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The Futurist: Walking Hud

Skully Motorcycle HUD

Skully Motorcycle HUD

A heads up device for those who bike or walk

Heads up Dialsy or HUD is a growing market for motorcycles and cars. The concept of HUD is not the US government Housing and Urban Development agency, rather the concept of a heads-up display. A heads-up display is something that allows you to see what's on your phone on a screen in front of you. Today, you can buy one for your motorcycle helmet, and you can buy one for your car. However, there are a couple of areas where I think heads-up displays would be of value in the future. The first would be a heads-up display for walkers. I frequently walked, sometimes as much as 10 miles in a single wall. I like to know how far I've gone, and how much further I have to go on my walks!. Sometimes, when I'm walking, I go a new way and want to figure out how far I've gone using that new path.

The other display that I think will be big shortly is that for bicyclists. The value proposition of the HUD display is it fits in front of your line of vision, but it does not block your line of vision. You can see through the heads-up display what is beyond the display. It allows you to see information from your phone, tablet, or car the board management port easily and quickly. Now I would be very crisp because AR headsets offer limited visibility and a full field of view of the augmented reality screen. Microsoft holo- lens and Google glass are examples of that functionality. But to interact with the AR functionality, you don't want to be out walking. You don't want somebody driving a car wearing a whole lens headset. You want them actually to be stationary, the functionality of the headset is phenomenal, but you don't want somebody moving while they're wearing it. At least not moving very much. The same is true of the Oculus VR headsets, but they pretty much force you to not move by not being able to see through the screen.

Heads up display allows you to see more information; unlike Apple car play or android car play, it is not limited. Note that if you install Apple car play or android car play, not all applications on the phone are visible or allowed. With the heads-up display, you can display any application. Ultimately, this means that you can display any number of applications with relevant data or what you're doing. I usually display a weather radar map when the weather is bad. That lets me see that while I'm driving. Here's the thing while on my bicycle or out on a walk, that information is critical as well. Let's mount the HUD in a helmet!. That will increase the safety of the bike writer, and increase the safety of the walker. At a heads-up display and make things a little bit easier. But again not like an AR headset that obstructs the view of the user wearing the headset. The heads-up display has to be something that you can see through. But at the same time can provide value to the US, the information consumer.

I have a few design criteria and considerations and use cases that fit pretty well. The first thing is a single sizing button. Click the sizing button once, and the screen moves to the far right of your vision and minimizes. Click it twice, and the HUD fills the entire screen. That would be critical for bikers and walkers.

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HUD for a car

HUD for a car

Avoid the next street over due to construction!!!!

Creating a widget-based application set is the following criteria or addition that would make this walking or biking helmet extremely valuable. Where I can pick and choose what my heads-up display shows. For me, it would be a map; I like to see where I am relative to where I'm going. It would also be my current pace. It could be my current pace in terms of miles per hour, my current pace in terms of kilometers per hour, or my current pace relative to how many minutes it takes me to complete a mile. Again this is designed into a helmet for either biking or walking. The value proposition is pretty cool. One of the things I can do is easily mount a fan on the back of the helmet set and cool the walker biker as they go along. Since we have a small amount of real estate, adding speakers and a microphone would be ideal but not as critical as other features.

The final thing would be the ability to utilize haptic sensors. The haptic sensor can understand the emotions and actions that your fingers make in three-dimensional space. Squeeze your fingers together, and the screen is small. Put your fingers apart, and the screen gets bigger click on something, and it is selected. Like a touch-base computer or phone, it allows you to interact with the device using your hand. When riding a bike or walking, it's pretty much okay to utilize one hand for that type of activity. That would allow you to have one hand to make gestures while at the same time focusing and keeping the other hand keep in by going in the right direction for paying attention to the road ahead of you as a walker.

I do understand that sometimes I'm ahead of the curve. Part of being a futurist is sometimes I do look over the rainbow and see what's there. As I said, you could today buy the heads-up display for use on your motorcycle. You can buy a heads-up display for your car or boat. You can even buy a heads-up display for your motorcycle. Ultimately heads-up display does not distort or block the vision of the person using the device. That's the important thing; right you want to be safe. You want to be able to see what's coming. But as we head down this path, seeing a heads-up display for walkers and bikers would be a significant value proposition. It isn't net new to the market. Two different companies brought HUD displays for winter sports participants. The market wasn't big enough to keep the products going, but it is technically possible.

I'll end with not a use case or criteria, but rather well, maybe it's a use case. It starts with safety opportunities presented by a biking/walking HUD. Times in the year 2021, I've gotten caught in bad weather. The first time was in February, and I got caught in an ice storm. I can tell you that my jacket normally weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. It's the outer shell I where will walk in winter. When my jacket got coated with ice, it weighed about 6 ½ pounds. I've also been caught twice in fairly significant rainstorms. So ultimately, I could put a severe weather alert system in the heads-up display for walkers and bicyclists and help them be a little safer. And of course, most importantly, people would wear their helmets while walking and while biking, which would increase their safety in case of accidents. As I said, I see a heads-up display for people that ride bicycles and for walkers coming, not in the next year but soon after that.

HUD for Walkers and Bikers – something that would make the future clearer to see. With a lot more information (don't turn there, they are rebuilding the street!!!!)

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