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Top 10 Amazon Black Friday Tech Deals to Buy Right Now "Part I"

Top 10 Amazon Black Friday tech Deals

▪1. MotherBoard deals

▪2. CPU deals

▪3. RAM and SSD deals

▪4. Gaming Monitor deals

▪5. Headsets deals

▪6. Laptops deals

▪7. Mobile Phones

▪8. Smart Watches deal.

▪ 9. 4K TV deals

▪10. Smart Speaker Deals

▪MotherBoard Deals

Oh my God we are getting some extreme deals on Electronic Product and some PC Components as well. for Example this Amazing Motherboard.

1. MSI Mag B550 Tomahawk

This is the New Gen AM4 Motherboard for Specifically AMD CPUs, Before Black Friday Sales It is Usually upto 200$ but now you will get this Same Motherboard for 150$, 140$ and somewhere upto 135$.

Every Budget Gamer wants MSI Tomahawk B550 Motherboard but lack in money but from 24 hours now this was a Golden Chance for them to have these on their Gaming PC RIG.

2. Gigabyte A320-S2H MotherBoard

For All the Budget Gamer in the world i will recommend you to have this Motherboard because it Support New Gen AMD CPUs and i had use this MotherBoard in My "The Best Budget Gaming PC Build under 300$" because for all the gamers which want to have gaming PC to buy So I will recommend you to buy this one because this Motherboard was ultracheap around 50-60$.

The Only difference between MSI and this motherboard have which will be considered in future updates that this motherboard have only 2 DIMM Slots for RAM and 1 PCIe Slots for Graphic Card on the Other Hand MSI comes with 4 DIMM RAM Slots and 2 PCIe Slots for Graphic Card.

This Advantage on MSI will give some help in future Updates like if i want to add a Ram Stick so i have Enough space to Add, If i want to Add another Graphic Card So i can Add as well, That's the Advantage i have when i buy MSI B550 Motherboard but if you Really on Low Budget Some 300$ budget Go for Gigabyte Motherboard Don't worry it will do fine from rest of Motherboard.

For Budget Gamer this was a Golden Chance to hit the Buy Button right now because after Monday these deals will be long Gone.

▪CPUs Deals

In 2020 Of you want a Good CPU for Gaming I will tell you to go blindly for AMD CPU, Long gone all the days where intel is dominating the CPU Market, Now this a time of AMD and AMD is crushing the competition like never before Now Amds Average Cost CPU easily giving neck to neck competition to intel expensive CPUs and AMDs High end Chip easily outperform their current best Chip.

Here are Few Picks that you should go for im 2020 amd 2021 as well.

1. AMD Ryzen 3 3100

This one is a Bang for a Buck, In offseason it will go upto 200$ but now this one is just for 150$ and in Somewhere the price drop to 135$ So mainly it Sold out.

2. AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

This one also another Bang for a Buck, If you want a decent CPU and a decent GPU and you have 100-120$ in your Pocket left then you should Definitely Go for this One. It has a power of intel i5 8th Gen and a 1050ti as well at just 120$.

3. AMD Ryzen 3 3300x and AMD Ryzen 3 3600x

If you are working with some 799$ PC Build or less than 800$ Build or less then you should go for AMD Ryzen 3 3300x because it offer insane amount of performance which 2 years ago intel core i7 5th Gen Shows to us but this one outperforming in just 200$ Markup not 400$.

If you're working with some Heavy Build like 1000$ Plus Dream Project then you should Definitely go with AMD Ryzen 3600x this will gave you that Power to handle Heavy Dedicated GPU plus you will get this Amazing High Power CPU in just Amazing Price.

4. Honourable Mentions are AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, AMD Ryzen 7 3800x.

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5. The Most Amazing Deals from Honourable Mentions are AMD Ryzen 2700x which is just 220$ (Usually 330$) and this is one from intel i7 9th Gen Coffee lake which is just 260$ with a free game of Crysis Remastered, Hope You will take some good decision.

▪RAM and SSD Deals

In 2020 this 2 things had a lot of pressure to buy, because of its Heavy Prices but now this is a time to buy these one becaise in the End Memory does matter whether if it is Ram, SSD and HDD.

1. Hyper X 3200 MHz 8GB ( RAM )

This one is Purely Amazing deal for my some Budget Gamers Freinds out there because you are getting 8GB 3200 MHz RAM at just 35$ its just insane and if you buy 2x8 GB you will get in just of 70$ that's so insane. This one had just blown my mind, you should definitely Check this One.

2. Corsair Vengeance 2x16 GB 3200MHz (RAM)

OK Ready for this one, You will get TWO 16GB RAM under 120$ isn't this Crazy. But Gamers doesn't needs this much of RAM Except for Productivity, Video and Film Editing, and PhotoShop.

1. Crucial BX500 480GB ( SSD )

This one is Absolute Banger, Have you ever imagine that you will get 500GB SSD just for 52$ ever !, Now this one is truly interesting. We have 3 more Honourable mention which will Come in 60$.

WD 480GB SSD, Kingston 480GB SSD, and this one is absoluteluly interesting Seagate 480GB SSD just for 60$.

2. intel optane 660p 512 GB NVMe ( SSD )

Every gamer dream of NVMe SSD but they are too expensive but however intel pull it back from 100$ to 80$ which was not that good but also make it interesting as well, what to choose 60$ SSD or 80$ SSD. I know nvme is faster than normal SSD but to give 20$ more for same size of memory that's bit difficult, this one i leave to you what to choose.

3. Samsung evo 970 2TB NVMe ( SSD )

Ok This one is for Higher End work like Film Editing, Video Editing, Graphics Design but also for Gaming for giving faster user Experience without any System Lag and you don't need any HDD unless you have to download some porn and pirate movies.

For me this much Space is enough for any Gamer.

▪Gaming Monitor Deals

The One Problem that Some gamer had that if they get a Decent PC, they will improve their Game and become Pro, that's all right fine bit you never be Pro because Pros will always be One Step Ahead because not of their PC but their Gaming Monitors.

For Gamers who is Playing Still on 60Hz Monitor then this deal is really for you and this Reason was the most outlook reason but it is the most important advantage of an eSport Player.

1. Acer Nitro 24 inch Gaming Monitor

OH MY GOD this Gaming Monitor is the Heaven and all the Solution for the Budget Gamer or People who don't want to put a lot of Money into their Monitor but want a Decent 144Hz for Gaming and Productivity, I will say without wasting any time go buy this one monitor because last year we have only the option of VA Panel but this time we have a Huge IPS Panel Option So I will Definitely Recommend to Go for It even If you are working on Heavy Build then also Go For It.

▪Headphones and Headsets Deals

I mean we have Good PC, Good Monitor, now what we need. We Need 2 more Things, first you need good headsets to hear enemies foot step and gun Sound well this was all for Gaming.

But If you need good quality Music and noise Cancelling Headphones we have a Variety of best deals for you as well if you're very athletic Sportful then you need good quality earbuds that keeps you going without falling down on the floor. So We have 3 Categories.

1. Headsets

2. Headphones

3. Earbuds

1. Razor kraken Tournament Edition (Headsets)

This Gaming Headsets is one of the best choice of am eSports Gamer and it is on the Top 100 best Selling Headsets on Amazon. In CSGO Pro Team Mouseports uses this Headsets all the time while Competing in a Pro Match, This gives a lot more reliability and credibility of these headphones while playing any eSports Games. The More Important it is on the budget side and you can get in just 55$ from Amazon.

2. Logitech G777 Gaming Headsets

This headsets makes you feel rich and professional gamer, It's design is one of the good looking design in the headsets market. It is not that cheap but it has an Average price of 120$. So if you're Working on some mid-range Build like 800-1000$ range you should definitely go for it. The Only thing it is Wireless

3. HyperX cloud stinger

This One is what we called as a bang for a buck, it gives some of the best Quality a headphone should have for a price qhich is literally of a 40$, means in a 40$ you are getting some eSport quality shit!that's so crazy Man.

The Next Category for some Music lovers that want to listen music, pop songs, Netflix, Apple TV, Movies for that Category of People we have some unimaginable Price Range Headphones deals.

1. Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless Headphones

Ok This Headphone is one of the most interesting Headphones in the market Right now, many People look for this time when the Price will come down, usually it is a bit Expensive but for the headphones lovers this is one of a heck a deals. You are getting this headphones just for 278$ which usually at 330$. So it is worth Checking out.

2. Plantronics Backbeat fit 6100 Wireless (Headphones).

If you want a Good Sound Quality, if you want adorable Design, If you want wireless also with a not so expensive Sides than "Plantronic Black Beat" is a Go for you Brand, you are getting this one just 55$ which is usually comes in 80$. So you are getting a Heck of a deal.

3. Bose QC 35 II wireless (Headphone)

But if you a Brand lover and you want to feel the Quality of expensive Brand then we have "Bose QC II" which usually comes in 350$ and you're getting with just 200$ price thats really amazing over 40% OFF on this Headphone that's a bit Attractive.

Now we have a Section for Athletes, travellers, Gym Lovers, College Students, etc. This Section called Earbuds Section. So let's start with,

1. Amazon Echo Wireless Buds (EarBuds)

If you want an Earbuds who works according to your Voice and comes in 100$ than Amazon Echo bids is a Perfect set to go with not just it comes in 80$ but also had advantages of inbuild aleksa that accept every command you give it and gives every answer you want from it. Usually it comes in 130$ but now it comes in just 80$.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus wireless (EarBud)

Another won gives you chance to get into party this time it is Samsung Galaxy with their Buds Plus, why we are suggesting this because it is coming in just 110$ but it didn't have voice feature but it have tap feature which is also a very Cool to use. Usually it is a 150$ product and you are getting 25% OFF.

This deal is a Bonus Deal. Have you heard about Beats Product, One it is world most expensive headphone brand and Second everybody want it. So It is Beats Solo 3 and the Beats Power Beats Pro.

  • Beats Solo 3 on the ear wireless (Headphone)

So It is one of the most Popular and expensive brand as well as product but it comes in mind blowing whooping 120$ that's literally around the Price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. It has a very cool feature of Swivel Volume Control method, The thing is It is on the ear Headphone and it didn't have active noise cancelling feature which to me its far around this peice point.

  • The Beats Powerbeats pro

This is a wireless earbuds from beats which is made for people who really trained themselves to be fit usually when they are exercising. It has a rubber stick to the buds which you have to wear over the ear which prevents earbuds from falling off from the ears.

It is Usually around 250$ but in sale it is upto 199$ which is 51$ OFF.

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