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USB Color Code and USB Definition

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What is USB?

USB is an acronym which stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB is very common today and is very popular for moving and copying files, specifically flash drive memory using USB port.

USB wires also function like those of the flash memory USB. The USB wire or the USB cord has four wires inside if you do the skinning. Get a knife or cutter and then you slice the USB wire. You can see four wires inside it.

A USB wire has four different colors and you can see them after you remove the rubber covering of the USB cord wire.

There are various set of wires of USB wire depending on the brand names you have.

In our photo example here, you can the wire colors. We have the colors red, black, green and white.

Other set of colors will be included for discussion below.

Now, the USB color code of our first picture here will be stated below.

USB color code - four wires inside your USB

USB color code - four wires inside your USB

Color Code of the four wires inside a USB

1. Red wire. Red wire of the USB is the five volt wire or the positive wire to power a device and it will be paired with its partner, the negative wire which is the black wire.

2. Black wire. Black wire is the ground wire or the negative wire. The red wire and black wire inside a USB is the electric power pathways of the USB in DC or direct current.

3. White wire. White wire is the data wire which means the passage of data and files from the PC to the USB device and vice versa. White is DATA plus or data positive wire.

4. Green wire. The Green wire of the USB cord inside is the negative data wire or the negative minus. This wire is paired, of course, with the white wire.


USB color code - wire colors Orange, White, Blue and Green

Another set of color codes for the four wires of a USB cord is the colors orange, white, blue and green.

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These are the color coding of this USB:

Orange - is the color code for positive wire with 5 volts like the one stated on top of our article.

White - is the negative wire and as you can see in our USB color code above, that is a data wire.

Blue - is the data wire in negative or the DATA Minus.

Green - is the data wire in positive or the DATA positive.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. How often do you think an FBI agent use USB these days?
    • Daily.
    • Monthly.
    • Weekly.
    • Sometimes.

Answer Key

  1. Daily.

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