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The Ugly Side of Social Media

Social media like everything else has its advantages and disadvantages.


Since the emergence of social media sites like Facebook, our fundamental way of interaction as society has changed, before social media, interactions were always done face to face but now online interactions are the norm. Every day, you see people glued to their screens scrolling, sharing pictures and videos, and chatting up their friends. One study has shown that an average person spends at least two hours a day on social media platforms. Another survey says that more than ninety percent of teenagers have used social media platforms. People are actively involved in social media simply because it has created an easy way to interact with the world, you can check up on your family and friends, learn new skills, Get help, and Entertain your self. Although Social media has come with a lot of benefits, there is growing concern that the same Social media built to get people closer is actually negatively affecting them. The following are the reasons why social media has an ugly side.


This is the use of digital platforms, services, or devices to harass others. These may include body shaming, hate speech, and sharing inappropriate videos or photos. Over 30% of teens have reported having been bullied at one time on Social media.


Girls are more likely than boys to be both victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying. Victims of cyber-bullying often feel worthless and humiliated. This causes depression which increases the rate of suicide. Parents should monitor the use of social media by their children as they the most vulnerable group when it comes to cyberbullying. If someone happens to harras you, report them to the support team of the social media platform you were using. If you bully people online you should stop because it actually causes a lot of mental problems for the victims.

Social Media Addiction.

According to research carried out on college students by Masaryk University and many other studies, prolonged use of social media can be positively associated with mental health problems such as stress and depression. The research also says that frequent use of social media doesn’t necessarily mean that one is addicted to social media.


The difference between normal over-engagement and social media addiction is that social media addiction almost always leads to mental health problems while normal over-engagement doesn’t. The major issue with social media addiction is its impact on self-esteem. People with social media addiction are duped into believing that other people are happier and more successful than them and by comparing other peoples’ lives to theirs, this reduces their self-esteem. To avoid social media addiction, you should monitor your social media usage. There are great apps out there, for example, App Detox that helps you minimize the time on social media and reduce the risk of addiction. Parents can use Our App which helps your kids monitor social media usage.

Relationships Problems Because of Social Media.

There is no doubt that social media has helped so many people find and keep love. Couples can connect with each other even if they are continents apart. The bad news is that the same way social media is helping couples, it is still one of the ways that can cause relationship problems.


Couples' problems may be magnified by them comparing themselves to other couples online who seem “perfect”, for example, their insecurities may be magnified after checking out other couples online leading to them questioning if they belong together. Social media can also be an avenue for people to cheat on their partners, according to digital trends more than 2000 American Adults admitted to having cheated at least once through social media platforms. It always starts with a simple hey with an ex or with someone who likes your pictures. Eventually, the conversation might cause you a lot of problems in your relationship. Fake profiles have also caused innocent people who are looking for love to give up after them getting catfished. Couples should not let social media be a problem in their lives by not comparing themselves to other couples. They should focus on the reason they love each other and always stay faithful. The fact is, most of the couples you see happy online are usually faking it.

Academic Performance Problems Because of Social media.

Social media is a very significant part of any student's life. Students spend most of their free time on social media bonding with their friends and exploring the world.


According to a study conducted by professors from Jubail University College on selected college students to find out the impact of social media, when it comes to Academic Performance Social media negatively affects students by serving as a distraction. During classes or study time, students don’t pay attention because social media apps on their phones seem to offer more interesting things. As a student, you should learn about the harm of social media addiction and restrict yourself from overindulging in social media. Participate in extra-curricular activities and silence your phone during studies and classes.

Don’t be Sad.

Don’t worry, social media has a beautiful side. During this pandemic, people turned to social media for comfort and so far nobody can complain. Through social media families, couples, and friends can be together. Remember to always be a part of the solution when it comes to social problems like cyberbullying. After the pandemic is over you should explore the outdoors because there are things out there worth checking out outside of social media.

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