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Troubleshooting Anker PowerPort Problems

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It feels like everyone in a household has at least one device that requires charging through some form of USB cable, and at times it can feel like everyone wants to charge their device in the same location. Because most of those devices require at least two hours to charge, that can lead to heated arguments and occasionally an outright brawl. While the Anker PowerPort is a wonderful solution to that problem, with models of capable of charging anywhere from two to 10 separate USB devices, the PowerPort isn't immune to its own challenges. Common problems with the Anker PowerPort USB charger include a single port not charging, none of the ports working, a defective power cable, and more.

The Anker PowerPort 6 lets you charge up to five devices, and is highly portable, checking in at just over 8 oz.

The Anker PowerPort 6 lets you charge up to five devices, and is highly portable, checking in at just over 8 oz.

Devices Charge Slowly

  • First, try using a different USB cable to charge that specific device. If you've charged it with no issues previously using the Anker PowerPort charger, the issue is likely associated with the cable you're using.
  • Ensure that you're not using a third-party cable to charge your device. Third-party cables may work for a short period of time, but they often start to go bad much more quickly than cables from the device's manufacturer.
  • Check the total amp outputs associated with your Anker PowerPort model. For example, the PowerPort 5 outputs a total of 8 amps. Then, check the total input current needed for all of the devices you're attempting to charge. If the total input associated with the devices you're attempting to charge exceeds the total number of amps the USB charger can output, one of more of the devices will experience a slower-than-usual charge.

Specific Ports Not Working

  • If you let a device power all the way down before connecting it to the Anker PowerPort USB charger, there may not be any obvious indication on the screen that the device is charging. Waiting 10 minutes and then try to power the device on. If the device powers on and the charging percentage looks accurate, there are no issues with your USB charger.
  • Try connecting another device to the same cable and see if it charges without issue. If that device charges as normal, then you may have a problem with the charging input on the connected device.
  • If you try connecting a device to the Anker PowerPort and that device doesn't charge, try swapping the existing charging cable for another type of USB charging cable. Connect a device to that charging cable to see if it charges. If it does, then the issue is likely associated with that charging cable.
  • If the problem is not the device and not the charging cable, try disconnecting Anker USB charger from AC power. Disconnect all other charging cables and reconnect only the charging cable associated with the port you're having an issue with. Reconnect a device you want to charge to the end of that cable. If the device starts charging, you may have had too many other power-intensive devices connected. If the device still isn't charging, you definitely have issues with that specific port and you need to either contact Anker support or try and exchange the device at the location where you purchased it.
The Anker PowerPort 10 can charge up to 10 devices, and outputs up to 12 total amps of power.

The Anker PowerPort 10 can charge up to 10 devices, and outputs up to 12 total amps of power.

Anker PowerPort Not Working At All

  • If you have devices connected but the LED that turns blue to indicate that connected devices are charging isn't turning on, validate that your connected devices aren't charging. The LED may have gone out, but the PowerPort may still be working otherwise.
  • Try replacing the power cable. The device uses a C7 power cable that can be found at most electronics stores, and online.
  • Try plugging the Anker PowerPort into a different AC outlet, especially if you have it connected to a power strip with other devices. If the USB charger starts working as normal after being connected to a different AC outlet, the outlet you were previously using may no longer be working. Try connecting other devices to that outlet that you know work to see if they operate.
  • If you connect the USB charger to an outlet you know works and it still won't operate, the the Anker PowerPort may no longer be working, and you should either try and return it to the reseller you purchased it from, or contact Anker support to see if they are willing to help you.

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Lost Power Cable

If you lose the cable that connects to AC power, don't panic. That is a standard C7 cable that you get at most electronics stores, or at the very least you can order a new one from an online store that you trust. But before going out and purchasing a C7 cable, you may want to check some of your older electronics you no longer use and see if any of them have a cable you can use.

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