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Top 10 Youtube Strategies to Find New Customers

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Top 10 YouTube Strategies to Find New Customers

The customer is always right!’ - There cannot be any second thoughts if we claim that this very statement, delivered by one of the extremely successful retailers of his times, Harry Gordon Selfridge, holds paramount importance especially in this day and age - the era of digitalization.

Having said that; one of the most vital features of digitalization that come into play is e-commerce; the interaction and association - buying and selling operations of companies and customers; generating revenues for the companies and getting the desired services that satisfy the customers’ needs in the process.

Just as having an online presence for companies (of all brackets and sizes) to boost their products and services have become the new black, it has as well become a necessity in the competitive and cutting-edge current times where every day one company surpasses the other in terms of performance, sales, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profits.

One of the most captivating tools to get the right kind of audience charmed and stimulated towards what your company has to offer and hence enhancing your sales is through putting the visual content out there for public consumption.
Since the human brain retains the graphical representations more easily, what could be better than utilizing the second most widely used global search engine; with 1 billion hours watched each day (source: Forbes) and which is one of the finest media tools to market your brand - You certainly guessed it right. It is the YouTube platform!

YouTube is absolutely free, user-friendly, and has provided an extremely easy way to share information with the masses. It provides the user with straightforward access to the uploaded content by different people, content creators, and businesses. Over time, it has become not only a source of entertainment, flourishing businesses but also as a means of income for people at large.

Believe it or not, YouTube has made educating the audience, improving the level of familiarity, and generating additional revenue with remote access very smooth.
In this article; we will throw light on the top 10 YouTube strategies on how to maximize the conversion of visitors into new potential customers.

1. Know your Target Audience

To create content for your videos you need to be aware of your target audience to whom your brand or service can cater and figure out what is it that they look forward to watching.

Converting the visitor into a customer means you need to make them aware of what exceptional streak your brand has to offer and convince them to support your services because it has some sort of a competitive edge over your contenders out there.

2. Linking all Social Media Platforms

To make your website and brand name easy-to-remember for the new customers and audience, it is advisable to link the website with the respective social media platforms; namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so that they all appear to be linked under the same brand name and company.

This will facilitate in case of a customer who is considerably more active on other social media platforms, other than YouTube. He will immediately be able to recognize the logo, content, and name of the company on its official YouTube channel.

3. Create Awareness

Create awareness and familiarity with your website and brand explaining why people should opt for your products. One of the best ways to do so is to make them relate. That’s right! That can be effectively done by creating videos that usually answer most of their queries related to the most browsed category and beginning them with 'How-To-Solve Their XYZ Problem'.

Once they use this technique they would feel relieved with a better sense of understanding of how to use a certain product. By putting relatable content out there with which the visitors can connect, you can expect a good amount of conversion of visitors into prospective customers.

Besides, did you know, marketing on YouTube will help you get identified on Google?

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth of the existing customers plays an important role and can be one major reason to attract new customers. New customers are always in search of user experience and feedbacks before opting for something new; so if you add customer feedback videos or testimonial videos in which real people are vouching for your product or how it has impacted their lives in an adequate way that will definitely be a strong brick to add in building more of your clientele.

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5. In-Stream Ads

One of the witty marketing strategies that YouTube makes use of is In-Stream Ads. In-Stream Ads can be a good catch to attract more views as these are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

This means that when a viewer has selected any video of their choice to watch, these ads can appear before the beginning of their respective videos, in the middle of the video they are already watching, or even after they have just finished watching their video.

Considering, that there is only a 5 seconds window before the viewer has the option to skip that ad, the only vital factor to focus on for these ads is to demonstrate a really grasping concept by showing the most prominent feature of your product, which in turn compels the viewer to watch it further and be directed towards your website. To sum it up, these types of ads are a win-win in any situation.

6. Brief and Catchy Content

Making a conscious effort to generate short and engaging video content with a pinch of inquisitiveness would be most preferable; in addition to frequently uploading content on your channel to woo the visitors consistently as well as endorse your products/services.

As we are well aware that YouTube is a visual medium, what needs to be taken care of is that the uploaded videos should be of high quality and visually appealing to some extent. Content should be posted at regular intervals to keep the returning viewers hooked to the channel.

Additionally, some of the ideas by which you can keep the viewers glued are; by infiltrating humor in your videos, bloopers, Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) shots, and even FAQ (Frequently-Asked-Questions) sessions which give them all the more reason to binge-watch those videos and at the same time acquire clarity of what the company has to offer.

7. In-Display Ads

The major driving force of attracting viewers to your website is by providing them with fascinating ads and usage of correct keywords.

One type of YouTube Ads is the In-Display Ad which appears as a suggestion to watch on the extreme right-hand side. If a visitor has clicked that it means he has done that of his own will, hence the chances are that he is most likely interested in your products and can be converted into a promising customer with ease.

8. Re-Targeted Ads

If we talk about Re-Targeted Ads, they can work wonders. You read it right! Once a visitor has already visited your website, and then he visits YouTube, he will be immediately seeing the ads there for that same website (visited previously) along with suggestions of similar other services and products.

9. Sponsored Videos

If you have a well-to-do budget to promote your business through a YouTube channel, you can always avail the opportunity of getting your brand marketed by big YouTube influencers.

These influencers can avail themselves of one of your services or review one of your products in their sponsored video in collaboration with the brand. This opens up a passage for the website to get an ample amount of online traffic. The website gets frequent visits, eventually inflating the sales and bringing in new customers.

10. Video Tags

Last but not the least, adding Video Tags by inserting relevant keywords can be of immense help when people search for anything in the same category or even any other category closer to it.

Accurate thumbnails, video descriptions, and video tags all add up to help in getting more views. They also quickly let the viewer know what this video is all about.
Various online tools can help in searching for the right targeted and trending keywords. Some of them that are widely used are YouTube (Autosuggest),, TubeBuddy, vidIQ, Morning Fame, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, etc.

Conclusion - In the present climate of cut-throat competition, having only substantial products and services is not enough to market them globally to increase your sales. You need much more than that!

YouTube being the video marketing giant, unquestionably has the potential to promote your content, business and introduce your website to the masses worldwide. Using just the right promotional techniques, strategies and continuously coming up with its A-game in terms of irresistible ad content, this video streaming platform continues to change our lives for the better.

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