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Top Twenty Benefits of SEO

Top Twenty Benefits of SEO

All of us at least to my knowledge have maximized certain SEO tools and SEO offering SEO tools to our advantage, and still wondering if there are some benefits of SEO or search engine optimization to our products, services, and whatever we are selling online to make money these covid days.

Here are the top twenty benefits of SEO for your websites and online business:

1. Google Gives Real And Better Leads.

Let's face it Google is still the best there is in giving real impressions, real leads that lead to sales. In my more than 20 years on the internet, I have proven it again and again that Google is still the real source of business leads for any sales you want to achieve. I prioritized Google more than it's competitor out there.

2. Achieve Higher Conversion Rates

Almost all people can remember the first website that comes first on Google in a specific given keyword or long-tail keywords of 3 words or more just like a phrase. But nobody can remember which is the second-ranking website. It gives you a reputation and dignity that you are always on first. Marketing is just a rule of first, who's first in that specific field makes you cover 100% of the marketing if you are very first in SEO or search engine optimization.

3. Brick and Mortar Businesses Get The Higher Clicks and Higher Sales

It's best for those businesses that also have their local place of business and with their website. They are seen first and this is combined with if the business is registered and listed as a business. Imagine your business is listed on 90 local business directories combining that appear on top 5 or even top 1 when your business name is searched on Google.

4. Established Brand Awareness

We always promote our very own as they say love your own and we're promoting our brand with our logo. SEO can help you with this in real-time and much more. Your brand together with photos, descriptions, and prices reached out to billions of people and it's measurable inside the Webmaster Console of Google and you will know on a certain day how many impressions versus the clicks you garnered with your top placement.

5. Excellent Lead Generation

Where all other techniques and traffic generation tools give you mass marketing, SEO only gives you the people that want your products and services. In my opinion, internal SEO strategies deliver it best compared to outside techniques like backlinking which is generally easier since you already have the content to link to.

6. Free and Targeted Traffic

Hence said, the traffic delivered is almost free as long as you are in the Fully Managed SEO Services program and will even last after the SEO campaign you just paid for, needing SEO maintenance, and the people that see your website are people that need and want it. Your website is already there to take orders.

7. Eradicates All Other Forms Of Promotion

If your website is already at the top, there's no more need to avail pay per click services or advertise your page. The traffic stays that way, with lots of impressions, and clickthrus. This will be evident in your Google webmaster console in the performance section for you to see.

8. More Trademark Understanding

If for example, you carry a lot of unique trademarks of your products with a unique label on it, it will be distributed to the knowledge of consumers ready to buy what your products have to offer, thus resulting in more understanding of what the benefits and advantages your product offers them.

9. Mobile Deliverability

Google recently added that your website needs to be friendly as an android or IOS application for sure because Android is one of Google's operating system products. The SEO expert will be sure to add these mobile tags to your website to make sure when it shows up on mobile phones it's all the same website and not an element there that goes out of view.

10. Number One In Google

The traffic delivered is negligible if coming from other major search engines and most of their search results are cached results that make you want to use the Alive Checker addon of Scrapebox. What I'm saying is, when Google is here, all other search engines don't matter at all. I don't want to name names.

11. SEO Assistance Gives You More SEO Knowledge

Your participation is expected to be at 100% to modify your websites according to the SEO experts' wishes of course, not unless you want them to modify it on your behalf. Along the way, while they are doing this, they are also giving you some tips, techniques, rules/policies that you need to adhere to this also increase if not the content of your wallet, but increases your SEO knowledge. You will always be updated with brand new SEO strategies and of course, it's dictated by Google.

12. SEO Can Be Your Lifelong Selling Game Plan

It's difficult to reach the top at SEO, but when you're there, you are there and other competitors will have a hard time pulling you down. You might consider it to be a lifelong friend since it can do your lifelong benefits. I for one all around the year have considered it a permanent web site scheme.

13. Excellent Web Site Velocity

It's included in the SEO activity to make your website as fast as ever and there are already SEO tools given out to the public to make this a reality. If you can show your website to your audience in three seconds or less, then more activities for the visitors to click-thru. Of course, when they are ready to leave the web site, make sure to get their contact information before you let them.

14. Social Media Darling

Your web site will be the darling of social media because your web site will also be promoted with them regularly, getting the whole SEO package/plan. So better prepare for 5k followers and likers.

15. More New Customers For You

Sales are your bottom line why we do all of these SEO things and it's a part of my SEO Online life to see another website gets more sales thus you can say that SEO is a priceless and rewarding career.

16. All Clicks Are Free

Remember those people that will be clicking and visiting your websites are those people that you want to visit your websites and you end up in a sale or two, and they are free clicks unlike other forms of internet marketing which charges you by the clicks.

17. Better Distribution Of Merchandise

Imagine your product is a software product, for example, you can deliver to the whole world provided you have the payment method to catch up to your SEO campaigns.

18. Affects Buying Decision

You're already on the internet and have the power to decide which product and services to buy but during these phases of decision-making, you are attracted to this specific website because it has integrated SEO as part of their marketing strategy. In the mindset of your prospects, you are already there on the top of their list as you are on the top number one of Google.

19. Increased Seo Offline Sales

You know a lot of people use Google as an online directory for products and at the same time you have posted your mobile phones or even your business address on your website. They are in the freedom to call you later or what's more, make a visit to your bricks and mortar business. SEO lingers and stays.

20. Public Rapport

SEO does increase your rapport with customers and treat SEO as your receptionist where all good receptionists will lead you to check out the products and services and end up in a sale, be it offline or online SEO gives you a good appearance or even sells you if you like. Now if you are already sold with them, the next time they buy will be your products and services.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 William Nabaza

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