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The Tribit StormBox Blast Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is One Bright Music Maker


Summertime means a lot of things to different people: outdoor dining, swimming pools, going to the beach, the possibilities are nearly endless and pretty much it’s all about being outside instead of being cooped inside. But one thing often plays an important part in outdoor activities and that is music. For sure the old days meant using a boombox or some type of portable music player that had its own speakers and amplifier — but now pretty much everybody carries their music around with them all the time on a smartphone. Which may be convenient and great for listening to when it’s just a single person using the built in speaker or going better with a pair of headphones or earbuds, but it’s not so great (it’s lousy actually) when there’s more than just that person or a crowd even. So yes for a modern day high energy experience what’s needed is again a speaker in a box and an amplifier for pushing that sound out loud. And of course Bluetooth because it’s going to be a smartphone sending out the music everybody will be listening to.

So for loud you need big. And for big you need Tribit’s StormBox Blast Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


The Tribit StormBox Blast Portable Bluetooth Speaker is fun not just because it is large and loud (though no complaint about that!), but also because of the technology that is placed inside (being largish in size means there’s no cramming of components smushed up against each other here).

So let’s go with what we see first — the Stormbox Blast is easily carried because it has a built in handle that’s molded in place. From the point of view of convenience that makes for simplicity and doesn’t hurt the overall design at all. Which is pretty much similar to the earlier mentioned boombox. Plus its weight is not onerous, being 12.02 lbs (5450g). Not that that is bad because you have to have a long enough rectangle for putting a pair of speakers in. And for those wanting stereo, meaning an actual stereo sound field can be generated, get two of these and activate them together to go that route. Meanwhile part of the design makes it possible for IPX7 water resistance to be had — that’s a big deal if you’re at the beach or poolside. Obviously you don’t want to dunk it or do anything silly like that, but for a moisture laden environment you’ll be in great shape and won’t have to give it a second thought (sand, however, can be an issue since the speakers have to have exposed venting so use a lot of common sense at the beach as to where it gets placed).


Now about that sound as noted it gets good and loud because it’s a 90 watt amplifier doing the honors (have the volume of the smartphone streaming to it up a good amount as well). That powers the 2 x 30 watt woofer and the 2 x 15 watt tweeter (Treble driver 1.2” and Bass driver 4.2”). But where the NAME really ups its game is in the bass. Bass response can make the difference between so-so sound and great sound, plus when you’re outside (remember the NAME is portable so using it indoors is fine but not what’s going to be happening all that much) a strong bass really puts out the jam. Especially since the great outdoors doesn’t have walls to bounce the sound off of.

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So that’s all about the ears but what about the eyes? For those who like shiny things (don’t we all), the Stormbox Blast incorporates 32 colored LEDs in its chassis. This means lighting up and pulsing and, if desired, syncing up with the music being played. It looks ok in the light but really shines (ouch, horrible pun) when the darkness comes. So its a great excuse to stay out late.


And while it’s not so exciting in its own right, having Bluetooth 5.3 (the latest iteration of the streaming audio tech) means a really stable signal and working distance of up to 131.2 feet (40 meters). Sound tech to work with the Bluetooth is A2DP and AVRCP codecs which are well standardized at this time and do their job without complaints.

The Stormbox Blast can play for up to 30 hours once charged using the power cord — actual time obviously will vary but getting over 20 hours is an easy ride even if you go a bit nuts on the LEDs. And yes it can charge mobile devices too. For more details go to

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