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The Tribit Soundbar Wireless Home Speaker Gives Your TV A Cinema Sound Boost


A Soundbar Always Beats Out TV Speakers

TV without sound is impossible to enjoy — just try muting the sound while watching a TV show or movie and say that it is just as good as when there’s audio to hear. But the quality of audio coming from the TV has undergone a change over the years. Because while the TV screen itself has gotten bigger, the quality of the sound itself has suffered; not because the technology for audio has faltered but because the physical size of the TV speakers has gotten smaller and smaller. Since a TV speaker has to be a physical thing because a driver needs space inside to push the air around, there’s only so much that the electronics and digital tech can do. What’s needed is for the TV speakers to be bigger and for that to happen those speakers need to be separated from the TV. This has given rise to having separate speakers surrounding the TV, on stands or next to the TV on a cabinet, etc. But of course then there are all kinds of new problems because the TV speaker needs to be powered and needs to be connected to the TV. And if you’re talking about legacy tech, forget about Bluetooth and audio streaming.

So what’s needed is a soundbar, because it can be placed beneath the TV or mounted on the wall (should the TV be mounted on the wall) and not eat up a lot of real estate. A soundbar also contains not just all the electronics needed, but is physically big enough for the drivers (i.e. the speakers) to be big as well. And for those who are looking for a simple soundbar that doesn’t cause headaches to be set up and which easily connects to the TV and has streaming capabilities and a quality result at an affordable price — where you should look is at Tribit’s Soundbar Wireless Home Speaker.


Affecting the Output of the Sound

Now there are a couple of things that affect the outp[ut of the sound — the first and simplest to see is whether the speakers in the soundbar are far enough from each other so as to create a “soundstage,” stereo or otherwise. As this soundbar is almost 38” long, the speakers running along the length have enough room to “spread out” the sound. Additionally through digital means, meaning the digital signal processor, a surround sound effect can be had during certain modes. That digital amplifier has a good amount of power; pushing out 100 watts drives the speakers in the soundbar — what’s there are 4 mid-range tweeters (2.25”) and 2 subwoofers (3”). Size matters and as can be seen these speakers are not minute.


Size and Connections

The next obvious thing is whether the soundbar is svelte enough to not detract from the TV. As noted above the size is long enough but only about 3” high and less than 6“ deep, this won’t be an issue should it be on a cabinet in front of the TV (or especially if the TV and it are mounted on the wall)

Now as to connecting this soundbar — it is easy as a single cable can take care of this all — going from the HDMI connecting to the TV and with the ARC function (which allows audio coming from the TV to go directly into the soundbar), along with other inputs — being an optical input, USB input and Aux input. Additionally Bluetooth 5.0 is embedded — this iteration of the technology is known for its minimal power consumption compared to earlier versions (not an issue here since the soundbar runs off of AC), but also for its improved signal strength and connectivity. So sending music or a podcast, etc from a smartphone or tablet to the soundbar won’t be any more difficult than to a Bluetooth speaker.

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Digital Amplification

The digital amplifier supports a 3D surround function along with 4 equalization functions: a Movie mode to amplifier the overall sound; a Music mode that enhances bass; a Voice mode that highlights spoken audio for better clarity; a Game mode that pushes the audio towards a more dynamic sound with a surround sound enhancement.

Controlling all of this just requires using the included remote — obvious functions such as controlling volume and equalization modes and other settings — allowing access for functionality when the TV is on and the soundbar is doing its thing.


The Tribit Soundbar Wireless Home Speaker has a strong sound that makes it well suited for moderate sized rooms — its size not affecting its performance regardless of how big the visual display above the soundbar is. The cost is extremely appealing and can drive those “on the fence” to give up on using the tiny TV speakers and give a soundbar — this soundbar — a go. For more information, go to

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