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This Company Is Creating a Gaming Ecosystem


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The gaming trend is rising rapidly with the help of the pandemic, better gaming devices, and the rise of influencers. Enthusiast Gaming is trying to capitalise on this trend by creating a whole gaming ecosystem. The creates a great opportunity for investors as the company’s market cap is still small.

Enthusiast Gaming is a Canadian company founded in 2014 that focuses on the gaming industry. The creates experiences through its integrated platform that provides points of connection for gamers and enhances engagement across its gaming community. The platform includes over 100 gaming websites, youtube channels with over 20 million subscribers, 7 professional gaming teams, 550+ influencers across different platforms, live and virtual gaming events globally, and 1000+ channels creating gaming content. This full suite for the gaming community is able to create its own ecosystem for gamers.

In the age of the Gen-Z generation, their habits are changing dramatically compare to the older generation we are used to. Marketers and companies need to adapt and change to reach them in order to monetise. According to Enthusiast Gaming, 61% of Gen-Z prefer to watch E-sport rather than traditional sports, 73% of them watch an average of 68 videos on their phone per day, and 40% prefer to connect with their friends virtually. Enthusiast Gaming is trying to ride this trend by creating an ecosystem like other social media to gather gamers together and monetise from it. Enthusiast Gaming’s platform is able to reach over 300m gamers monthly and the total content view in the last twelve months is a whopping 43 billion with 145 thousand paying subscribers.

The market is growing rapidly also as Gen-Z, millennials, and the younger generation represent 50% of the US population and the gaming market is valued at $175 billion in 2020 with 2.7 billion gamers totally. The growing market provides a massive tailwind for Enthusiast Gaming to expand its ecosystem. By have the reach to millions of gamers and Gen-Z audiences, the company is able to monetise by selling digital advertisements to companies that want to reach the younger generation. Blue-chip companies like Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, and even Facebook are customers of Enthusiast Gaming. The digital market ad spend is forecasted to grow from $378 billion to $524 billion as well. With so many platforms Enthusiast Gaming is able to provide very flexible advertising strategies and solutions catered to different companies with different needs. For example with Samsung, they can have their influencers unbox and use Samsungs product to allow audiences to know the features and capabilities of those products. And if a new game wants to drive engagement, Enthusiast Gaming can help the gaming company to host events that allow audiences to know more about the game.

The full suite of platforms gives Enthusiast Gaming the edge in gaming advertisement that no other gaming company can match with. I believe Enthusiast Gaming will become the leading go-to platform for gamers in the future and their company is poised to become much bigger. Their platform is gaining traction and attracting more gamers and audiences, and they are continuously improving their marketing solution’s strategies and capabilities with more and more partnerships being established. Besides the tailwind from the gaming trend, to the increase in digital ad spend in the coming years, Enthusiast Gaming will become the ecosystem of the gaming industry.

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