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20 Reasons for Using Ubuntu OS.

I have been an ardent follower of Ubuntu for years as it offers infinite possibilities, ultimate freedom and security for personal data.


20 Reasons for Using Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the best Linux based Open Source Operating System. The number of persons using Ubuntu OS is increasing in all over the world. Many of the countries are moving towards Linux based open software like Ubuntu OS as it will save a considerable amount of money from national exchequer. The increased safety and security of Linus based OS also is another reason for adopting Ubuntu OS by number establishment in the areas of defense, banking and government utility services.

Kerala, a southern state of India, is a successful example of adopting open software like Ubuntu in almost all fields for reducing government expenditure. The IT@School programme, an ICT instruction program as part of the mainstream education, of Kerala is using Ubuntu OS in schools and 1.6 million students per year in the state are learning it. Many of the software for public utility services are developed using open software by which the government can save a large amount of money.

The number of users of Ubuntu has been increasing. The reviews prove that many of the Ubuntu users are unwilling to go back to propriety software. The reasons for it is not only the saving of money about $200 an average per year for the OS, anti- virus, and utility software, but also the freedom it offers. How many of us like a bondage ?

Those who are anxious about the strength and weakness of Ubuntu can use it along with windows. The experience of such users are that they give up their earlier operating system in the long run. Using the basic versions of proprietary operating system and the Ubuntu Operating System will be enough for any ardent follower of any well known OS.

Benefits of Ubuntu Os

  1. Ubuntu is a open software. All its updates are available free in various formats. It help us to save the spending on OS and its updates.
  2. It is virus free. It help to save the spending on anti- virus software which itself prone to virus attack.
  3. It is spam free.
  4. Thousands of free utility software are available for Ubuntu OS. The Ubuntu users can save money on that count also.
  5. No need to go after pirated software as many useful software can freely download from internet.
  6. A number of free games are available for Ubuntu OS.
  7. Support of Ubuntu forums.
  8. Ubuntu improves the performance of PCs
  9. Automatically upgrades the software.
  10. Free and long term support from Ubuntu.
  11. Developers can work on the code and improve it.
  12. Trouble free internet connection.
  13. Old computers will perform better with Ubuntu than other operating systems.
  14. The performance of PC will not deteriorate by the use of Ubuntu.
  15. Work with multiple windows more efficiently.
  16. Can be used internet banking without installing.
  17. Ubuntu is more stable.
  18. All upgrades of Ubuntu are provided free.
  19. Ubuntu software can be copied to any number of persons can use it.
  20. Safety and security of personal data than in other OS.


Free Education Softwares for Ubuntu

1. TuxMath

It is a very useful Math Training Game for children.

2 Classroom control

It is a tool for teachers to control classroom computers.

3. Blinken

It is a memory enhancement game for all levels.


It is a Math Tool for children.

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5. Marble

A desktop globe for learning Geography.

Marble Screenshot

Marble Screenshot

Free Video Editing Software for Ubuntu

  1. Avidemux – A program for editing videos.
  2. OpenShot Video Editor – software for creating and editing videos and movies.

3. Kino - Kino is a DV non-linear video editor.

Free Graphics Softwares for Ubuntu

1. GIMP Image Editor

It is a powerful utility for creating images and editing photos. GIMP Image Editor can be used for all purposes of photo editing – photo retouching, image resizing, and image construction. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching, an image format converter, and an online batch processing system.

2.Album Shaper

For photo album organizing.

3. GNU Paint

A painting software similar to MS Paint.

4. Inkscape

For creating and editing Scalable Vector Graphics images.

5. gThumb

For viewing and organising images.

Free Games for Ubuntu

1. Asylum

A surreal platform shooting game.

2. Atomix

An very interesting Molecule puzzle game for learning basic chemistry.

3. Battleball

A game which involves play soccer with tanks.

4. Bomber

An arcade bombing game.

5.Bos Wars

A game involving battle for survival.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Kumar Paral

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