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The SoloQi 360 Charging Bundle Gives Your Phone A Wireless Power High


Let Your Phone Charge Wirelessly

Wireless is all the rage today — years past the hoola-hoop got attention and then shooting a camera made its appearance. Today it’s all about connecting without cables, be that for listening to music or streaming a video. But perhaps the most important form of wireless connectivity is that for charging a smartphone — after all, without a fully charged battery there’s no power for listening to that music or watching that video. And since battery powered phones can get depleted quickly, it made sense to incorporate wire-free technology in the phone that would let it receive a battery charge by just making contact with a power source. So as a result the Q1 standard came into play: having a near-universally accepted method for wireless charging means that the smartphone doesn’t have to be from just one company because Q1 isn’t proprietary. That lets all kinds of smartphones — from iPhone’s to Androids to whatever accept and draw power from a Q1 compatible power source. The only thing is that while the phone is ready to go — having the Q1 compatible power acceptance tech built in from day one — what it’s going to be connected to still has to be determined. And will this wireless charging be used at home, or in the office or in the car? Or all three? The answer is indeed all three, and the solution comes from the SoloQi 360 Charging Bundle.

The SoloQi 360 actually consists of two wireless products — one for portable use and the other geared for use at the home/office or in a car or other vehicle — there’s two mounts here so one for each. So we’ll start then with the SoloQi X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger because it’s a nice day and good for going for a ride.


Magnets Are The Best

First what’s the big deal about these MagPads? It’s that they attach to the phone so that the phone will now be held in place by the SoloQi device. The 3M’s are a strong film (one black with logo and the other clear with logo) that sticks to rubber, leather and most other phone cases so as to make the case (holding the phone) compatible with the SoloQi charging devices. As to the Nano-Suction, it can go on a case but also will work directly on the back of a phone directly, but is removable. So it can be shared, washed and reused.

Sure there are other Q1 compatible pads that you can place a phone against, but they depend on gravity to keep the phone against the charger and that means fiddling with the phone before it makes good contact. It also eliminates being able to have the phone held up horizontally (which is how videos are best viewed) since there has to be a ledge at the bottom of the charging device to keep the phone from falling off. That’s not the case here.


The SoloQi X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger

Now the SoloQi X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger lets your phone magnetically hold onto it and, if in the car, connected to your USB port provides 10 watts/2 amps continuous power (power goes to the mount and the phone held in place gets it wireleslly). The mount can be confined into an air vent or on a flat surface, while at hom/the office finds it on a flat surface. No matter where it’s placed, the 360 degree spin-axis ball provides the correct angle for you to view the phone.

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The SoloQi PRO All-in-One Wireless Charger & Power Bank

The Soloqi PRO at its heart is a portable magnetic wireless charger you can take with you, travel alongside you and place wherever you want on any (fairly) flat surface. For. sure you could just place your phone on top of it, letting that gravity hit it. But because there’s those MagPads, just employ the pull-out kickstand and now it’s up and ready for use. The phone will stand against it vertically or horizontally, however you want and start charging up. Now you’ve a hands-free solution that can charge the phone as needed while making it absolutely accessible for use.

Specs are as follows — it has a soft-touch coating that feels like rubber and the battery is rated 7,000 mAh for plenty of added hours of power to pass from it. And yes to charge it up you do have to use a detestable USB cable, but it’s a small price to pay for the freedom of a powered phone you will now enjoy. Especially if you’re watching a battery-sucking video. Keeping an eye on how much power the nAME has to work with is.So sure you could crudely define the PRO as just a powerbank, since it does have a USB-C port for connecting a phone via the horrible cable we’ve been avoiding (and wouldn’t there be an uproar if such a port wasn’t included). But you knew all that, right? And according to SoloQi, the PRO is Compatible with 250+ Wireless Phone models and 1000+ Accessories. Or to be real, we had no issues in tests using it to charge our iPhones or our nephew’s Android, just as there wasn’t any issues using these phones in the car.


Obviously SoloQi sells both the SoloQi PRO All-in-One Wireless Charger & Power Bank and the SoloQi X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger separately, but why go short when you can go long and get it all in The SoloQi 360 Charging Bundle?

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