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The ZIKE 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger Is Both Fast and Cool


Technology is something that everybody gets excited about — until the fan hits and a problem unexpected rears its head. So when wireless charging became the rage with smartphones, everybody got excited. But the best part was that faster charging became possible — because more wattage could be transferred into the phone through the wireless connectivity. This meant that a depleted battery on a phone could more quickly be brought back up to snuff and that charging time could be lessened by a lot.

But then the unexpected consequence appeared — faster charging via the higher wattage brought more heat into the mix, or specifically into the phone. And as few used to know in the past but everyone knows today, electronics, as well as batteries don’t like heat. Because over time it can “hurt” the components and result in problems. So most of the faster charging systems make sure to stay below the threshold of where that heat build up is going to happen. But why not instead have a charging device that can obviate that by cooling the phone down? That could be considered part of the mission statement of the ZIKE 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger


Not All iPhones Are Equal, Says MagSafe

But first take into account that this charger‘s bracket section works with Apple iPhones only, and specifically the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, because the magnetic technology has to have been built directly into the internals of these phones. It also holds the phone, even with a case on it — although the best adhesion of the magnetic attraction works with the phone outside the case.


What It Looks Like

Now the ZIKE 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger looks a lot like a vertical stand with a big disc on the front of a bracket that works with the MagSafe of the phone to hold it in position. There’s also a pad for placing an airpod charging case or a phone or any Q1--compatible. The bracket has adjustable angles, but it wouldn’t be of any value for holding a phone if it didn’t have Apple’s MagSafe built into it. MagSafe combines magnetic attraction with wireless charging so placing an iPhone against it gets it held in place. This means you can rotate the iPhone and angle it up to 40 degrees without fear of it falling off. This also allows charging for up to 15 watts (the pad below the bracket does 10 watts). There’s also a power supply that plugs into the back of the phone — instead of a USB cable it’s a power plug connected to a small rectangular box reminiscent of those that used to be used with the first series of laptops. And like these oldy charging boxes, the other end plugs into a wall outlet for AC power.

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So this sounds like just another fast charging stand, only with its own power supply. But looks can be deceiving, mostly not because if you bother to actually look at the stand you’ll see that there’s something attached to the back of the bracket. It looks kind of like an industrial fan shrunken down to mini-me size. Specifically it’s an air duct optimized active cooling system. But since it has rotational blades we’ll call it a fan for simplicity sake. And yes you will hear it slightly whirring away when it’s been turned on.

Now what is the purpose of this, you won’t ask because it’s obvious: it’s to drive away heat from the phone as it’s charging. But normally it’s not on — it only runs when you press the small light up button near the bottom pad’s upper right corner and see the fan icon. Its purpose is to drive heat away from the iPhone being held by the bracket because the charging over extended times can be bad news for heat — it’s purported that the charging is increased by 30%-45%, compared to Apple's official MagSafe wireless charging. Not having tech equipment, we do a simple test by seeing if the iPhone is staying cool because of the fan. It certainly seems to be staying cool.


The ZIKE 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger is definitely a unique looking MagSafe wireless charger. And its adjustable MagSafe bracket and cooling system certainly makes it stand out. For more details go to

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