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Trend: Blogging Without a Date

Blogs and Social Networks were a catalyst for the growth of the Internet. The wave of happenings, information, and connection can overwhelm.

No Reference

Articles such as "Spicing Up Your MySpace" were quite popular back in 2008 when MySpace was still a thing. What if there were no date? No reference for beginners or nostalgia recollection for seasoned users? A date marks a page out as history meant to remembered, studied, and learned from.

One suggestion is this trend might be occurring from "fear of loss" much like the receiving end of the technique utilized by advertisers in commercial spots. View these perfect people on this perfect beach, you are missing out. A "fear of loss" MLM (multi-level marketing) strategy, we will fill your first leg for you, all you need to do is recruit enough to fill up the second leg and you will be rolling in dough! Those signed up are afraid to "lose" the first leg and stay in paying a monthly fee for a product they do not use.

Wavecritter MySpace 2008

Wavecritter MySpace 2008

Wavecritter MySpace 2008

Dropping the Date

Maybe those who drop the date are afraid of viewer loss later on because readers enjoy current posts? Won't they be posting regularly for years to come? While the plan of many Internet posters is to do this forever, life happens. Maybe these "deleter's of time" and "misdirector's of relevance" know the day will come when the busy sector of living will take hold. It would be very strained to entertain the notion these date neglecting contributors were not technologically sound enough to notice the erasure of time but anything is possible.

Date-less Blogs

Whether or not your content has date
and whether by choice or by folly
With this on your plate, black holes you create
ya leave readers swimming round like a mollie

A Date Gives Reference

A Date Gives Reference

A Date Gives Reference

A Silly Social Media Game

Even with a silly social media game the date is relevant. This answer series is current as of this post. Was Rosa's Tortilla Factory around in 2001? Timing is so important.

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No Googling Allowed. Do this using your own brainpower. Change answers, Copy and Paste on your social media page.

WEAR - Raincoat
PLACE - Rochester, NY
RESTAURANT- Rosa's Tortilla Factory
ANIMAL - Reindeer
GIRL’S NAME - Roslyn
BOY’S NAME - Richard
REASON TO BE LATE - Rescheduled meeting
FAVORITE CLASS IN SCHOOL- Resource management
FOOD - Ravioli
AUTO - Rolls Royce


Is the need for permanence a driving force to human nature? Artists, authors, and architects seem to wish to leave their marks on the world as do many others in creative fields. Grandparents pass down advice, stories, and songs to benefit the youth of the next generation of leaders. Business owners teach their skills and knowledge to others so their business model has survive-ability after they are gone. The trend to blog without a time stamp is quite intriguing though. Bloggers have been using standard dates as part of the presentation since the start of the Internet. Dates add information and understanding to the reader. Photographs of a the same location one year apart could show a vacant lot in the first and a fully constructed building in the second. Time stamps also offer a level of honest impression to the consumer words alone do not. Dates signify important life events like anniversaries and birthdays. Using dates to commemorate posts showcases them in time.

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