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USB Wire Color Code and The Four Wires Inside USB wiring

USB color code - Wiring of USB cable

USB color code - Wiring of USB cable

USB Technology that changes everything.

Simple things around us are sometimes forgotten as very important one.

USB is one of them. USB wire is cheap today but it is more cheaper to repair those USB wires if we know what is the color code for that four wires inside the USB cable.

In this world, USB technology is a utility and the easiest way to aid our work daily for the reason of transfer and moving files to and from gadget to gadget or PC to other electronic device.

USB makes our job easier and faster. We must know few things and explain more about USB. This is the main topic of our post.

Transferring of files made easy by USB technology. Useful information is made by the use of this wonderful device.

But what is the meaning of USB? Let us start our information with the definition of USB. The meaning of USB is Universal Serial Bus.

Inside the USB has four wires.

So, What are the colors inside a typical USB cable? Even though USB cable wires inside a USB have various set of colors, one ordinary and common set of colors are solely discussed in this hub.

We have also included few hubs recommended by my friends to have you informed of USB technology with their questions and of course, answered by me.

Another Photo showing USB wires inside

Another Photo showing USB wires inside

Still the same four USB wires inside a USB cable but different perspective

Still the same four USB wires inside a USB cable but different perspective


So, What are the USB wires inside a USB cable?

These are the four wires of a typical USB cable.

  1. RED Wire - Red wire is always the positive or the plus wire. The red wire of the USB cable represents or resembles the 5 voltage wire in DC.This means that USB device mostly uses DC of 5 volts to power it up. No matter you are charging by the use of USB cable, five volts is present in that wire.
  2. BLACK Wire - The black wire is the opposite of the red wire so this means that the black wire code of the USB cable is the ground wire. If we say ground wire, this is the negative wire which will complete the circuit connection from the red wire of the USB cable. Note that if you want to get the power source of any USB, these wires, the red wire and the black wire, are just used and are connected to your device.
  3. WHITE Wire - Now if you want to move or copy files, the wires mentioned above are not only used. White wire is also part of USB cable to transmit files to and from PC to PC or any gadget you are using. This white wire of USB cable is named as the Data Wire + or data wire plus, meaning data wire in positive. If we have a positive, we also have a negative wire.
  4. GREEN Wire - The green wire in the four wires inside a USB cable is the negative data wire. It is written as Data Wire (-) or data wire negative. This green wire is to complete the circuit of data transfer or moving data from one PC to another and vice versa.

USB inquiry

This hub expounds the limits of my explanation in my previous hubs. I am so glad that many responded to my hubs listed below. Some questions really excite me to do more hubs about USB.

Questions about hard disk connection to their USB are mentioned in their. Another one ask help about how the USB colors orange, blue, white and green function.

Actually, you can find a lot of helpful comments and inquiry about USB wire codes at the bottom of each hub.

Please don't hesitate also to ask for more information about USB wires and the connections.

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You are free to browse around my hub. I also include many photos of different diagram of USB and its corresponding color code.

I even made a hub about other four wires with different colors mentioned in this hub.

USB Cable in your garage/storage room

USB Technology

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is the meaning of USB?
    • Universe Serial Bass
    • Universal Serial Bus
    • Universal Serial Number Bus

Answer Key

  1. Universal Serial Number Bus

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Micheal on January 02, 2019:

How can I connect hdmi male cable to USB female cable . I mean color codes?

Just some guy who did a google search on September 19, 2018:

You deadass just made this up. White is D- on just about every other documentation out there.

Literally. Just. Made. It. Up.

effgg on April 25, 2017:

I have those colors:

light green

light yellow



which is power and which is data?

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