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There Was a Time When No One Wanted a Smartphone and That Might Happen Again

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Smart Phones of The Future

Growing up I couldn't wait to get a phone. I was in middle school when the phones with the sliding keyboards came out and I begged my parents to get me one. With no luck I was handed an indestructible Nokia Razor when I was in 8th grade and then by the end of 8th grade I was gifted an a touch screen android. At the time smartphones were still a bit heavy and Apple had not swarmed the market yet. But now in 2021 I write this to you with my iPhone 12 sitting next to me and wonder what will be next for our smartphones. They seem to get slimmer and smaller some even having different colors. But what will be the future of the smartphone industry and where are we going now?

The Possible Future

Foldable Phones

2019 foldable phones entered the public eye once again with the Samsung Galaxy fold. We all remember the foldable phones that flipped up but never a smartphone that could fold. They're also getting more popular as time goes on. So by 2029 there's a big possibility that we could all be having foldable phones once again. They are very pricey at the moment though. so more than likely in 10 years old will phones will be a little bit more affordable and will surpass what we see is our phones today.

No More Ports

Phone companies are dropping headphone Jacks already and those are starting to be a thing of the past. Many users are going towards wireless headphones such as airpods so the amount of users who need a physical plug for their headphones slowly dying and numbers. This also goes for using a USB port to plug in your phone to a charger. There are many wireless charging ports nowadays that you can just set your phone on. so it's wireless chargers get more popular this is solely making phone manufacturers see that there's not much need for a port there anymore this can reduce the size of a phone as well.


The natural progression of things will be to go to 6 G to step up from 5G. this will presumably provide better internet access and speeds. Many companies such as Apple, Nokia, and Samsung, have taken a liking an interest in developing the 60 technology. Researchers are also looking at the inclusion of AI n 6 G. It could be used to support the design operation of 6 G.

Nano Tech Batteries

New batteries could allow your phone to be charged and minutes maybe even seconds. The super-fast charging would be down to the use of Nano batteries. Nano meaning something extremely small and these are batteries that are being looked into as soon as today. Phone batteries have never been the most ideal. Nano batteries will try to effectively decentralized energy consumption and the transfer process which will allow for super-fast charging and better battery life.

No more SIM card

Plastic SIM cards are more than likely to be a thing of the past and eSIM card will be the future. This new SIM card can be updated and changed when you switched phones and networks more easily. that means each time you get a new phone you don't need to go to the store or wait weeks or months to get sent a new SIM card.

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Mind Control

This one sounds crazy but scientists at MIT are working on something called alter ego. this lets the user converse with machines only using their thoughts. Now it does require you wearing a Contraption on your head but it is starting to get phone manufacturers thinking. so maybe a smartphone that you can use with your thoughts isn't that far out.

Color Changing Phone

These new phones would have one or more LED lights inside and you could change the color and your settings of your phone. If you choose let's say the color red the entire back cover would completely absorb the color of the light and look exactly the same almost as if it was painted on. That means whenever you got bored with a certain color you could just change it.

OLED and E-ink in one

OLED Displays are great for watching videos and playing games but they aren't the best for reading. E-ink However are the displays you get on Amazon Kindle e-readers and are much better for reading obviously. Hopefully, the smartphones of the future could combine these two technologies so you could do both of these tasks on the same device. Not saying people aren't reading off of their phones but they are straining their eyes a bit more that's why the Amazon Kindle is still a good option for readers to save their eyesight compared to using their phone.

Diverse Interfaces: With the rise in non screen devices coming like airpods will see people move away from using screens. users for more likely use voice, motion or iot devices. it's looking like the smartphone could exist in the brain and connect to something quite larger.

3D Face Mapping

This one is pretty cool it would allow a i to improve 3D face mapping to predict what you would look like if you made changes to your appearance. I know we all struggled this past year was finally getting our phones to recognize when we had a mask on but now it could recognize if we changed our hair color or someone got a nose job.


Will Smartphones Even Exist?

As time goes on smartphones have the possibility to not be smart phones at all in the next 30 Years. The devices that we hold so near and dear to us may take on a whole new swarm. they will help us perform the same tasks as smartphones do today and hopefully more. Maybe we have glasses or something in our brain the possibilities are endless. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds!

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