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USB wiring and color code - it depends on the manufacturer

I skinned or removed the cable wire of the USB and exposed the four wires inside.

I skinned or removed the cable wire of the USB and exposed the four wires inside.

Tutorial about USB cable and the four wires inside

In support of my hub, Color Code of Wires inside the USB, many have questioned on various set of wires inside their USB.

I assume I have answered them all since no asked me again about their problems with USB wires.

My hub has the first picture of skinned USB with shield.

The four colors on the first picture are red, white, green and black.

I have mentioned the color code on that hub and it helps a lot of people since then.

Many of the comments below the hub asked about what is the positive wire and the negative wire and the data wires.


In that hub, I teach about the wire color codes for each of the colored wire.

Red is for the 5 volts DC as positive wire obviously.

Black is to be paired with the red wire because this wire is ground wire.

Another name of ground wire is the negative wire.

Now, white wire here is the data wire in positive and to be paired also with the green wire as the data wire in negative.

This is a very piece of information that is very helpful to those who want to connect their USB cable by themselves.

You can save money doing your own thing.

Just be courageous enough and email me so I could help you with USB connections.

The readers of the hub will not be confused since I also post the pictorial diagram of the USB itself.

I basically remove the wire and take a photo of it. There it goes in the picture below.

Orange, white, blue and green USB wires inside this USB cable

Orange, white, blue and green USB wires inside this USB cable

Basic colors of the four wires in USB cable

The basic colors inside the cable are red, black, white and green.

However, some manufacturer produced a different set of colors.

Don't panic! We will tackle those wires one by one.

I show another set of USB wires on the photo above so we will look this four colors of USB wires closely.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is the usual color of a positive wire?
    • White
    • Green
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Black

Answer Key

  1. Red

USB cable color code of orange, white, green and blue wires

In this photo, we have shown a different set of wires that are not common in USB cables in the market.

We can clearly see in the photo that orange is the positive wire in 5 volts DC which is also the red wire in other set of wires in USB cable.

White here is the ground wire or the negative wire.

On the other USB cable mentioned above, the negative wire is the black wire so they have huge differences.

Green wire on the other hand is the data wire in positive or the data plus.

As you can see in our first set of wires, green is the data wire in negative.

Be careful with this set of wires. You may interchange these and may cause trouble to your device. Now, blue wire here is the data wire in negative.

All USB cables in the market always have 5 volts DC which could damage slightly to your device but not totally.

In testing your USB wires be sure to connect and remove it immediately to avoid damage on your electronic device.

Trial and error method is the best in testing if you have different set of wire colors.

I made a hub about this also with some follow up comments, just check this hub: Color Code of a USB and USB Pins - Wire Colors ORANGE, WHITE, BLUE and GREEN.

Comments and Questions about USB cable color code

I am proud to present my popular hub about Color Code of Wires inside the USB because I have helped a lot of hub visitors and readers here on the net.

Many readers of my hub ask various questions because they have different set of wires. The four wires inside their USB do not match with the color I gave in my hubs so that is why they ask lots and lots of questions.

One visitor of my hub named manpreet shahi, asked if I could help him to make a lamp out of his USB cable. Another hub visitor, Leo, asked if I could help him trying to make USB Y with two male ends for additional power supply.

It is fun to help these people. Based on the wiring of USB cable, we can easily connect those wires may it be same or different color.

Another hub reader named Claude Walker asked if he could connect an AV plug to one end of the USB and the wires are four inside that USB cable. Those four wires are black, red, white and green.

But all in all, let us go back to the basic which is the common set of wires inside the USB cable shown on the photo below.

Common set of wires inside a USB cable

Pictorial diagram of USB cable wires, color code of red, black, white and green

Pictorial diagram of USB cable wires, color code of red, black, white and green

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