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Top 5 cheap computer accessories you should buy

Cool Computer Gadget

Cool Computer Gadget

Technology has become an integral and important part of our daily lives. Nowadays almost everyone is using computers for communication and entertainment. Computer accessories are very useful and beneficial to make the most out of your computer needs. Besides computer gadgets are also considered as a useful tool for decoration. In this article I will describe about the top 5 computer accessories you should buy.

Top 5 affordable computer accessories

1) Flexible Silicone Rubber Keyboard: A silicone rubber keyboard is basically a portable keyboard which you can roll, wrap and carry it around with you. As the name suggests, it’s made of quality silicone rubber and is dustproof and waterproof too. This handy accessory requires no installation and is also machine compatible to wash it. The rubber QWERTY style keyboard can be used instantly by plugging the USB cable to the computer, so no additional batteries are required to power the keyboard.

2) Portable Hard Disk: There are many advantages of owning a portable hard disk with a capacity of over 500GB. It’s main use is for backing up files on to the external drive, and in the unfortunate event you should lose your data on the computer. Besides that, you can store your data and files such as your digital photos, music, videos and programs for future reference. This advantage can free up space on your computer if you choose to transfer particular data on the portable hard disk. Another advantage is when your computer hard disk needs to be re-formatted which erases all the data, so a portable hard disk comes in handy to back up that data. So there is no need to back up files onto blank DVDs or CD-Rs, which can be messy and time consuming. An external hard disk is very simple to install and use. You just plug-and-play with the USB cable and many computer operating systems will automatically detect the hard disk instantly. External hard disks are not expensive and is reasonably affordable from online shopping sites.

3) USB Vacuum Cleaner: A USB vacuum cleaner is a very handy gadget for cleaning and removing dust from your computer. Nobody likes to use a dirty computer or a laptop covered with dirt and dust. With the help of this gadget, you can easily clean all the dust from your computer. It is especially handy for cleaning the keyboard, especially where bits of dirt can be seen between the edges of the keys. These gadgets are designed to be plugged in the common USB port on your computer. You don't require buying any batteries because the device will receive power from the USB port. You can buy this useful gadget at a very cheap price.

4) Wireless Car Shaped Mouse: A mouse is an essential element of our computer. A wireless computer makes it easier to use because we don't have to connect it with the use of a cable. How about a car shaped wireless mouse? A car shaped wireless mouse is not only very useful but also can be a useful tool for your house. Moreover young teens will love to use this gadget. These cute gadgets are available in many different sizes, colors and models. It has a nice and smooth scroll wheel and uses optical laser technology. The car mouse has a range of up to 1.5 meters, so you don’t have be very close to the computer. Depending on the model, the battery life may vary, but a regular car mouse battery will last for one year, and if it is used between 30-40 hours a week.

5) USB Laptop Cooler: This is another essential and useful gadget for your laptop. This USB laptop cooler is basically a cooling cooler pad (made of acrylic and plastic) which generally has a blue LED light and 3 built-in fans and can indeed prolong the life of your laptop. This is a fantastic and smart gadget and requires no installation, just a simple plug-in using the USB connection. The fans are very smooth and quiet and can instantly absorb the excess heat from underneath the laptop, which enables the laptop to breathe easily. Your laptop will also function better. This portable accessory is of a slim design and is can be carried around, especially for travelling and for business use.

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