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The USB Data Recovery Software


USB flash drive is a small flash memory that can conveniently be carried and plugs into computers USB port, and it works as a portable hard disk. They come in handy for convenient data storage and file transfer apparatus saving computer users from physically carrying their computers, tablets, notebooks and other devices which may be heavy and risky to take everywhere. They have a lesser capacity than external hard drives. Synonyms for USB flash drives include; pen drives or USB drives.


Data Recovery

For reliable, powerful, and quick data recovery Solutions, you need to consider the best USB data recovery software. You can recover from all types of devices including; Hard Drive, USB Stick, Memory Cards, Camera, and the Recycle Bin among others. Different types of data from all scenarios can also be recovered. These includes; Erased, Deleted, System Restore and the Formatted data among others. The broadest and the fastest recovery of data solutions include:

Lost File Recovery – This recovers all the deleted and formatted files having the original file name and the original path.

Partition Recovery – This retrieves all the lost partition or the corrupted partition that has all data left intact.

Raw Recovery – This entails deep scan and recovery of the data even if the file system has been corrupted.

Data loss in pen drives may be through; accidental formatting, attack by virus, unstable power supply, accidental deletion, improper handling like not properly ejecting, operating system rejection thus formatting and stored files that are displayed as raw. Every USB flash drive user should therefore always have flash drive recovery software because you never know when it strikes.


Major Features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard include:

• This Software can be used easily by any non-technical person.

• Data Recovery is achieved even after unintentional deletion by use of the (Shift+Del) keys.

• Retrieving of the infected data caused by any virus or human error.

• Ease restoration of folders and files even after the 'Drive not formatted' text is displayed.

• This Software is the Fastest and the most reliable removable media data recovery.

• Retrieving files from the corrupted damaged or the infected drive.

• Easy restoration of the formatted and the lost data before fixing your corrupted device.

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Some of the USB flash drive recovery software currently in use

Soft Orbits flash drive recovery

Soft Orbits flash drive recovery gives you the ability to repossess all pictures, stored documents, MP3s and any file that has a capability of being stored in USB flash devices. Its unique ability that enables the user to pick the most recent document version or the least corrupted version is based on an integrated pre-recovery preview which displays all the contents of the recoverable files before saving on a disk.

In addition to the different efficiency, the soft orbit flash recovery enables the user to scan the drive and look at file previews. Whereas at a cheaper cost the ability to have files saved on disk is granted by simply purchasing the full version. The software is user-friendly as its automatic and easy to use as the only operation you have to perform the selection of drive to recover, and you are good to go! The rest follows suit automatically


Bad copy pro

Software that offers a solution for recovery of data on removable storage like SD cards, USB flash drives, thumb drive, pocket drive, USB memory, and jump drive. This software works with Microsoft Windows up to the Vista edition, and it’s easy to operate. It comes in handy if one is required to recover any deleted files more so the most important. This occurrence might be the data lost due to damage, formatting of drive, an error in media reading; its software used to do read-only operations on the source pen drive and gives an option for you to choose where to save the files the successfully recovered files on your disk.

Procedure Using Bad copy pro

You connect the flash drive to you personal computer USB port then ensure that it appears in “my computer.'

  • First launch bad copy pro then select –flash drive and zip disks, found as a recovery source on the left panel when the software is being installed on your computer
  • Be keen in Selecting the drive letter of the flash drive and click on recovery mode on the panel (options on files to be restored given so pick from drop down box).

    Proceed by clicking “SCAN” then following the instructions to recover the information

  • After scanning, you can preview all the recoverable files one after the other and select out the only required ones. Finally, click the "Recover" button to have your files back. Avoid data overwriting by saving all the recovered data on a different disk

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