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Top 3 3D Printers for Home in 2022

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It's 2022, and 3D printing has become mainstream. Just like how most people have a mobile phone today, or how "nobody remembers what it was like without Google", in 10 years' time nobody will remember life before 3D-printed products.

Although the technology is still quite expensive, people are already using them for things such as prototyping, replacement parts for household appliances etc.

There are many printers available in the market with each printer designed to perform a specific task. You can check out our archive of 3d printers reviews for more information on individual printers.

The printers mentioned in this article will be judged on their performance (speed/quality), ease of use and value for money.

We've also compiled our top 3 best 3d printers for home in 2022 below:

#3 UP BOX+: The best dual extruder printer of all time

The Up Plus 2 is the latest version of the very popular UP Plus series, which has earned itself a great reputation amongst designers and hobbyists. It's an updated version of the UP Plus.

The main difference between this printer and other printers in its price range is that it has two extruders, which means you can print using two different colors or materials at the same time. It's one of the cheapest printers with dual extruder capabilities on the market!

You can get started printing right out of the box without any prior knowledge of 3D printing. The Up Box+ comes pre-assembled and fully calibrated which means no assembly hassles for you to deal with. All you need to do is take it out of the box, install your software ( Cura / Repetier ) and start printing ! The biggest drawback about this printer however is that it doesn't support WiFi connection...

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But if you are looking for a printer that can rival printers much more expensive in terms of quality, this is the printer to get! It's reliable, easy to use and prints very consistently.

#2 Robo 3D R1 + Plus: Premium features at an affordable price

The Robo3D R1+ is one of the most popular consumer level desktop 3D printers on the market right now. Although technically not a full fledged "desktop" printer because of its size (it takes up more space than your average desk), we've decided to include it as part of our list due to its popularity and affordability.

It has a huge build volume of 9.8in x 7in x 8.8in which is HUGE . This means that you can print bigger objects than most printers out there!

It's not just the size that makes this printer stand out however, it also boasts some pretty impressive specs such as its heated glass bed and build plate (this helps prevent your prints from warping), dual extruders so you can print in two colors at the same time and a self leveling system to assist with different heights of prints. It's one of very few consumer level printers on the market currently with these features!

If you are looking for an affordable 3D printer but don't want to compromise on quality or features, then this is the perfect printer for you. Although it's not really portable, it's definitely more convenient than most other printers on this list. If you are looking for a larger print volume AND portability, then go for the Robo3D R1+ PLUS instead!

#1 Flashforge Finder: The best desktop printer available today

Flashforge have been confirmed to release their new series of 3D printers in early 2016 which was met with mixed reactions. However... they still have both the original Finder and the upgraded Plus variant in stock until their new lineup becomes available so it is great time to buy if you are considering getting one of these printers!

The Finder has long been known as one of the best affordable 3D printers currently on the market (since 2014) . It has also been said by many to have the best printing capabilities in its price range. The big difference between this printer and others is that it has a dual extruder so you can print with two different material or colors at the same time! This means there's no need to change your filament manually when switching prints, making it much less tedious for multi color prints.

The Flashforge Finder also features a heated bed which prevents any warping of your objects during printing. It's one of the only printers on this list that is enclosed as well which makes it particularly good at preventing odours from escaping into your house/classroom/office (if you are planning on using it indoors). Although it doesn't support WiFi connection, I highly recommend going for an Ethernet cable so you can print from anywhere in your house.

It's not just the hardware that makes this printer an ideal 3D printer for home either, it also has a sleek and modern design which means that it will fit right into any room or office without looking out of place! The Finder is definitely one of the best 3d printers available to buy today and we highly recommend it.

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