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Top Apps For Android and iOS To Use With TextNow Free Cellphone Service

Learned new ways and methods to maximize calling, texting, instant messaging and emailing with little internet or even none at all.

SMS, IM, E-Mail, and Voicemail

Tips Tricks and Hacks For Your Texts, talking, IM, and E-Mails

Hello everyone in this article you will be learning how to maximize the most out of your texting, IM, emails, and voicemails. These tips and tricks will be very useful for those consumers on limited data, wifi, or that have no data connection with their cellphone plans. There are some carriers and companies offer plans with no data service and that is because using data connection cost a lot of money. Calls and texts are essential and should be free for all. There are a lot of apps and cellphone providers (textnow) that allow you to allow to access talk and text for free even without wifi. You want to know more about that, you can follow my link to that article under this one. But, back to getting the most out of your texting, IM, emails, and voicemails by using these apps for your android and iPhones. This may also work for your tablets and PCs too. So follow alone as we unlock the many hidden notes and hacks of communication.


Tips For SMS texting with your iPhones and Androids

Texting and using SMS is still a thing today and it more important and essential right now in today and all over the world. Its not the best way to get information or even to contact a person. But its another option to chat or to get information right at the tip of your fingertips. In some cases, you are able to text your parents, teachers, bosses, and even your doctors office if they allow that for patients. So sending a text message is still a MUST. Because, well, not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, right?

Well, did you also know that you are able to get bank statements, and even weather alerts right from a text message? The answer is simple, you can! You can even get deal alerts right to your phone number via text message and even News Alerts. There is one application highly recommended to get you most of these things right to you by using your phone number to get this sent to you via text message, the app is called IFTTT. IFTTT means If This Then and That. This is a well known application on the Google Play Store and Apple App store that creates links of commands that are called applets. These applets connect to your accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest to allow you to post, read, and reply. It can send you a lot of information for free right to your mobile device. The app works on all major OS platforms and it is absolutely free to use. If you want to see for yourself, there will be a link below to sign up and try the app and service out.

Another awesome application that will help any user out to get the best out of using SMS and text messaging the app is called Push Bullet. Push Bullet is another application that helps you get things done with texting and SMS. It allows you to get your texts right from PC and get notifications on the latest news and updates from Google, Apple, Microsoft and so on. This app is available on Android, Windows and Chrome OS. Check it out now.


iMessage is one of those things we cant stop talking about or get enough of when it comes down to texting and instant messaging. It has that niche when it comes to communication. It works as a texting and IM app and for the most part does it pretty well. This what makes it stand out from the crowded space of using SMS apps and IM apps VS Android and any other mobile OS messaging system. Now, dont get the wrong idea that iMessage is the only ballplayer on the field. It just seems for the most part have the total package. Never I have ever complained to my family and friends about having green or blue bubble chats. But this is expected if other users are using a different type of SMS or IM application thats not iMessage. What else can you say? You love it.

Pulse SMS App (Android ONLY)

Best SMS Apps For Android


Making the Most of Instant Messaging

iMessage and Google Hangouts.

Using iMessaging for instant messages on the iPhone and iPads is the easiest way to get to users and consumers on iOS. Hangouts which is Google's competitor IM was supposed to be a direct hit and compete with Apple's iMessage. But its also available on the Apple App store for iPhone users if they have friends that only use Android. This is next best way to chat and video chat with everyone no matter the platform or device.

See with iMessage it has a lot of cool features on its on to be just a instant messenger. With iMessages you can send and receive payments, use Apple Pay, send photos instantly, share music your listening to, play games, and send emojis and more.

With Google hangouts, you can only do half of the list that iMessage allows for its users. Yes, you can send gifs, and video clips, and music links, but thats where the fun stops when using Google Hangouts as a instant message for other users. Overall, its still a solid IM app and service and still has a good fanbase that uses it even today.

There are other IM apps and services that work similar to iMessage and Hangouts like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram. Just to name a few. But these are apps require a little more attention especially if you are in need of WiFi and Data. But most of my own family and friends I know outside of the Internet realm all still use their default sms apps, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. What Instant messaging apps and services are you all using and why? Leave your comments below.

Big Hidden Secret: If you happen to be using TextNow's Free Talk and Text Nationwide service, you might want to use these two IM apps on iPhones and Android phones. You'll be in on the shock of your life that these apps actually work without the need for WiFi or Data. Give this a try and come back here with a comment to tell your findings.

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Facebook Messenger SMS

Talk Text and iMessage


Emailing Online or Offline

Emailing is still a part of our lives. Its even more important than ever today. Emailing should also be an essential now. Especially for small businesses, schools, being in the know of newsletters and other subscription updates. Emailing doesn't look like it'll be going away anytime soon. As most of our apps and services including streaming movies and music apps need a email login to get access into that service. Two cool things our emails can do. We can use email addresses right from our text messages and we can even receive emails without having to be online all the time. This is useful for when there is no WiFi or Data available. So if you still have some kind of cellular service, you are able to receive emails and even send emails. Usually the carrier you are on will allow you to send a text from your email account and or vice versa. For example, with AT&T, you'll use your 10 digit number and then by as a SMS and for MMS you'll use your and for those users on Verizon and Sprint your email with number will end with a dot com. For PC browsers especially google chrome, there is an extension that can help you send your emails right to your mobile phone number. One popular extension is called Send Your Email to SMS (text). It has a 4 star rating on the Google Chrome Web Store. It is free to use as well. So check out this extension if you a person that will need to keep important emails offline and on the go.

Another way you can reply and read online and offline is downloading the app called Gmail Go from Google. This app isn't available for iOS yet but it is supposed to be a light version of the regular Gmail application because it saves your device memory and ram space. It does come with a weakness and that it isnt able to load images right away and automatically. The app wont eat up a lot of your data either if you are a consumer on a tight budget or a person trying to save battery or space on their smartphone.

Best Email Add-Ons

Download on iOS and Android

Download on iOS and Android

Google Duo Notes

As the sub title shows notes, yes you can send notes via Google Duo without WiFi or unlimited data using TextNow's Free Talk and Text service on the Nationwide network. The things you cant do is send voice messages or video calls. You'll need WiFi or unlimited data plan for those messages to go through. But this was very interesting to find this out that a high quality Video chat app like duo can actually function on a $0 phone bill plan without needing WiFi or Internet access. But in order for this to work for you, you must download the app first and set it up with your mobile phone number. You can get the app on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. So follow the video below step by step. Give this app a try.

Google Duo Video App works offline

Summing It Up

SMS, MMS, IM, Email, and voicemailing have evolved today. With cool new features and functionality thanks to the help of smartphones and other apps with add-ons, you can get a lot done with little data to a lot of data and wouldn't even notice that you had no internet or WiFi to do it with. There are actually a lot of other apps and features and functionality to improve and enhance your user ability. That can be added on to this article for a later date.

If you are on a talk and text plan with out wifi or unlimited data, how do you go about using IM, MMS, emailing and your voicemail features to get the job done or by staying productive? You can leave your comments down below.


In this final part we discuss an app that provides you with so many cool features and functions and works on Android and iOS and even the web! On top of all of that, it doesnt come with ads and its 100% Free for everyone to use! It includes unlimited talk and text and voicemail messages. We can go even further, this app can send you emails to your inbox for missed calls and messages! Do you all give up? Ok... The name of this app called Google Voice!

Google Voice is Google's own talk and text app. Its a smart way to call and stay connected anywhere by allowing users to use the app and service on mobile devices such as android and ios and even the web.

With Google voice you get your own phone number whether its for personal use or business. Its easy to use and navigate to your voicemail transcriptions.

Using Google Voice, you can forward calls to any device and get spam calls blocked and put to silence.

Download Google Voice now on the Google Play Store or Apple for free and give it a try today!


You read offline with Reddit and Twitter

You read offline with Reddit and Twitter

For news feeds and social interaction offline you can also use reddit, twitter, and pocket apps without having unlimited data or wifi all the time. In the video below, I discuss and show you the apps and how to set them up and get going on your journey. Watch the video below. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section of this video as well.

How To Use Reddit and Twitter Offline for Android and iOS

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