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Top Ten Dumbest Things People Say on Social Media

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


"Jesus was a Socialist"

Socialism was invented as a godless religion to replace Christianity. All its leading lights have been anti-Christian. The only official Socialist countries have been officially Atheist.

The New Testament commands Christians to care for the poor, particularly widows and orphans; to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter those without shelter, visit the sick and the prisoner AND tell them the GOOD NEWS—the GOSPEL. That is Christian Charity (love) and Christians have done an incredible job of it for nearly 2000 years.

BUT nowhere in the Bible do you see it commanded that this be done by the State—by Caesar—by government. There are 100 places where the Bible talks about the poor but not once is any government involvement mentioned ever. Jesus never said that governments should take your possessions and give them to someone else. Charity is the work of God; government is the work of Caesar.

Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy?

“It is a Proven Fact that Human Beings Evolved from Apes”

A scientific fact is something that can be observed and repeated. Evolutionists love to claim that their explanation of life is ‘a fact.’ That is not so. Science does not show it to be so. It is a worldview dressed up as science.

You can claim vertebrates evolved from invertebrates and mammals evolved from reptiles and humans evolved from non-humans, but your claim cannot be proved. There is no evidence that a reptile ever turned into a mammal or gave birth to a mammal. There is no evidence there ever was a half-reptile half-mammal either.

The Theory of Evolution has become a quasi-religion based entirely on faith, not facts. Chemist Dr. Grebe sums it up, "That organic evolution could account for the complex forms of life in the past and the present has long since been abandoned by men who grasp the importance of the DNA genetic code."

As Donn Rosen of the American Museum of Natural History says, “Darwin said evolution happened too slowly for us to see it. Stephen Jay Gould said it happened too quickly for us to see it. Either way, we don't see it.”

January 6 Capitol Protest

January 6 Capitol Protest

“January 6th Capitol Protests were an Insurrection”

An “Insurrection” means an armed revolt, which means revolution, the overthrow and replacement of a governmental system. To imply that the people who were invited in by the police to take selfies in the Capitol planned to conquer America without a single gun is beyond ludicrous. The only person killed was murdered by the police.

There were no military men leading a coup. No one came to seize the reins of power. It was a peaceful protest. Not one of the persons arrested and held without bail as a political prisoner has been charged with sedition or inciting an insurrection. Most are charged with trespassing.


“It is a Proven Fact People are Born Gay”

There is no scientific evidence that anyone is ‘born gay.’ A newborn baby cannot be a homosexual because it has no sexual thoughts whatsoever. What really happened was gay activists undertook surveys in the 1980s that found people who thought gays were born that way were far more likely to accept what they do than those who thought they were choosing their behavior. Thus, the propaganda started in the 1990s, built to order.

The godless have spent billions of dollars on research trying to prove there is a ‘gay gene’ with zero success. Science has had much more success showing that drug addicts, obese people, and serial killers might be “born that way.” That does not mean a newborn baby runs out and kills somebody or starts doing heroin. It means it might be more inclined to do so than others when it grows up.

What makes us human and spiritual is overcoming our sinful desires not giving in to them. No one should define themselves by their sexual practices and certainly not by their inclinations. Imagine if someone had the urge to take things that didn't belong to them but never actually did it. That person is not a thief and it would be absurd for him to go around declaring himself a thief based on his urges—or worse yet to steal and excuse his thievery by saying "I had to steal. I couldn't help it. God made me this way."


"Hitler was a Christian"

The very idea that Adolf Hitler got down on his knees to worship a Jew is insane. He imprisoned or executed more than a third of the Christian ministers in Germany. He took prayer out of schools; renamed Christmas and Easter in schools 'Winter Break' and "Spring Break.' The Swastika was designed to replace the Christian Cross.

Hitler tried to eradicate any influence of Christianity in public affairs. He created state child dedications to replace Christian baptism, and state marriages to replace church marriages. He banned prayer in schools and the teaching of Christianity. Nativity scenes and Christmas carols were also banned, and crucifixes were removed from classrooms with Swastikas put in their place.

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Late in the 1930s, Hitler even prohibited the printing and distribution of the Holy Bible and demanded that Bibles, crosses, and paintings of saints be removed from churches to be replaced with Mein Kampf and Swastikas. Public display of Christian art was outlawed, and no newspapers were allowed to print articles from a Christian point of view. A 1941 Nazi statement says: "The State excludes the Church from everything which it considers as belonging to the political sphere. At the same time, the Church is expected to shrivel to nothing."

Here is a sample of Hitler’s statements about Christians:

"One can is either a Christian or a German. You can't be both."

"The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity!"

"Christianity is an invention of sick brains: one could imagine nothing more senseless.”

“Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don't believe the thing's possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself."

"Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity. It will last another hundred years, two hundred years perhaps."

"The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity."

Columbia, South Carolina after the Civil War

Columbia, South Carolina after the Civil War

“America was Built on Genocide and Slavery”

Slavery was practiced all over the world. There is no evidence it ever made any country prosperous. If having slaves made a country wealthy, Brazil would have been far richer than America in the 19th century because it had 20 times as many slaves. It was vastly poorer. The Soviet Union would have become much more affluent than slave-free America in the 20th century because it had enslaved 287,000,000 people. The USA was enormously richer.

If American prosperity were based on slavery, before 1860 the Southern States must have been wealthier than the Northern States, where slavery was illegal. However, this was simply not true. The poorest states were Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, while the richest states were Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The North had over four times the GDP of the South. There is no evidence that slavery made the South wealthy, let alone the entire United States. What's more, the wealth generated by slavery was destroyed. The cost to the South of the Civil War has been estimated at $3 billion. It lay in ruins.

There are 45 million slaves in the world today. What country are they making rich?

Americans did not commit ‘Genocide’ against the Indians. Genocide has a meaning: “The systematic (step by step methodical) annihilation, extermination of a group of people.” Obviously, this never happened. There are twice as many Indians in America today as there were 400 years ago. And half the people I know claim to be ‘part Cherokee,” which they could not be had the Indians been ‘annihilated’ or ‘exterminated.’ There was never any such plan by Americans for the Indians. There was never an organized effort to exterminate them.


“An Unborn Baby is Not a Human Being”

The word “human” means of the human species. “Being” simply means “alive.” Non-human fetuses do not magically become human at the moment of birth. An unborn baby is a human being with unique DNA—a person with 23 chromosomes each from its father's sperm and its mother's egg. From conception to birth, to teenager, to adult to old age, it is not a series of different individuals replacing each other.

The baby is not a part of a woman’s body, like a lung or a leg. The baby has its own body, with its own brain and its own heart. In every medical manual known to man the baby is a separate patient of the doctor—a pregnant woman is not one patient but two. A baby is not a part of its mother; it is not an organ like a liver or a kidney; it is to be protected inside of its mother during its period of gestation, but it is never a functioning part of a woman's body.


"America is a Racist Country"

Social science research shows again and again that America is the least racist country on earth and Americans are the least racist people. No racist country only 13% black would elect a black president twice. Democrats think Americans are racist because Obama did not get 100% of the vote. If America was racist 8% of its millionaires would not be black. Another 8% of our millionaires are Latino. In fact, 25% of millionaires in America are ‘minorities,’ just about the percentage of minorities in the country.

Black Americans have a standard of living ten times higher than blacks anywhere else. According to economics professor Walter Williams, “Black Americans are the most prosperous, educated black population in the world. In fact, if one considered Black Americans as a separate nation, we would rank well within the top 20 richest nations.” African-born black women have higher earnings than US-born white women.

Blacks enjoy more freedom, rights, privileges, and opportunities as Americans than blacks in any other country under the sun, including every African nation and Caribbean country governed by blacks. Nowhere on Earth do Latinos have the standard of living that they have in America.

Asian-Americans are the most educated and prosperous racial group in America. Their incomes average 25 percent higher than whites. For Americans from India, household income is 60 percent higher. Asian women now earn more thanwhite men.

The median household incomes of Syrian Americans ($74,047), Korean Americans ($76,674), Indonesian Americans ($93,501), Taiwanese Americans ($102,405), and Filipino Americans ($100,273) are all significantly higher than that of whites ($69,823). Nigerian-Americans make at least as much as whites.

And what could be more important than life span. White Americans live to be 80, on average, about the same as white Europeans. Hispanic Americans live to 83 – higher than in any Hispanic nation on Earth. Black Americans live to age 75, but in Black Africa they only live to 48!


“A Man Can Become a woman”

Each one of the trillions of cells in a human body is male or female. You either have male DNA or female DNA. It cannot be changed. Mutilating one’s genitals does not change it. Taking hormones can only make you a femininized male or masculinized female.


“Pro-Life People Don’t Care About Babies After They are Born”

Pro-life Christians are twice as likely to volunteer for or donate money to a charity for poor children. Christians are three times more likely to adopt, and far more likely to foster children. And no group of people helps pregnant single mothers, before and after they give birth, as do pro-life Christians.



James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on October 25, 2021:

Pamela Oglesby ~ I sure appreciate you reading my writings, and I'm glad you found this piece interesting. Thank you for letting me know you did. God bless you.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on October 23, 2021:

I read your article with much interest and you've explained these misconceptions well. I believe social media is just another way of distributing propaganda. That Russia's (and others') intent to take us down is being helped by the spread of misinformation online.

The one that really affects me deeply is that "a baby is not a human being" if unborn. Particularly since scientists claim that a single cell found on a planet is "life."

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 22, 2021:

This is an interesting article about dumb things found on social media, James. I don't spend much time on social media, so thank goodness I haven't seen these things, yet heard them.

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