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Tribit’s Got Audio - MoveBuds H1 True Wireless Earbuds, StormBox Micro 2 and XSound Mega Portable Wireless Speakers


Tribit Has Got Your Audio

Audio has become a strong component of today’s life — especially when it comes to being able to listen to streaming music on a particle device, be that earbuds going into the ear or portable speakers that sit on a table or in a backyard or the great outdoors. Being able to hear music without being encumbered by cables and amplifiers and heavy speakers is a big deal, and most likely can be seen as not just reimagining the audio industry but reinvigorating its use. The Tribt company sees this for what it is and so has made their products with that in mind. And instead of just going along with the flow as from other companies, they’ve gone and provided products that not only do what they’re supposed to do, but also have added the latest technology while still keeping prices at a reasonable number (and it’s of course obvious that calls can be made/taken due to microphones being enbedded). The latest examples are the MoveBuds H1 True Wireless Earbuds for the ears, and for the portable audio set there’s the StormBox Micro 2 Portable Wireless Speaker and the XSound Mega Portable Wireless Speaker.


The MoveBuds H1 True Wireless Earbuds

The MoveBuds H1 has a few features that seem ubiquitous these days: the earbuds come in a charging case with IPX7 water resistance (up to 3 feet dropped in water for up to 30 minutes). One of the big additions is the battery power — the length of time that these earbuds will function. Most of these true wireless earbuds, because there is no cable going between the two earbuds, have small batteries in each earbuds resulting in small “on” time. Here 15+ hours is not unusual in the least, and adding in the charging case to replenish power means up to 50 hours in all is possible. The ear tips could be considered normal, except that they’ve been made anti-bacterial to better treat the ear.

As regards the technology for listening, the drivers in each earbud (speaker) are powered by three codecs (AAC, SBC, aptX) to make audio not just “clean” but intense. There’s also a transparency mode enables the wearer to hear what is going on around the person, and it works exactly as it should. Making/hearing phone calls is aided by a 4 microphone design that pulls in sound more clearly.

The shape of the earbuds themselves also lends towards a better and more secure fit — instead of just being stuck in the ear and hoping for the best, here an over-the-ear clip and ergonomic design allows for a cleaner fit that can stay in longer without incident.


The StormBox Micro 2 Portable Wireless Speaker

The StormBox Micro 2 is an updated version of the earlier model and continues such functionality as being able to pair with another model for stereo and IPX67 water resistance. A rugged design for use outdoors continues as well as the simple controls found on its surface. Also, there’s the level of bass being surprisingly loud even though the size is not. The Bluetooth version has been updated to 5.3, which provides a stronger and more stable signal than previous iterations, plus the distance between it and the audio source providing the streaming can be up to 120 feet — a huge improvement over the standard 30 feet usually being considered acceptable.

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Additionally this StormBox can now be used as a power bank, with a USB-C port to connect to a phone, for example, to quickly charge. Providing that the StormBox can use all its power for itself, up to 12 hours of audio can be had, with around a month of stand-by time (meaning that the battery doesn’t quickly discharge itself while sitting around, not being used). And for voice integration, a thumbs up for Apple and Android.


The XSound Mega Portable Wireless Speaker

The XSound Mega is large enough to have big drivers (I.e., speakers) while maintaining a svelte enough appearance that makes it easy to use the included strap across one’s shoulder. IPX67 water resistance means it’s well designed for use outdoors — in fact it would be a shame to only use it indoors for streaming music. Bluetooth 5.0 gives out a stable signal and allows for a distance of up to 98 feet for streaming from an audio source (meaning a smartphone in pretty much all cases). And the size also means a larger rechargeable battery can be included — in this case making up to 20 hours of playback nothing special.

So what are the specialities that the XSound brings to the party. Well LED lighting of course — three colorful modes, with the added benefit of setting the lighting to sync with the audio playing for a fun party mode. Also dual USB ports makes the XSound a well functioning powerbank.

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