally, clicking the "yes" button has never caused my to lose my Microsoft Office account so go ahead and click "yes" and be sure to complete the necessary steps (described below)


Now click the Sign In button. It will ask for an email address. Enter the email address associated with your Microsoft Outlook account.This address isn't necessarily your personal email account. It is the address that your Outlook account was set up with. Like an organization email, etc.

Click the "next" button.

You should be all signed in now


Conclusion to Fixing Outlook Sign in

Now, you should be connected to the Microsoft Exchange and all your folders will automatically update with data since your last sign in. At the bottom of the screen you should seethe two messages "Connected to Microsoft Exchange" and that "All Folders Are Up to Date."

This is the only issue I have had logging on to Microsoft Outlook and I hope this Fix works for you. If not reach out to your local help desk.

Be sure to check out my other posts. Typically, I enjoy writing "How To" style posts. If I have difficulty figuring something out, chances are, there is someone else in the world that needs the same, specific help on that topic. Then I normally go about writing on the topic. Maybe I can help you out on other topics too. Other topics related to Personal computers, faxes, cell phones, smart phones, even fishing (which admittedly, I am so so at fishing).I haven posted as many posts as other Hubbers here but I probably have a hundred or so articles. Some of these posts may be of use to you. Feel free to check them out.

Thank you for your interest in how to log in using your user name and password on MS Outlook.

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