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Translate Subtitles with Google Translate

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Here is the easy guide how to translate subtitles with Google Translate. I will show you simple way to translate subtitles to another language using just your web browser and for free. All steps are with screenshots, so everything is easy to understand and in each step you can find useful shortcuts for better easement. In addition at the end of article are links to online subtitle converters and additional handy subtitle programs.

Type of subtitles

First of all you need check what kind of subtitles you have. Important is extension, so most common subtitles format use following extensions:

.srt - SubRip
.sub - DirectVobSub or known as VSFilter
.txt - Text File
.ssa or .ass - SubStation Alpha

Mentioned are text based formats of subtitles, also known are bitmap type (DVB, DVD subtitles), but bitmaps are not subject of this article. There are variances in syntax for each text format subtitles. In this tutorial I have used subtitle file with extension .srt. Sample subtitles file is from my favorite movie The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and I will translate Spanish subtitles to English version.

Using shortcuts in tutorial

All shortcuts are in parentheses, for example for Copy is (Ctrl+C). If you are advanced user it can simplify your work.

Regarding other types of subtitles you can easy to convert your subtitle format (.sub, .txt, .ssa) to .srt file and continue according to this tutorial. .srt file is widely used, every good and serious movie player support this subtitle format. More detailed information about converting you can find at the end of this article.

1. Open the subtitle file in the text editor (Notepad)

I have used Notepad, but you can choose any other text editor. Advantage of Notepad is simplicity and all users of Windows have it. Right click on subtitle file and click on Open with, if you cannot see Notepad, find it by clicking Choose default program…, default location for Notepad text editor is c:\Windows\Notepad.exe, find it and choose this text editor.


2. Select all text in the subtitle file

If you have opened subtitles in the Notepad, click on Edit and Select All (or use shortcut Ctrl+A).


3. Cut all text from the subtitle file

Click on Edit and then Cut (Ctrl+X). With this action you will cut all text and the subtitle file will be empty.


4. Go to Google Translate location

Open your favorite web browser, in the tutorial I have used default Windows browser - Internet Explorer (current version is Internet Explorer 9). Direct link to Google Translate is Select languages, for your better orientation - left window is for input text from your subtitle file and right window is for translated results.


5. Paste text from subtitle file

Right click in left window and Paste text from subtitle file (or Ctrl+V). You paste all text from the subtitle file and it is ready to translate subtitles with Google Translate.

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6. Click on Translate button

If you have all text in the left window, just click on Translate button and you will see translated text in the right window. It may take some time depending on quantity of your subtitles (some movies have 3 hour and it means a lot of subtitles) and your internet connection.


7. Copy translated text from Google Translate

Then select and copy all translated text from the right window. As you can see it is lot of text, so it is useful to hold Shift and go to the end and select translated text this way. If you select whole text, right click and press Copy (Ctrl+C).


8. Paste translated text to the Notepad

Go back to the Notepad, right click and press Paste (Ctrl+V). You replace original text with translated subtitles. In this step you are almost at the end.


9. Replace symbols according to subtitle file syntax

You can see that Google Translate change symbols which are necessary for correct behavior of your subtitles. In my article I have used subtitles with extension .srt, so in this case, you have to change -> to -->. You can do it by easy way, click Edit and Replace. This step is essential for translate subtitles with Google Translate. Replacing text is one of basic properties of any text editor.


10. Fill necessary data for replacement

As you can see below, fill Find what: -> and Replace with: --> Check box Match case and click on Replace All. And after a few second all work is done. Your subtitles will work properly.


11. Finally save you work

The last step is about saving your work. Click on File and Save (Ctrl+S). You will get file with translated subtitles and you can start watch your favorite movie and enjoy it!


Quick summary

1. Open the subtitle file in the text editor (Notepad)
2. Select all text in the subtitle file
3. Cut all text from the subtitle file
4. Go to Google Translate location
5. Paste text from subtitle file
6. Click on Translate button
7. Copy translated text from Google Translate
8. Paste translated text to the Notepad
9. Replace symbols according to subtitle file syntax
10. Fill necessary data for replacement
11. Finally save you work

What about other subtitle formats?

If you have different subtitle format as .srt file (.sub, .txt, .ass and so on), you can easy online convert your subtitles and translate according to this article. You just select, upload your subtitles and then download converted file. Hereunder you can see links and description practical online subtitle converters:


Convert .ass file to .srt file, just select your file, upload, convert and then download .srt file. SUB CONVERTER provides helpful option - time correction, in some cases can help to get better results.


Support converting .txt, .sub, .srt, .mpl files. It is useful site from Polish authors. This site distinguishes windows, iso and uft text formats in process of converting.


Convert .sub to .srt file. If you use this online tool, there is a little difference compared to the previous sites. You have to open your .sub file in your text editor, copy text and paste to the window on this site and then just click on convert.

Additional handy programs

A translation of subtitles in this way is easy and fast, but as you will see there are sometimes untranslated words or some syntax errors and whereas it is automated translation some sentences do not make sense with video. So if you have some time, you can use for better results these handy programs:


Another repair tool, it helps to remove corruptions and bugs in your subtitles.


It is helpful subtitle editing tool with a lot of features. It supports many subtitles formats.


Jubler subtitle editor is very ingenious program in Java. You can convert, fixed, transform your subtitles.


Open source subtitle editor, it provides creating, adjusting, synchronization subtitle lines.

If you like my article Translate Subtitles with Google Translate, please share, rate or comment it. If you have some ideas to improve the hub, please feel free to contact me. I hope you will be inspired and I wish you to enjoy movies with subtitles in your language.


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I've found this interesting site that does all the job:

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what i do is rename *.srt to *.txt 1st then open with google chrome and just right click and choose translate to English :D works like a charm

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Sometimes this can happen because it is machine translation. I recommend to check all text and manually repair syntax errors (if you find some).

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I would recommend you looking at the following online subtitles translator:

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Languages are complex, and machine translation (re: Google Translate) often provides inaccurate translations that do not make sense. Viewers who do not speak the language of the movie deserve better quality than this.

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