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Top 5 Latest Update on Software Industry - "Youtube, Jaguar, PS5 and Xbox, Apple M1 Macbook, India vs China"

In this Episode of Tech Show we are going to find Answers of some Tech Industry related Question

▪Is Youtube going to show ads on Every Youtube Videos ?

▪Is Jaguar Stopping the imports of Porsche, Volkswagen, etc ?

▪Is Xbox Console are more Powerful than PS5 Consoles in esports Game ?

▪Do Apple change his macbook Pro and Air design to come up with M1 chip?

▪Which country going to be the next most Populated Country in the World is it china or it will be India ?

1. Is Youtube going to show Ads on Every Youtube Videos ?

The Answer is Partially Yes and No, To Answer this Question i have a Strong reason for that.

i) Youtube had made 13 Billions dollars just from Ads this Year, So they decided what happens if we tap into other videos which don't have Ads in their Videos. This would be a very good Decision but it's not an Easy Decision and it is very Complex.

ii) To Understand this I have another Reason, If Youtube Show Ads on that video which doesn't contains any Ads, Probably that channel will not get any Payout from youtube because they don't have Youtube Partnered Account for Advertisement, but the thing is they should have to pay some amount to them but the people who don't have Ads aren't qualify for youtube Partners.

This makes the Decision very complex and very hard to apply.

2. Is Jaguar ia Stopping Imports of other car companies like Porsche, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini and Why ?

As we know Jaguar was own by TATA Company whose owner is Ratan Tata, not only that he own land rover SUV as well. The Reason is for Jaguar Stopping Porsche, Volkswagen and Lamborghini Import is Becaise these Companies had stole a four drive vehicle features of Jaguar and they use that feature into their luxurous cars.

So The Jaguar wants a Compensation Price for using those Features into theor cars and it is a Software level theft, i mwan someone had given information to these companies and they paid them really Well.

In a Meanwhile they aren't allowing any imports of their Car till they get Compensate.

3. Is Xbox Console is more Powerful than PS5 Consoles in Esports Game ?

Yes It is more Powerful than PS5 in eSports Game, The Reason to that is Xbox do Support PC games and whichever game is release to Xbox it can bw plaued on PC, On the Other Hand Gamea on PS5 are not compatible for PC because games were developed for PS5 hardware Only.

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So In 2018 Xbox X and Xbox one S are already optimise for some next Gen game and if they will come in this Console you just have to Enable it and Voila you are getting 120 Hz from that game and In eSports the more Refresh rates the more advantage against your Enemies to dominate them, But in PS5 you have to connect Entire Port to take the advantage of that game.

And this Conclusion was came out by a Rocket league Developer because the rocket league itself is giving 60fps on PS5.

This makes Xbox already one step Ahead against PS5.

I'm not telling to Buy Xbox over PS5, after all it is your Choice.

4. Do Apple Macbook Pro and Air had changed their design to slaps M1 chip into It ?

Before I give this Answer You should know that M1 chips is the First Generation of Apple CPU and intel is already moving to 11 generation, and yet intels most powerful CPU is already defeated by this Apple First Generation Chip By far and this is because of it's Apple Mobile Chip which is the desktop standard Chip and even it is more Powerful than its A14 Bionic iPhone Chip as well.

The Answer is No, they just replace the intel chip throw it in dustbin and put M1 chip on it just like that.

5. Which country going to be the next most Populated Country in the World is it china or it will be India ?

If you know latest Population race then you know China is in very top of the race but India is not left behind only some 100 million are left to chase, but its a Population you cannot control it but china had tried to control it by ordering 1 baby Policy but it only effect china financial GDP and this is the case that India is Still rising its Population and Soon in just 6 years from now they can be level upto china and defeat him in Population race.

The thing is in the GDP race it will still take 30 years from now to catchup china but in Population race just 6 years from now

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