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Tribit Earbuds Makes Your Ears Hear Music


Tribit Provides Ways For You To Enjoy Sound

Personal listening started before the iPod, with MP3 players proliferating even as their use was difficult to understand and the cost was high. When Apple’s device showed up, more people got interested in listening to music while traveling, and this necessitated headphones because otherwise surface and environmental noises would drown the music out (not to mention the angry stares from other pedestrians/people outside). Headphones — the big earmuff types — were considered no good, so earbuds started to take center stage. And it only got more “earbudy” from then on. Today earbuds aren’t just the alternative to big headphones — they’re marvels of technolgy with tiny batteries powering big sound. And the latest tech advantage of removing the cable going from one earbud to another has just made them even more attractive. Which brings up to Tribit and two distinct earbuds — being the Tribit Flybuds C2 and the Tribit Flybuds NC — each offering a unique take on listening.


The Tribit Flybuds C2 True Wireless Earbuds

The Tribit Flybuds C2 True Wireless Earbuds starts with the advantage of having no cable connected between each earbud. But perhaps even more importantly, it uses the most recent version of Bluetooth — 5.2 — which uses less power and makes for a quick pairing but even better signal transmission to be stable between the audio source (smartphone in most cases) and itself. That audio stream is modulated with Qualcomm’s latest chip so as to provide CD level audio (up to 48KHz) utilizing APTX audio decoding. Midrange is very good and bass surprisingly strong. Now tech talk aside, no matter how good the audio, if the earbuds bug the ear canal, then they’re not going to be worn very long. So Tribit designed ergonomics here that make them comfortable to keep in (although one should never overdue it). Still it would be meaningless if battery time was miserable — but it’s not as getting up to 8 hours at a time is possible (over 6 without question). Of course there’s a recharging case for carrying them around and which can pump up the recharges to 32 hours in all. Meaning it makes sense to carry that recharging case with you between listening sessions.

Background noises are mitigated through the tech embedded in the 4 microphones so as to make taking/making calls no chore or screaming match at all. Of course placing the earbuds in with the best tips will hep all this along. And it’s a fast getting used to in the case of the single touch button doing all the controls. Give it about an hour to be good on that moving forward.


The Tribit Flybuds NC Active Noise Cancel True Wireless Earbuds

The Tribit Flybuds NC Active Noise Cancel True Wireless Earbuds — that’s a long name but it does point out the biggest feature of these cable-free earbuds: that being active noise cancelation, which is where microphones listen to surrounding sounds and then put out their own counter sound to cancel it out. A 4 mic system blocks out up to a max of 30dB. By doing so, this allows the sound being generated by the audio drivers to be clearly heard and improves upon making/taking calls — but there is still the option to hear what is going on around you, you’re not cut off from the world or that car horn reminding you that crossing the street during rush hour traffic ain’t smart. Battery time is quite good —up to 10 hours (over 7 without fail) and the charging case bumps that up another 25 hours in all. There’s also a quick charge wherein 10 minutes of charging translates into about an hour of playtime.

But quality of sound is important as well and though the 10mm drivers are tiny, the snug fit of the earbuds combined with the A.I. tech and automated equalization improves upon the sound. It sounds good in other words, nor is the bass shabby.

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