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Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras in the World

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What is a camera?

Have you ever been asked this question before? Did you answer immediately? What was your answer?

Well, A camera is a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals.

Is it worth it to buy an expensive camera?

Is it worth it to buy an expensive camera?

Some may take the answer as a No. Well, Am going to take my answer as a yes. Mostly Expensive cameras comes fully equipped with the best features. Lets say Megapixel. Cheap cameras has lower pixels while expensive cameras has higher Megapixels, Cheap cameras most of them may heat when doing when doing a video recording while expensive once are highly upgraded some you may take a video for as long as you want without them heating up. They say Cheap is Expensive
Am going to take you through 10 best most expensive cameras that if you can afford you can be among the luckiest in the world.

1. Phase One XF IQ4 150MP Camera System - US$50,990.00

Well well well. With 150 megapixels this medium arrangement framework camera will slow down you more than $50,000

2. Hasselblad H6d-400c Multi-Shot - Us$47,995

The astonishing H6D-400c MS conveys Hasselblad's most noteworthy goal and most shading exact medium configuration pictures today. Intended to meet the most noteworthy imaging prerequisites, its 400MP picture yield combined with genuine RGB shading information for every pixel catches each unpretentious subtlety of the subject whether you are capturing fine vehicles, fine art, sensitive textures or jewels. Set forth plainly, where simply the best multiplication is adequate, the Multi-Shot picture offers genuine nature and a shocking moiré free degree of detail.

3. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic DSLR - US$40,000.00

Most unbelievable thing about the MK-3 is that it can convey an entire 360-degree view in around 8 seconds.It can likewise give wonderful displays that require no sewing.

4. Seitz 6×17 Panoramic Camera - US$38,000

There is no other camera anyplace on the planet that takes bigger computerized pictures than the Seitz and the 160 Megapixel documents produce mind blowing outcomes. As far as scale, picture definition and sheer show, this camera brings to photography what the IMAX brings to film.

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5. Red Helium 8K - US$35,394.00

Well this is not just a camera for anyone. From the stated price well this is only for the big guys. The Red Helium 8K weapon, Fit for shooting movement and stills in 8K 2.4:1 at up to 75 casings each second (fps), or 8K Full Arrangement at 60 fps—WEAPON 8K S35 conveys unparalleled execution.

6. Fujifilm Gfx 100 - Us$9,999.95.

GFX100 sets a back-enlightened 102MP imaging sensor with our blazingly quick X Processor 4 handling motor to make a blend fit for yielding 16-cycle pictures with astonishing shading loyalty, rich shadow detail, and amazing powerful reach. Its back-enlightened design improves picture quality by bringing the openness plane nearer to the shading channel cluster. This limits commotion levels from that commonly knowledgeable about mirrorless cameras and stretches out the local ISO to ISO 100.

7. Nikon D6 - Us$6,496.95

Nikon's most remarkable AF framework to date for catching each heart-beating, essential second, the D6 is an inflexible workhorse DSLR that experiences each expert interest in any climate. What's more in light of the fact that consistently includes in the field, the D6 is stacked with new efficient work process upgrades and progressed customization choices. The minutes that characterize us, that show what we're prepared to do, the ones that live on, are ready to be caught with a Nikon D6 DSLR.


8. Canon Eos-1d X Mark Iii - Us$6,499.00

Worked for speed, responsiveness, and accuracy, the Group EOS-1D X Mark III is a strong DSLR intended for sports, natural life, and other difficult and dynamic imaging applications.

9. Sony Alpha 9 II Mirrorless - US$4,499.99

The Alpha 9 II is Sony's most recent top of the line sports camera and is prepared to do quietly shooting 24MP pictures at up to 20 frames each second with no power outage between outlines.

10. Nikon D850 - Us$2,996.95

The Nikon D850 is a mixed media DSLR that unites hearty stills abilities alongside adept film and time-pass recording. Rotating around a recently planned 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor and demonstrated EXPEED 5 picture processor, the D850 is obviously recognized by its high goal for recording point by point symbolism.

Did i forget on any other camera you know? If yes let me know by emailing me.

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