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Top 10 SmartPhones of All Time


Top 10 Smarts phone of All Times

Top 10 Mobile phone in world


I can’t remember a moment in my life where I wouldn’t have found myself using the mobile phone, whether it was for making calls, sending text messages or taking photos. The smartphone became one of the most important gadgets that have helped people all over the world to stay connected with others and keep in touch with friends and family. People around the world use this device for everything from being able to communicate to doing their daily tasks such as paying bills. The top ten mobile phones of all time are below.

Top 10 Mobile Smartphones Of All Time

The history of smartphones began at the beginning of the 1990s when Steve Jobs introduced the first personal computer. This device had a limited memory capacity, but it is still considered one of the modern mobile devices of its time. It also had special features like allowing apps to run on it, creating different windows screens to make use of its full size RAM. However, even though it was revolutionary, there was no question of not using smartphones when connecting with others. They were not only used by individuals, the usage of smartphones increased after 2007 when the first smart phones were released, allowing them to be used more often.

1)The Nokia Lumia 730 is an excellent example of how Apple and Android have been working together with great success. As with iPhones, the Nokia Lumia 730 is highly advanced. While the display is good, especially given its design, some of the key areas lacking are performance and battery life. Despite these limitations, smartphones can easily connect over Bluetooth and allow voice control because of the high quality speakers in the market. And yes, you get free 5G connectivity via the 4G LTE network. With so many opportunities available today, why wouldn’t anyone want their hands on a smartphone? There’s definitely something out there for everyone.

2)The LG G6 is one of those few phones you need when the budget doesn’t allow for much else. Unlike other brands, this device can take selfies, enjoy media streaming and watch movies. A lot of things are possible, such as this mobile phone having Samsung SuperVOOC FlashCharge technology, which allows fast charging when needed. Its fingerprint scanner is impressive and incredibly accurate. You are also allowed to use up to five cameras, giving you a total of six lenses, two optical zoom lenses and three 2MP shooters. So while we are talking about better camera options, what sets this phone apart is how well the front 2MP shooter works. Because the rear camera shoots a wide range of shots, the shots are crisp with superb detail. Lastly, the G6 comes with Google Assistant built-in, so it’s pretty easy to get work done right away.

3)The OnePlus 8T is a mid-tier model that has a great experience and plenty of features that make it worth buying for most users. When we talk about Snapdragon 765G 5nm chipsets, it’s hard not to say that they’re amazing devices for power. That said, this smartphone can go toe-to-toe with flagship models. If you ever wanted a device that offered 5G connectivity (and could handle 4K videos and graphics), then you should look into the OnePlus 8T. This smartphone offers 4K video recording (and does support HDR visuals). To top off, you get 4/5.8 inches of AMOLED panels, which results in incredible colours and eye-popping contrast. Even while gaming, your smartphone will look extremely natural due to this OLED panel material.

4)Before we get started with our list of the best mobile phones of all time, here’s another thing we like the most about this brand. Yes, the Motorola Razr HD line may have been the original version of the Razr line back in 1985, which means that the product line has always had a long way to be improved upon. However, if you think that you need features that you don’t find in other products then you should check out this excellent smartphone. We love the fact that it offers fast storage options, unlike many other phones on this list, so you won’t have to worry about getting rid of any music you already own. Furthermore, it comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0 and even GPS+ to help you stay connected. Plus, the screen is 6.2 inch, which makes it perfect for content viewing.

5)The Motorola Edge Pro Plus is among the finest handheld mobile phones. Many of the specs on this device are similar to the iPhone SE. However, the added feature set that gives this phone’s advantage is the ultra-wide 20.4-megapixel primary sensor for capturing stunning night photography and sharp images with ease. You won’t have to change the image file size too much unless you’re dealing with the huge amount of data that the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra owners will be going through each day. But, for these reasons, the Edge Pro Plus offers an outstanding shot at shooting photos. There’s even a second 10-megapixel selfie snapper that is designed to keep you looking at the stars and stars in the sky. On the contrary, the Edge Pro Plus’ lack of resolution is a bit disappointing. For instance, you can’t capture crystal clear night shots, nor do you get to capture crisp photo prints that don’t look muddy when they’re compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max for instance. Still, it’s probably down to the excellent display on offer here that wins me over.

6)The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is probably the coolest product that Samsung has released yet. Not only is it among the best tablets in 2020, but it’s also a premium device. What’s great about this phone is not having regular plastic or metal bodies, as most of the alternatives offer. Also, it does come with wireless charging and offers a large 6.9 inches 1920 x 1200 pixels, which makes it a useful option for watching media. However, this phone cannot compete with the iPhone 13 Pro Max in terms of quality, since it lacks a 3200 mAh batteries capacity. Still, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is absolutely brilliant and is definitely worth holding up against the competition.

7)If you’re a fan of phones that have lots of great features but don’t cost a fortune, then the Moto G7 Power is your next upgrade. This smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s latest octa-core chipset, with a speed of up to 1.8GHz (the same as the Snapdragon 888 from the previous generation). It can easily handle heavy games and even gets a decent score on Geekbench tests. Your battery life is slightly higher than expected especially considering how much faster the octa-core chip is. Also, this laptop’s performance can easily crush anything you throw at it, whether it’s running on Windows 10 Home or on iOS 15.1. Given the massive size of this smartphone, the real estate inside is very minimal, which means you get to utilize that space very efficiently. Still, it isn’t quite as powerful as the M1 Mac mini of 2012, but when you factor in the price tag, the M1 Mac Mini is still worthy of purchasing. The Lenovo Legion Playbook is easily one of the least expensive products that we’ve seen on this list. This small device can barely hold a book. However, the Lenovo Legion Playbook offers an exceptional user interface that makes using it extremely easy. We loved the quick load times, which made us want to give it a try for ourselves. Regardless, this small portable has a small footprint and runs mostly on Linux OS.

8)The X60 Max Pro is just one of the most sought-after phones on this list, thanks to its excellent build quality, great performance and stellar battery life. Aside from being one of the best affordable phones of the current decade, this device has more oomph from what you’d typically expect from a beastly smartphone. Unfortunately, it unfortunately falls short from what can be said of the M1 Mac Pro. Compared to the iPhone 11 pro and 12 Pro Max Pro, the X60 Max Pro is extremely light and can get dropped by multiple objects before it crashes. It also misses out on a dedicated fingerprint scanner that is essential for unlocking a smartphone. Finally, the X60 Max Pro costs less than almost every other product on the list, which is just the right thing for value-conscious buyers.

9) ASUS Zenith Duo 9 is an awesome compact and light mobile phone with a lot of nice features to enjoy. From being one of its strongest points, the ZD50-2.4 Snapdragon 770G is a fantastic value, but the Asus Zenith Duo 9, which is a smaller variant of last year’s X60 Max Pro, is the absolute ultimate package when it comes to performance specs. Whether playing AAA titles or browsing the internet, the duo is certainly capable of handling most of your needs. In addition to being incredibly compact, it offers a 16.4-megapixel main sensor with a f/1.9 lens and is capable of supporting 1080p video shooting as well as 240p video. Needless to say, this is one of the greatest mid-tier products around the planet.

10)The LG V60 ThinQ 4.5-inch convertible smartphone is surely one of the hottest mobile phones on the market. One of the key differences between the LG V60 ThinQ and the LG Velvet ThinQ is the presence of a larger microSD card. Thus, the ThinQ is extremely slimy, while the Velvet ThinQ is thicker (and therefore heavier) than the original but still light enough to fit. What makes this unique, besides being incredibly popular is the fact that this phone is foldable with an opening and closing mechanism. Moreover, it has a beautiful OLED display. If you’re wondering about the benefits of this device, you’ll know that it makes you feel like a tiny child, which is exactly what you could achieve when working from home, and this is something that we’re sure many of you will appreciate.

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