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Top 10 Apps That Drain Your Smartphone's Battery the Quickest

Top Smartphone Apps Killing the Battery


Top 10 Apps That Consume Your Smartphone's Battery the Most

The battery is one of the main components of a smartphone that users worry about the most. This worry often forces these users to think about ways to conserve power as soon as they turn on their devices. Despite taking all necessary measures to reduce smartphone battery consumption, we have had little success. Fortunately, research has revealed apps that have the most effect on your cellphone power. The following are apps with the most effects on your device;

  1. Skype

Skype is arguably one of the most battery-consuming apps on any smart device. The VoIP-based app owned by Microsoft consumes most power when used for video-conferencing and when used for free phone calls. With this app, you need to find a way to reduce data and power consumption.

2. Fitbit

Just like Skype, Fitbit is also a battery-intensive app. Fitbit is a health-monitoring app that can help you track your activities and calorie consumption. Since most users like to wear it for prolonged hours, it can quickly use power. It would be best if you learned to switch this app off when not in use; otherwise, it will continue to track your activities.

3. Uber

Uber may not be as power-consuming as Fitbit and Skype, but it leaves a significant mark always on your device. Uber is a taxi-hailing app you can use for transportation. This app, however, collects data from the background even when it is not actively used.

4. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most prominent social media network site and is one of the top 3 battery-using apps on any device. Many videos and texts are added to this social network every minute, and it automatically plays these contents when you open and scrolls up and down. It pays to log out of this app to conserve your device's juice when not in use.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is the best app for searching for temporary or long-term accommodation near and far. This app is particularly power-consuming because it delivers several images of homes when you search. It relies on your location and GPS technology to get results, and it works even when you are not using it. Turn off your location when you are not using this app.

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6. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the world’s largest instant messaging app that can also be used for sharing rich video content over the internet. With hundreds of millions of videos shared daily, this app will consume your smartphone data and use up the device’s memory.

7. Tinder

Tinder is one of the largest dating apps that connect you with singles near you. Since the app matches you with people nearby, it automatically searches online based on your location and delivers images and profiles. This app consumes the internet and battery life. You may notice your smartphone becomes sluggish when you turn on your Tinder.


Just like Tinder, Bumble is another app that uses up power quickly. It reviews your matches and links you up instantly. Flipping through images of matches alone can use up the device’s battery quickly. Please turn it off while not in use, or at least turn off your location feature.

9. Instagram

Instagram is as power-consuming as Facebook because they share lots of similarities. Videos automatically play by default here; hence you have to change it if you want to save some power.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun way to share special moments with friends and family. This app is automatically connected to your smartphone camera, and all you do is snap and share before the pictures or videos disappear.


No single app on your smartphone right now doesn’t have a share of your device’s battery. This activity is why you need to constantly update your smartphone and deactivate or remove any that is of no use. For instance, there is no point in having more than 2 dating apps on your smartphone. If you have to keep all your apps, you should turn them on so they wouldn’t automatically update contents and use up your device's power. You can identify the power an app consumes by checking the amount of data it uses. Click on your device’s settings, then click on apps, and you will see app data usage displayed.

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