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The Futurist: Is 5G More Than Watching Movies on My Cell Phone?

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

your only tether would be that tower 1/2 a mile away!

your only tether would be that tower 1/2 a mile away!

Is 5g more than just watching movies on my cell phone?

There are two parts to being a futurist. The first part is a willingness to be wrong. The second part is a willingness to step back from being wrong. In other words, if you are wrong, go ahead and make another prediction. I know that very well and shake off my incorrect predictions. We cannot always be right. If that were the case, they wouldn't be predictions. It would be soothsaying; one of my predictions, where the jury is still out, is the arrival of the Information age. I have mentioned many times that our society is in the age of digital transformation. Far too much of the day-to-day functional activities of the world are still far too much of the world still have to use paper. The reality of digital transformation is where we live. Digital transformation is the move from functionally creating things in both analog and digital forms. When the digital transformation is complete, we will only create things in digital form.

The other day I was asked a question. It made me stop and consider. I have to say there's nothing better than a good question. This question was what is the value of 5G. The person also added to their question, "I don't mean being able to download movies or YuTube to my cell phone/" I thought about that for a while. The easy answer to the question is no 5G is more than faster movies and faster YouTube videos on a cell phone. I answered the question in that manner. There's more to 5G than just videos and YouTube. But in retrospect, I realize that faster movies on a cell phone are a huge part of the value of 5G. You see, as we consider digital transformation, 5G is the next step. No, I'm not talking about the fact that 5G will bring YouTube into the forefront of digital sharing. It's not going to make TikTokthe next big thing, although I think TikTok has already made itself into the next big thing.

data anywhere at anytime

data anywhere at anytime

Actually 5g is more than watching movies. But watching movies is also a huge part of the new value!

Now what I'm referring to is the reality that 5G makes information prevalent. First of all, let's define prevalent. I'm using the traditional definition of the word prevalent meaning everywhere. Pervasive is another word that fits. You see, what 5G does is makes information available anywhere. In the cellular networks of the past, there were limits. Those limits included the amount of data you could access on your cell phone. What I mean is you request data and can be using it in real-time. With the previous network, we were limited in how much data that could be. There is still a limit, in 5g, but the amount of data is much larger now. We, as humans, have been tethered. For the best possible performance, we connected to tethered networks. Tethered networks are Wi-Fi and ethernet. Once upon a time, there was also a token ring, but I'm not sure that the token ring exists anymore. If it does, it does not exist in many places. Wi-Fi is wireless ethernet.. 5G gives you the ethernet speed, but it's an untethered system. With Wi-Fi or ethernet, you are limited to the physical access point or network cable. With 5g, you have to connect to towers, but cellular towers are everywhere. The 5g device is untethered.

That makes it possible to consume data virtually anywhere. And by anywhere, you can throw in at any time as well. As I said, this is the next phase of digital transformation. Information anywhere, anytime, and no longer bound by size. The consumer of the information gets the low latency of 5g, coupled with the greater network capacity and the ability to be anywhere. That is the next step in digital transformation. | The reality is it's not about getting YouTube faster. What YouTube represents is a metaphor, a data source. There are many data sources. I won't mention the internet; it is not a data source. It is a data dumping ground. What 5G does is bring more data to you, wherever you are, quickly. So while it is not the concept of more YouTube videos, it is the concept of more information. That got me thinking about what the future will hold once 5G is ubiquitous. That is not the 5G that is called nationwide 5G. I'm talking about millimeter-wave 5G networking services—the next step in digital transformation. Regardless of where you are, you can wirelessly receive information at low latency, large amounts of data, anywhere!

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The first phase of digital transformation is creating the digital framework for the existing analog systems. We are near the end of that particular phase. What 5G when the millimeter wave is nationwide will offer is the next phase in digital transformation—the ability at any time to get the information you need regardless of where you are. As we enter into that second phase, the change is going to be tremendous. So the answer to the question, what is the value of 5G? Is that 5G represents the second phase of digital transformation.

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