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Top Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

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Technology never ceases to surprise us. The moment we think there innovation has become stagnant, something new appears before us. However what technology trends will rule 2022? Let's check.

1- Artificial Intelligence - The Future is Now

AI or artificial intelligence is a type of technology that allows the device to think for itself and carry out tasks on its own without human interference. A robot vacuum cleaner can sweep your home without you needing to make it do so manually, a truck driving system can be trained to drive by itself and an email spam filter can stop junk mail from reaching your inbox without any manual intervention on our part. It would appear as though the more AI advances, the less work we have to do ourselves! This development of self-learning machines can be explained by three major trends in AI which are - Automation, Autonomous and Augmented.

2- Machine Learning & Chatbots

Machine learning is an aspect of AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. The program observes data, analyses it and makes decisions based on the input. Once it has performed this task sufficiently often, the software begins to recognize patterns in data which weren't previously obvious. This is how Facebook's newsfeed algorithm works for example - once you like or comment on certain posts more than others (based on your friends' activity), they'll begin to appear more regularly in your news feed.

3- Deep Learning / Neural Networks

The term neural network was originally coined by Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts in 1943. It's a method of computing that is modelled on the biological neural networks which constitute animal brains. A neural network consists of different layers which work together to process information and come to a conclusion. For example, you could use it to teach a self-driving car to recognise objects such as pedestrians and cyclists by showing it thousands of examples from cameras mounted around the vehicle – once it has processed enough data, you can remove the cameras and rely on its knowledge base built up from machine learning .

4- Quantum Computing - The Computing Revolution

Quantum computers aren't actually a new technology – scientists have been developing quantum computers for about 30 years now but they've never been powerful enough for practical application until now. Quantum computers use a bizarre concept called superposition to perform several calculations at once, something which traditional computers can't do. The more qubits a quantum computer has, the more powerful it is and while this technology still has a long way to go before becoming mainstream, people have been working on it enough that we know exactly how they'll change business and life in 2022!

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5- IoT & 5G Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds huge potential for the future of global communication. While not all devices need to be connected, there are some that must remain connected such as driverless cars , home security systems and smart fridges . 5G networks will play an important role here by allowing these devices to share information with each other in real time. The more these devices use 5G networks, the better they'll be able to interact with each other seamlessly, without any lag or interference from a 3rd party.

6- Blockchain Technology - Trust in Transactions

The blockchain is essentially a digital ledger that records financial transactions in a transparent and secure manner using cryptography. A block doesn't contain any information about the actual transaction unless it's been tampered with but holds all the relevant information such as who made it and when they made it. This makes blockchain technology ideal for making payments anonymously which has led to its success in the cryptocurrency industry where Bitcoin is concerned. Another application of this ingenious technology is smart contracts, where conditions written into code are met before money moves between two parties automatically.

7- 3D Printing - Mass Customization

Digital fabrication uses 3 dimensional (3D) printing or additive layer manufacturing to produce three-dimensional objects, giving businesses the ability to create products on a larger scale. It builds up layers of material (ranging from plastics and resins to powdered metals) according to software instructions which means that it's possible for customers to browse through an online catalogue, select their preferences and arrange for their very own personalised product. This takes mass production one step further by allowing customers to design the product themselves!

8- Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The financial industry is looking into blockchain technology as we speak because it allows peer-to-peer transactions without the need for banks or other third party institutions. This means that people can make their own transactions on blockchain technology without needing permission from anyone else. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are making use of the blockchain which has sparked a revolution in the finance sector by allowing people to have more control over their money!

9- Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is 3D, computer-generated imagery that's so realistic it tricks your mind into thinking you're somewhere else entirely. This makes VR perfect for the gaming industry where the line between fact and fiction is already blurred but it also has other practical applications such as virtual tours, where people can visualize products or locations before visiting them in real life, training simulations for employees, medicinal uses for psychological therapy and so much more. Augmented reality (AR) is another story, which takes virtual reality one step further. AR adds elements to the real world, giving you a more complete view of your environment than VR could ever do. You can choose between Google Glasses , HoloLens , MagicLeap and other similar products to see what works best for you but this technology is already being used by medical professionals, construction workers and digital marketers .

We may be living through one of the most important technological periods in history. With the internet of things bringing together people, businesses and even devices, there's never been a more exciting time to be alive! Do you think these trends will continue to rule 2022? Share your thoughts! Thanks for reading.

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