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The Things I Hate About the Internet and What I Feel We Can Do to Fix It

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Kevin is an aspiring author and commentator on a variety of subjects such as media, politics, social issues, history, and more.


Let's talk about the most cancerous things about the world wide web and what we can do to fix it. There are a couple of sensitive topics below, so be advised.

Depressing Stuff

I am not trying to make fun of anyone who goes through depression. I have gone through it and so have a lot of the people I know. But what I cannot stand to see is a picture with some quote that talks baout how you feel like no one loves you or a picture of self-harm. First off, this site is stereotypically known for having a lot of easily offended people who claim to be triggered. A depressing quote ro a self-harm picture is the LAST THING someone who goes through either of those things needs to see! If you are wanting help with your problems then you need to be honest and ask. When you put stuff like that up there it makes you look like you are just wanting attention. Then when people who suffer through this kind of stuff come out and express it, they will be ridiculed and called a joke because it looks like they only want attention.

This comes from personal experience. My ex-girlfriend was severely depressed and cut herself on a regular basis for a very long time. She sincerely wanted to stop but pictures and quotes like this always triggered her and sometimes led to her doing it again. Now she has stopped cutting and she is doing well, but I was with her through this process and it just sickens me to see that these people do not consider what this stuff can do. What we should do is enforce better terms and conditions regarding this kind of stuff and reach out to those who are going through this.

Easily Offended People


It seems that even the littlest of disagreements can set someone off. I mean if you believe in something stand up for it, but don't freak out at the slightest argument. And a lot of people just seem like they're looking for an argument. Like anything you say is just some insult to their being. It makes me wonder how people like that are in real life. They treat it like it's supposed to be some sanctuary for easily offended social justice warriors who think there are millions of genders and that calling yourself an otherkin is mentally sane. No, the Internet is a place where we have the right to express our views and that's it. If you don't like what someone says, get off their page or get in a civil conversation with them if it is possible.

Let me go ahead and stress it once more; different opinions do NOT equate to hate or bigotry. There's no need to go on the attack. Be cool. Relax.

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I am amazed, confused, and disgusted with the sense of humor on the Internet. The stupidest things become comedy gold for months. I'm not saying I don't enjoy stupid comedy. But how many times did you have to hear the same joke over and over again before it became annoying? They milk it until it's not funny anymore. It's like if you watched the same movie over and over again eahc day. Eventually it's going to become boring.

If you find something funny, okay then no problem. But don't overdo it. Eventually it's going to stop being funny so give it some time. And whatever you do don't make a thousand video compilations of it. Please.



It seems that the best place to look for or start drama is on the Internet. Coinciding with "Easily Offended People", all it takes is just one comment or picture and all of a sudden friends have become enemies. I mean why do we all of a sudden lose our brain cells before we get on? Do people not understand how powerful our words can really be? Think before you post, guys! Yu can make or ruin someone's day very easily. And unless they are an easily offended special snowflake, then the blame is on you alone.

In Conclusion

I am not saying the Internet is a bad place. It can be a wonderful place. But guys, the cons are trying their best to outweigh the pros. Instead of being uplifting and intelligent we are being condemning and idiotic with our actions. So let's try to make the Internet a better place.


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