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Tips And Tricks To Protect Your Smartphone From Thieves

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Tips And Tricks To Protect Your Smartphone From Thieves

Smartphones are a life-line to the world. How important is your smartphone to you? Some people can’t get away with their smartphone for just a second. In fact, our smartphones have become our lifetime babies; we carry them everywhere we go.

From a survey I conducted a month ago for this article, Americans on average lose their smartphone once every year and one-in-three people admit to snooping around someone else’s smartphone without permission. That’s a lot of sensitive information just waiting to be exposed!

Could you believe that 52% of people don’t use a password, or they use a password that’s too weak? Let’s be honest here, most of us don’t get lucky to be able to locate our phone when it’s stolen. This makes these tips, tricks and protective measures which am about to share with you much more important.

Keeping your smartphone secured is one of the hardest thing as you carry out most of your daily activities on including shopping, receiving your monthly salary, streaming songs from your favorite artist, playing games, taking pictures, making video calls to friends and family, running your website and even paying bills.

For many of us, our smartphone is a store for keeping all our memorable photos, videos, creative works, documents, lifetime achievement and even acting as our bank. This information is sensitive and more important than the device.

All these activities need to be protected, but what happens when someone steals your smartphone? And how do you keep all your information safe and secured in today’s lifestyle full of tech-driven thieves?

This article aims at giving you all the necessary clues, tips and tricks to protect your smartphone from thieves, and even if it happens, the easiest way to secure your device. Here are the steps you should take:

Put A Strong Passcode or Password

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This is the first step to keeping your phone secure. Every phone lets you set a passcode or password, and most of them now come with a fingerprint scan for added security. For password, make sure you choose a pattern or combination which is not easy to guess or find out such as your birth year, car number, home address etc. A lot of phones also offer face unlock, but it is not as secure as a fingerprint scan—someone with your photo can unlock your device on these phones.

Lock Your Apps

A few Smartphone brands now offer this feature. You can individually lock installed apps with a passcode or with fingerprint scan. This adds an extra layer of security for your data and contents, especially if you have handed over your phone to someone to show something. In case your phone does not have it, you can get this feature by installing a third party app.

You can download one of the best apps locker from the Google Play Store or iOS Apps Store to keep your smartphone secured.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Most users ignore this security feature as it is a hassle to use every time. Two-factor authentication requires you to authenticate with a passcode plus a unique authentication code generated via an app or sent via OTP every time. You can check and enable this feature in the security settings of a service. Once enabled, even if someone gets access to your password, they will not be able to access your data without the Authentication key.

Wondering about which authenticator apps to use? andOTP Authenticator and Google Authenticator are great options you should choose from. Note that I will not recommend anything to you without testing and using them for a while.

Install Security Apps

Your smartphone is a susceptible to data theft as your computer. Hence, as you have security apps installed on your computer, you must also get one for your smartphone.

From my experience, Hammer is a great choice as it offers a wide range of features to protecting your smartphone from being stolen and being able to locate it even when it lands in the hands of a thief.

Only Use Trusted Apps

Download and use only trusted apps available on store. Don’t download any kind of apps and games from other third party websites. As they can easily steal your personal data and passwords. Download only from official and trusted source.

The Google Play Store is a good choice for Android users as it scans your phone and gives you warning of potentially harmful apps which you installed from app repository websites and other app stores.

Update Phone And Apps Regularly

While this may be amongst the most basic things to be followed, there are many users who don’t bother with this. Google pushes out security updates and patches regularly to smartphone brands, who in turn pass it down to the users via over the air updates. It’s always recommended to keep a check for system updates for your smartphone and install them as and when they are available to improve your phone’s security as well as performance.

Kindly note that it’s not 100% assured to keep your smartphone from thieves, but these precautionary measures will definitely go a long way into helping you protect your smartphone from thieves as much as possible.

Hope you found this helpful and if you did, don’t forget to leave your comment below and also share it with others. Stay connected by following this channel for more interesting contents!

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