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Top 5 Indicators of Spyware Infection on Your computer

Computers in general are more susceptible today to infections by spyware and viruses. Many of these malware and virus programs get into your desktop unknowingly when you download various things from the internet. You can download one a virus or malware by downloading free programs, file sharing sites, WebPages, or even ads that carry them.


A lot of the time people are unaware they are even infected until they start to notice random error messages. This type of malware, or better known as “spyware,” runs in the background of your computer without the knowledge of the users. Many of these programs can be caught with up to date antivirus software, yet many seem to slip by undetected.

How to identify spyware infection?

There are many indications that your system can be infected with malware or a virus. The sooner you know the sooner it can be removed without much damage being done to the computers integrity. Malware has some unique signs that will let you know that it is infected and needs to be cleaned. Here, are the top 5 indications that your machine is infected with spyware.

Top 5 indicators of spyware infection are as follows:

• Poor Performance: The biggest indication of spyware or possible virus infection on your computer is that you will see significant performance slowdown. There will be times when the computer gets sluggish or the computer stops working altogether, and the only way out is to reboot.

• Change in Bookmarks: Spyware/viruses like to change things on your computer. You may notice new icons on your desktop that you have not seen before. You may be seeing random pages being put in your favorite’s bar that you never put there before. There may be a new home page set to your browser. These are things that malware does to get you to do things that can jeopardize you personal information.

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• Unnecessary Pop-ups: A lot of time you will start to see pop-ups on your computer al of a sudden warning you of an infection. When in reality, it’s the malware that is the infection. These windows can look like normal error windows and can be deceiving always double check before you click anything.

• Dormant Files: Look for unusual icons or files that may be loading in your system. If, you know what processes you run on a regular basis check your task manager to see if anything might be running that you do not recognize.

• Vague Search Results: Sometimes when you have spyware or a virus on your machine. Your browser is usually the first to notice. Sometimes these programs will bring you to websites that do not give you full search results or to pages with just ads on them. So, be careful when searching this can be a sign of a virus or malware infection

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