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How to Grow on Twitter 2022


Hello Everyone,

Being an artist has been a curse as well as a boon since the earlier days of civilization. Artists, let it be writers, painters, musicians, sculptors and such, had to reach a specific audience first of all. Once that was done, the art was to be presented in a way that would attract many, if not all, to be accepted. Only after these couple of steps, there was a scope of earning any rewards or income. The steps are no different today. Rather, with increased accessibility to resources and knowledge base, the number of artists is ever increasing. This presents each and every new as well as old artist (until one becomes famous) with greater challenge against an enormous number of rising and also many highly revered artists. Most artists are innately introverted. Hence, when they glance at this situation from a selling point of view, they try to either take flight or find shortcuts or maybe hire a professional to do it on their behalf.

My apologies, if this scared you.

Being a writer, myself, I have struggled with reaching a greater audience more often than you can imagine. Once that’s done, there are certain learning options available to help guide us to convert and monetize. This struggle led me to the ocean where one can find a suitable audience from around the world - Social Media. After trying my hands on various media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, I have recently focused my attention on Twitter. Among all the platforms I have used extensively for business and writing, I can say, that Twitter has been the most comfortable one since it is easy to navigate and has less gibberish once you find the right community and audience, which in turn helped me get regular views to my posts and genuine people who enjoyed my work and earn. Following are a few basic things you can do to garner more attention to your work on Twitter.

1. Short and Precise Bio:

First and foremost thing any genuine person, who is a stranger, will look for before following you will be your Bio. So, be careful. Don’t make it long and tedious to read. Keep it to the point so that people with similar interests can follow you. An example is given in the screenshot below.


2. Don’t Focus on Promotion Only:

Send out tweets at least 3-5 times a day about something interesting you have to ask or share. For example: If you are a painter, you can ask something like “Which kind of material do you think is better for painting?”

Note: Please don’t read too much into the example,as it is only to help you understand the point. I’m a layman in terms of drawing and painting.

3. Follow Many Selectively:

On almost all the Social Media platforms, one can find profiles of 3 kinds - i) Genuine People, ii) Business Profiles iii) Bots(Dummy/Secondary Accounts). There are a lot more bot/secondary accounts than that of genuine ones. So, don’t keep pounding the follow button blindly. If you see any profile or tweet through algorithmic suggestion or sponsor, visit their profile, check their bio and a few posts, and only then if you feel they have similar interests as yours follow them. Like in real life, not everyone will be helpful and worth your time and effort.

4. Interact:

Whenever you are surfing through tweets, pause at something interesting or useful posted by someone else. Leave a like or respond with a comment, wherever possible. Remember! More personalized interactions you have with others, better will be your chances to be noticed. This will help bring more attention and interaction to your promotional posts as well. It can be simplified as ‘give and take.

5. Direct Unpaid Promotion:

Now that interactive part is done and you have garnered some attention, it’s time to promote yourself. Drop posts about your work along with a link or an image or both for Twitteratis to see. Post the same way with varying content at least 5-10 times a day every single day. Also make sure the words that you use should be relatable as the new algorithm doesn’t only reflect trending tags but also words.

Note: Keep it short, easy to understand and informative. Focus on projecting benefits from the prospect’s stand point.

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6. The Gem thy name being Hashtag:

Hashtags can be categorized in 2 types. i) Generic (like MondayMotivation, TGIF etc) ii) Community Specific (like Bloggers, WritingCommunity). Generic Hashtags are included Business accounts as well as general people which can become trending for the time being in a particular location. Include 1 or 2 such in your normal tweets as well as direct unpaid promotional tweets to reach a greater audience. Also include most commonly used Community Specific hashtags to reach your prospects who follow such.

Note: Do not over do with hashtags, as sometimes either Twitter avoids it altogether or genuine followers will unfollow, considering your posts as spam.

Some of the Hashtags for you to include in your posts.

Current Commonly used HashtagsField Specific







7. Indirect Unpaid Promotion:

On this portal, many genuine as well as bot/secondary accounts do certain activities to boost their number of followers and engagement. Ex: Writerlift is one such activity done by many almost constantly, where others are asked to share their WIPs (Work in Progress), and links to their books or blogs and such in the comments.Such comments are later retweeted by the one who has initiated Writerslift. Don’t hesitate to share your work there to gain more traction. I do it almost 60-100 times a day, which reflects an increased number of readers to my work by an average of 10% at a day.It isn’t many but this does add approx 1% new followers every time on Twitter as well as on Hubpages, thereby making them regular visitors. Since your work is shared by a third party through whom you gain more prospects, it is labeled as ‘Indirect’.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Contact:

On all the major Social Media platforms, you can find Celebrities, famous personalities and successful people from around the world. For the first 2, their accounts are mostly handled by their managers or personal assistants. Hence unless you are well-known too, you won’t get any response. However, many successful people are down-to-earth and will interact with you without a doubt, if you approach them with a genuine question or point of conversation ( from personal experience). Whenever you are stuck during your work, or have a query that’s bugging you, get into DM and shoot your query their way.

Note: Don’t creep into silly conversations. Be polite and humble and start with a greeting followed by a question to make a good impression.


These are a few tips for one to grow through Twitter without paying a single penny.If you follow these, you will assuredly garner more attention, thereby increasing the number of followers and prospects by establishing yourself as a genuine artist.

There are many ways through which you can grow your network and reach more audience. We will discuss such tips in a different article which will be focused towards guerilla marketing on Twitter.Until then Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to rate and share with your friends. Also, let me know how useful and effective this article is.


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