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Troubleshooting Sony XBR TV Problems

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Common problems with Sony XBR series TVs include a No Signal error, issues getting Internet content to display, audio problems and more. Use troubleshooting to work through various potential causes for your problems to try resolving your problem without having to deal with Sony support or contact a professional repair person.

Sony XBR series TVs offer 3D functionality and come with a variety of pre-loaded Internet apps.

Sony XBR series TVs offer 3D functionality and come with a variety of pre-loaded Internet apps.

"No Signal" Message on XBR TV

  • If you're not receiving a signal while pulling in high definition channels over the airwaves, the Sony XBR TV is not receiving a quality signal. To pull in a stronger signal, try moving the TV to a different location. Alternatively, you can purchase an HD antenna from most electronics stores to help you pull in a stronger over-the-air HD signals.
  • If you're receiving the No Signal error message when the Sony XBR TV is set to display one of the video inputs where you connect a cable, such as a component, composite or HDMI cable, ensure that the cable is firmly connected to both the TV and the external device. Additionally, look the cable up and down for physical damage, such as tears. Even if you don't see any physical damage on the cable, try replacing it with another cable to see if that resolves your problem. Also, check the video output settings on your external device to make sure it's set up to output to a resolution that's supported by your TV; this is a common problem with Blu-ray and DVD players.

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Error 5006 Appears When Refreshing Internet Content

This error appears as a result of a refresh of Internet content that didn't complete successfully. Try refreshing the Internet content again by pressing "Home" on the remote control that came with the Sony XBR TV, selecting "Network" and then selecting "Refresh Internet Content." Try selecting the Internet content you want to view again; you may need to use this method to refresh the Internet a few times to get it to work. If you're still experiencing problems with Internet content after attempting to refresh it a couple of times, this may be an indicator that you're experiencing larger problems with your wireless router. Ensure that all of the cables are firmly connected to the wireless router, and also try disconnecting the power cable from the device, waiting 30 seconds and then reconnecting the power cable to reset the device. If you're still having problems, try moving the wireless router closer to the TV to ensure the signal passed between the two devices is strong. Also, try turning off devices near both the TV and the wireless router that send and receive signals on a frequency, such as a baby monitor, cordless phone, wireless headset or other devices, as these devices can interfere with the signal being sent between the Sony XBR TV and the wireless router.

Red, Green or Orange Light on XBR TV

A solid red light indicates that your Sony XBR TV is off and a solid green light indicates that your TV is on; however, there is also a blinking red light and an orange light that can signal problems with your TV. If the LED light associated with the TV's Power button is blinking orange, the TV is downloading and installing a firmware update; this is normal and is no cause for concern. However, don't power down the TV until the LED light returns to its normal color, indicating that the firmware update has finished downloading and has installed as much as it can. After you restart the TV, the update will finish installing, which won't take very long, and you likely won't even notice a delayed start time.

However, if the TV's Power light is flashing red, the TV has detected a larger problem with the TV. Try resolving this by restoring the Sony XBR TV to its original factory settings by doing the following:

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  1. Power the Sony XBR TV and let it run for at least two minutes.
  2. Hold down the "Volume Up" button on the remote control that came with the TV.
  3. Continue holding the "Volume Up" button down and then press the "Power" button to power down the TV.
  4. Remove your finger from the "Volume Up" button.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn the Sony XBR TV back on. The TV will be restored to its factory settings.

"Unsupported Audio Signal" Error Message

The audio format being outputted by a connected external device isn't supported by the Sony XBR TV. Try adjusting the audio output settings on your external device to resolve this issue. Ideally, set the external device to output PCM or two-channel audio, as these audio formats are supported by the TV.


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