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Understanding Cloud Computing

Intel's Cloud

I wonder who thought to use 'Cloud' as a term to express computing powers today?


Cloud Computing Power

For many years there's been talk about Cloud Computing, & many people I've spoken with still have yet to fully understand it. Well to break it down into it's simplest terms, Cloud Computing is real & is truly powerful today.

My personal definition of Cloud Computing includes some very unique known internet realities, just try to think of your email inbox (such as your gmail account or yahoo email account) as a sort of instrumental tool on the Cloud.

When you looking to find the latest info sent to you via email, what do you tend to have to do, enter a user name & password. Log in, after log in, after log in you successfully access your latest messages sent to you through your email, never truly realizing how all this convenience actually works.

After hearing some truly fancy computer lingo, many people tend to discover that the definition of Cloud Computing is still a long distant thought, if anything.

The computing powers that's behind the email account you utilize, your Facebook account, twitter, and all the other social networking accounts you possess or claim ownership of, are all currently considered to be Cloud Computing networks.

The companies that provide these powerful networks either purchased a rather huge amount of server space, or owns physical data centers that have created a user platform, that can store a massive amount of information & can traffic this data onto their server.

This content, or data must be stored, and accessed in such a way that the total structure & integrity of the information can be keep safe from intrusion from outside networks, or users within it's confines. The Amazon Cloud is a perfect example of this expressive power & strong hold on the internet, & Cloud Computing as a whole.


How does the Cloud benefit us? or does it

Cloud Computing has become the single most important advancement in the computing industry thus far, due to the fact that it allows for network expansion, & for users to be able to interact with their content in ways never thought possible at one time.

Web developers worldwide use the Cloud everyday to access their unique content, and to be able to display it all whether it be video effects, special 3D graphics, audio demonstrations of cool music streams, web page designs expressed with clarity of origination, or any other preferred method of choice.

Another perspective approach to the Clouds usage is allowing for software, which at one time was only accessible from a typical download of some sort, is now turning into Cloudware. Meaning eventually there will be no need for hard drives, or having to download a thing, due to the services now being provided across these massive networks on the web today.

Google's new G+ video for those who have yet to learn about Google Plus, and its latest updates to its social networking platform

Google's new G+ video for those who have yet to learn about Google Plus, and its latest updates to its social networking platform

YouTube is Owned by Google

YouTube is a perfect example of this, many users simply discover its powerful networking capabilities once they achieve digital lift off with some really cool video being displayed on their personal channel.

Submitting content has its advantages for each user, depending on how it was rendered, and if they followed the rules to member usage agreement & copy write laws.

Tip on the Clouds!

  • Most networks work in the same manner, when a user can submit content that has eventually earned them some form of monetary value back in return, based on its popularity. (Monetization)

Companies earn huge profits by saving money on web resources using the Cloud

Many companies are choosing to turn towards the Cloud, as a way to reach their customers, & due to the massive impact it has made on all industries that's currently tied into the web.

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This is a time of a great deal of change, but surely to not understand the greatest movement that has ever occurred on the face of the earth, and on the Internet is to be robbed digitally and literally when it comes to all the opportunities this new convergence has presented to the global communities as a whole.

To discover a more well defined & informative definition of Cloud Computing simply try wikipedia.

Usage of the Cloud has a drastic affect on every user depending on how they source their usage, as well as at what level do they choose to implement such a use.

Who knows what these intense web developers and computer engineers will come up with next, one things for sure if we don't keep up, well we all know what happens then. We simply are going to be left behind in the digital dust.

Welcome To PearlTrees

Introduction to PearlTrees

Cloud Computing has allowed for a sort of evolutionary process to have occurred on the web in dealing with web designers being able to develop far more interactive site designs.

There's a new way for people to interact today which allows for social intervention on how people choose to use the web.

PearlTrees is this new method of social organization of the web, & is highly interactive.

PearlTrees is a social curation or network that allows for it's users to gather web locations, and store them on a personalized platform for future usage. This makes using the web fun, and easily accessible.

This is the location Cloud Tops has been built into on Pearltrees, its already attracted over 100,000 viewers worldwide since last June 2011.

This is the location Cloud Tops has been built into on Pearltrees, its already attracted over 100,000 viewers worldwide since last June 2011.


The Cloud has taken over

Your CPU's (micro processor) processing speed as well as RAM (memory) plays a huge role in the effectiveness of how any cloud network service will react, and accept the internet signals via IP address delivery faster or much slower information via your web browser.

Making your network secure is definitely a key element as well, unsafe networks that have zero antivirus security or no secure log in firewalls will quickly become flooded from near by neighboring wireless users, that are constantly searching for an open connection. You should contact your service provider to also find out if there's any latest updates to the hardware they've provided for you, such as modem, or router.

Cloud Computing is powerful, but will only be as powerful as the instrument that you have completed the connection too. Each provider of such an online Cloud service can actually function at a greater usage capacity for users, if your computer systems is fully optimized & upgraded to the industry standards of today, thus the reason for compatibility rating & other technical requirements for various systems & network operating characteristics. There are many area's of importance to be covered before anyone can state a claim as to whether or not Cloud Computing is something of true value in our online lives today.

The real truth to the matter is, it all depends on your level of activity, awareness, intel, resources, computing knowledge, web related experiences & a host of many other known as well as unknown possibilities. Everyone gets a differing take on how the Cloud will work for them. Look at it this way, if the world was described to be one way in particular, then everyone would all think the same. It's the same with Cloud Computing, it's to each, and everyone's own discretion. Cloud Computing is the webs "Future" & it's "Present", we all need to catch up while there's still a chance to make a difference in dealing with this powerful technology.

The Cloud's Power lies in us

The true powers behind this new technological advancement they call Cloud Computing actually begins at your network connection; without a good network connection, people have no way to gain access to it's powerful source of networking potential. The speed of your network also makes all the difference dealing with cloud computing, and how effective it will be for the average user as well as advanced users, such as online business owners.

The companies that currently offer these Cloud services utilizing power computing, all deal with any technical issues that arise due to faulty programming or invasion from intruders on their networks. We only responsible for making the best network connection as possible on our end, in dealing with the type of internet service provider we choose and the devices we purchase. Keeping up today does make all the difference when it comes to high powered technologies such as the usage of computing online.

Digital forms of data is being transferred at higher, and higher rates of speed & levels of storage capacity. This means that our computing capabilities on the Cloud, or web depends on the hardware as well software we currently utilize. Many individuals who simply choose to stick with a slower network speed such as DSL or Dial-up will get what they pay for, which is a very poor performance on the network connection level that many people experience daily.

Those who choose not to upgrade, due to what ever personal reasons, will also suffer the obvious fate of not being able to benefit from the growing opportunities that the higher leveled services offer. Examples of this is expressed in the numbers of windows XP users that refuse to upgrade to anything higher, they tend to experience the worst issues, even memory overload problems resulting in major loss of personal data, when their hard drives fail. These issues can also be caused by many other reasons, network issues, malicious software vulnerabilities & many more.


This isn't to say that people with fully upgraded systems aren't vulnerable to experiencing issues of all sorts, but the slower your network speed, the less storage space, and memory your devices have the greater potential for loss that will occur, while attempting to utilize the internet, & any of the Cloud resources available today.

Many older devices just aren't compatible with the levels and performance ratings of today's online technologies, especially video effects, 3d graphics & flash media. hundreds of differing computer models by differing manufacturers, with various levels of hardware vs software have been tested to prove this point by countless technical pro's, computer programmers and networking engineers worldwide.

Meaning by Pearltrees

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Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on July 19, 2012:

Thanks @EuroNinila, for reading my hub here, lol yeah its loaded with info here, but it all is essential to get a better handle on what cloud computing is for us all today, hope it serves some purpose for ya.

Fotinoula Gypsyy from NYC BABY on July 18, 2012:

All I gotta say is wow, lol. I definitely have to read this over...once or

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on April 18, 2012:

Your too sweet! Kelley. Oh I just updated the format here hope you dig it, it was one of my first hubs I ever wrote here, and so I had no knowledge of the capsules and all LOL, plus I was afraid to change it up since it was also a hubnugget. Many tough decisions to be made made I guess!

kelleyward on April 18, 2012:


Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on April 18, 2012:

Yay, Kelleyward made it to my cloud computing corner of hubpages.

Yes indeed its a bit much, but I guess it was worth it, for me to try and make a tough definition to explain, somehow become much more understandable with a basic form sensibility in its daily applications and usage today & for folks who have difficulty grasping the concepts.

The term Cloud Computing itself is so vague, it leaves many folks wondering, and lost I bet. I only learned of it all after getting to a book store and stumbling over a very highly detailed book about it all, which I actually have given away and have yet to relocate.

Thanks for visiting me here, and for giving my hub a fair try, also for sharing with me here, that was truly thoughtful of you Kelley. See you soon on our FB group as well.

kelleyward on April 18, 2012:

Wow this went over my head for sure! Although I'm new to all this I found this hub powerful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I'll let it sink in and re-read. Voted up and useful! Take care, Kelley

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on April 10, 2012:

Hi @RealHousewife, yes indeed cloud computing is something not so known by everyone, mostly because people don't really need to know all about it to actually use it. We are all using it on the web today mostly without knowing how cloud computing works.

This is why I made a stab at it to help inform folks, to make them more aware of the subject. Thanks for visiting my hub and for sharing with me, see you soon in your hubs as well.

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on April 02, 2012:

Well it's all new to me! Lol. I'd never hear of the term at all, it's a bit much for me to wrap my head around after 1 read...but I'm going to study it a little better later!

Thanks - great topic and hub!

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on February 07, 2012:

Wow, great observation. Yeah Youtube is fabulous, its funny you copied and re-pasted my words as a comment, I never seen that before, maybe try to put in quotes next time, because people might take offense to the usage of their words (Tip of the day).

Thanks though for being so kind to drop by, hopefully you found it of use, not sure what you really thought of it though, but oh well, I guess I'll wait till you return.

msorensson on February 07, 2012:

YouTube is a perfect example of this, many users simply discover it's powerful networking capabilities once they achieve digital lift off with some really cool video being displayed on their personal channel. Submitting content has it's advantages for each user, depending on how it was rendered, and if they followed the rules to member usage agreement & copy write laws.

Wow..this is how I thought of You Tube


I will come back..

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on January 22, 2012:

Hi Paraglider, yes feel free to give it a look, I packed this hub with a great deal of informative details, in hope that it could help many people get a better grasp on what Cloud Computing is, & how it can help them if they gain grasp of its full embrace.

We have so many tools at our disposal today on the web, but more light needs to be shed on it all, and more people need to know what its all about, these are some great networking powers we currently have. Hopefully you to can find use of it all.

Dave McClure from Worcester, UK on January 22, 2012:

Lots of good information here. I read it through quickly, being pushed for time, but I'll be back later for another browse. Thanks.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on January 07, 2012:

Thanks for giving my hub some thought and taking the time to learn something entirely new to you @ rLcasaLme. Enjoy the much needed resource here, I'll see you soon in your comment section too.

Rael Casalme from Dubai, United Arab Emirates on December 26, 2011:

Okay. I read the entire hub and I think I'll have to read it again three times and load myself with stuffs that talks about this. The hub is very well presented and explained. I'm still struggling to have a grasp on it though, since it's new to my ear.

Voted it up.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on December 22, 2011:

@ Molometer thanks for the kind words and for sharing.

@ Capricornrising yes indeed, the Cloud is currently responsible for many mobile phone uprisings such as Apples icloud for the Iphone 4S. Awesome times indeed.

@ frogissGcomrogiss, thanks for sharing as well, and yes indeed. The cloud is awesome for personal usage of file sharing, group collaborations worldwide, for huge data storage,and many more uses.

For many huge corporations today the cloud means everything to them, and is their digital infrastructure now, also in terms of their awesome powers of website management, and hosting of software as a service to millions of users, like Google's doing with Google Apps, and many more out here as well following suit.

frogissGcomrogiss on December 22, 2011:

Good talks from all of you dear.

I think cloud is going to personal usage more and more.

capricornrising from Wilmington, NC on December 21, 2011:

Fascinating! I just bought an iPhone 4S, and have yet to wrap my head around all of this Cloudy technology. I wonder - in your opinion, do you think we're all easier to hack, now that Cloud computing is so prevalent?

Micheal from United Kingdom on December 21, 2011:

I found your ideas on cloud computing most illuminating. This new capacity has the potential to radically alter the game.

I do wonder whether people will want to store all their really important data, away from their own machines?

Great hub well written and informative voted up and shared.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on December 20, 2011:

Thanks K9keystrokes for reading and sharing with me, its my pleasure to provide any and all info related to such a topic of cloud computing, that I've been exposed to and have knowledge thereof to spare to others.

India Arnold from Northern, California on December 17, 2011:

It is easy to see why this hub became a HubNuggets winner! The introduction and clear explanation of the Cloud Computing Process had this old brain of mine learning like it did 20 years ago! It is also a huge honor to have a United States Navy associated person (thank you so much for your service) writing with us, and a very good writer to say the least!

I appreciate that you shared this modern look at cloud computing, I have viewed a few commercials here and there, but remained unclear as to just what the product was, and how it could better my techno experiences. Thanks to your hub, I have a much better awareness for its use; Nice Job! I am looking forward to reading more of your excellent work!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to HubPages!



Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on December 09, 2011:

Your very much welcome @Old Poolman, I'm still learning myself about the subject, but I was compelled to write whatever I knew of it all, since its the reason I'm even here on Hubpages in the first place.

Old Poolman on December 02, 2011:

CloudExplorer - Well, I learned a great deal from this hub. I have heard the term Cloud Computing, but never understood it. Now at least I know what I need to start researching more thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on November 22, 2011:

It depends on your equipment and what cloud your on these days, there millions of em now. @ Travels4

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on November 21, 2011:

I know that for sure, Cloud Computing came to me by chance at a book store, when I was looking to learn about web development.

I found a book on the topic that day, and was amazed to see what I found. Thanks for the comment Kris.

Kris Heeter from Indiana on November 20, 2011:

Going to the "cloud" is all the buzz around many businesses here. It's amazing to see how far we've come in the last 25 years - and so hard to imagine where we will be 25 years from now. I still remember the excitement of using a Mac for the first time after DOS...times, they are a changing.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on November 19, 2011:

Thanks Susan, I'll try to provide more info into how it all works in my next Hub on Cloud Computing, stay tuned.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on November 18, 2011:

Great article. I learned quite a bit from reading this. Thank you!

frogissGcomrogiss from China on October 20, 2011:

Cloud is so powerful. Your article is wonderful for users to understand cloud computing.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on October 11, 2011:

Wow, they removed that guy "Niel" from the Hubpages network, holy crap I guess he was doing this sorta abusive commenting to more people then just me, oh well those are the breaks, break it up, break it up, break it up, "Get down".

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on October 09, 2011:

I truly appreciate the message you sent me earlier, thanks Drax, I will share with you my knowledge about the digital "Clouds". I love cloud computing as well obviously, hope to chat and talk to you soon. Tnks again for all the kind words.

des donnelly from Co Tyrone.... on October 09, 2011:

great article Cloud Explorer and yes kudos for how you dealt with richardhead Neil... my leash is a bit shorter :-)

I am at Cloud stuff every day and am always amazed to see more and more really great Apps/sites I have never heard of before.

Thanks !!

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on September 24, 2011:

Thank you Green Lotus & Travel Man, for those kind words. I'm sure many other people aren't fully informed as to what the Cloud truly is and it's hidden powers that are being unleashed on the web. Hope more people get to see what has been going on these days behind these powerful machines & Gadgets we all have now in dealing with Cloud Computing as a whole.

"Knowing is half the battle", as in the Cartoon Gi-Joe, many years back use to say.

Ireno Alcala from Bicol, Philippines on September 23, 2011:

Thanks for this most-sought-after hub of yours. Now I understand, as to why most sites require us to write our emails for listing purposes. Multiple email accounts are accepted by social media. We just have to be careful of notorious sites who'll usurp your personal information.

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on September 23, 2011:

I stopped back to see if there were any more interesting comments here and I must say you handled Mr Neil very well. As a member of the HP community for two years, I'm sorry that you (a Nubnugget nominee!) received such a rude comment so early in your membership. Your response was very gentlemanly. Just know... vehement comments are a rare occurrence unless your subject matter is highly controversial. If it is any consolation, you must be ranking high on Google's seo :)

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on September 22, 2011:

Well in my most humble opinion Cloud Computing is new to many people including myself, & this article is not the all knowing technical foundation of it's knowledge base. This is my personal take on it all & my honest perspective view point on what it's about.

You can have your opinion on anything you wish, but when you begin to start name calling, I think that call's for some definite action against abusive behavior on a network, and that's on any network for that matter.

So behave as you WISH on here, I won't try to tell you any different, but I do know one thing. You have an issue that needs to be taken up with someone other than the authors of hub, or any for that matter.

Disrespectful is the defining term, i will use in this reply to your most rude commenting above, for what it's worth I really don't care much about what you think of me, cause you truly don't know me at all.

Where's the respect & decency at?

Obviously you have none, and definitely aren't well mannered at all. @ Niel

I forgive you, but will never forget what has already transpired here.

Neil on September 22, 2011:

I need to add something else...that really gets up my snout about you kind of 'pseudo techies', who like to babble on a load of crap in the hope of fooling a few gullible people into believing that you know what you are talking about. Here's one word for Go look it up! And dont think your little uninformed spiel about secure networks and firewalls, etc, will let you off the hook either, because that only tells me what an uninformed buffoon you are.

I would give you a lecture but I think it will be wasted on you...and besides...I just don't have the time to sit here and write a full blown article (maybe I should) so that idiots like you can become educated.

Neil on September 22, 2011:

"Cloud Computing has become the single most important advancement in the computing industry thus far"

What a load of cobblers!

I'm Sorry but this whole post leaves me cold and makes me cringe. Cloud computing is nothing new and has been around for years...just ask Yahoo.

It's laughable that all of a sudden pseudo techies are coming out of the wood-work claiming cloud computing is the all-singing, all-dancing, new-fan-dangled invention of the decade when it's not.

All that has happened is some software vendor has coined the term 'cloud-computing' in order to sell more firewalls and all of a sudden its caught on and lots of gullible people have caught on to the term because they think it makes them look all 'techie' and down-with-the-kids, when in actual fact it makes them look stupid.

Lets face it, the only people who are likely to disagree with me are idiots such as yourself and the people who are milking the term for a bit of financial gain ans/or notoriety.

If I had my way - people like you would be put up against the wall and shot.

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on September 22, 2011:

This is a terrific Hub and welcome to the HP community. I'm really surprised that so many who have commented have never heard of cloud computing. I've already dipped my foot (and my wallet) into the new technology and agree that it is the inevitable future. We'll just have to see which cloud platform and service provider reigns supreme and can offer seamless, secure service and competitive, pricing to clients.

Regarding the security thing...It's one thing to have your most vulnerable information on your computer, but to put it "out there" is still a bit scary to a lot of people. Still, I agree with you when you say "eventually there will be no need for hard drives, or having to download a thing".

Congrats on you HubNugget nomination too!

One IT Ltd from Auckland on September 21, 2011:

Congratulations on the Hub Nugget Nomination, this was an interesting read, I've never heard of Peal Trees before certainly seems like a good idea.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on September 19, 2011:

Thanks everyone for the kind words, I was so surprised to discover that I was nominated for the HubNugget contest.

I really had no clue what it was before yesterday, when I had first logged back in after a 2 days rest.

Wow, this is fantastic! I wish everyone good luck if they've also received a nomination, & thanks bro for your support.

Taalib Abdur Rahim Pugh on September 18, 2011:

Hye Mike I see you getting the job done. Much success bro and of course me knowing some of what you know about the cloud, thanks to of course. I now can put it to use for my business. Congradulations Mike for your nomination and thanks again lil bro.

FloraBreenRobison on September 17, 2011:

I have never heard of Cloud Computing before. Congratulations on your nomination.

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on September 17, 2011:

I appreciate knowledge and the hub as giving me a little clearer understanding of what it is. Thanks for a well written hub. :)

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on September 16, 2011:

This is the first time I have heard of cloud computing! Hmmmm....

Congrats on your Hubnuggets nomination! This link will show you the way.

Mike Pugh (author) from New York City on September 05, 2011:

Your very much welcome @ rjsadowski, new things are what make the world have an appearance of a possible future. Tnks for reading & commenting.

rjsadowski on September 05, 2011:

I am always eager to learn about new things. I grew up in a different time, but I appreciate the power of the computer. Thanks for linking to different sites so that I can learn more about this subject on my own.

Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on August 24, 2011:

I admit it--I don't understand any of this! I'm too old school. It looks like it is well laid out and probably useful to those who understand it.

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