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The Screen Age

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The Matrix has you...


Welcome to the Screen Age

I've been calling it that for years now, and I still don't think we've even seen the tip of the iceberg yet!

I think that the potential of what the internet is going to do to society - both good and bad - is unimaginable.

It is said: "But it's just a tool though, isn't it?"

No, it's not just a tool. It's more than that. For instance, we're wasting hours and hours of our lives just watching videos of cats and dogs, being adorable. And we share those videos with our friends. And our friends respond not with words but with a row of little circular laughing cartoon faces. And we call that progress.

And also we aren't able to watch any of these videos without having to skip an advert first. And that advert will be tailored to your internet viewing habits. Although for some reason, it'll always be about some new crypto currency that you'll never buy anyway. And we also spend vast portions of our time on websites called "social media" sites which we will hate but will have 6 different accounts for and spend most of our time looking for people online to have arguments with.

And there will be far-right and leftist groups spreading misinformation about immigration on these social media sites which will then be shared by members of our own family and this will confirm what we've always suspected which is that our Auntie Linda is a massive racist.

And most importantly, we are able to access all of this on our phone. So when we go to bed, we take our phone with us. when we to go to the toilet, we take our phone with us. When we come out of the shower, we grab our phone to see if we missed anything and we don't dry ourselves with a towel anymore, we just sit on the edge of our beds just dripping wet, scrolling on our phones. Just scrolling and scrolling. Because the scrolling never ends.

You just keep scrolling


Online Zombies

And one day, a totalitarian surveillance government will take advantage of the fact that we're just spending all day arguing with strangers on the toilet and they will seize power whilst we're not looking and that is when freedom and democracy will become a thing of the past.

Zombie Nation


Get Educated or Be Enslaved

Everybody reading this should educate themselves about the little devices everyone is holding up and carrying. Because they truly are spy devices.

I've heard people say that:

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

Well, I've never heard anything crazier! And who among us has nothing to hide?

It's not:"do you have something to hide?" But, "what is it that you're trying to hide and from whom?"

Think about this: everybody exercises a different degree of privacy, hundreds or sometimes thousands of times per day. If you've just met someone, you're not likely to tell them the intimate details of your life. It's like if you go to the shop and buy some nice Italian wine, you don't tell the sales assistant who it's for or what you did last night when in your private hours, no. We have very restricted lines of conversation; the weather, politics maybe, the price of petrol and that's it.

You made a casual acquaintance that you see every week, you might divulge more. You might have a health problem that you want to talk about. A good friend, you might divulge almost everything and to your spouse, to your partner, you might tell them everything. Unless, you're sleeping with your spouse's sibling, in which case you might choose not. So do you see what I mean?

If everybody knew everything about everyone else, we would have chaos in the streets.

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Beginning with a rash of people shooting their spouses! So it's insane to say, "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

We're all humans. We are living in an imperfect world. We each have love and compassion and joy and hope and grace. And at the same time we have greed and anger, and hostility and jealousy. We're a mixed bag. So, if you want all of that negative known too? No. We can't.

Society has created privacy as the foundation stone of a harmonious world and if we lose that we will lose the harmony.


There is No Security Whatsoever

The problem cyber security professionals face everyday is that people are walking around, everyone has their phones out. While you are watching your phone, your phone is watching you. This is just a fact of life.

The operating system is designed specifically to watch you, listen to you, find out where you are in order to help you. It needs to know who your friends are, it needs to know what you're saying in your text messages, it needs to know your voice, your fingerprint, your retina scan, your face, it needs to listen to you sometimes.

And so, you're looking at your phone and you have all of these facilities but it is the world's greatest spy device. Designed as a spy device.


What is The Cloud?

Most people have not thought this through.

"The Cloud" is a place where I'm going to store my data. I don't know what computer it's on or even what country it's in. I don't know who is managing it and monitoring it and controlling it. I don't know what type of security facilities they have. We know nothing. And yet, we are willing to put our valuable data there? No! Why would we do that?

If it's something you don't care about, that if someone steals it, you don't care. But if it's something that matters, it's like saying, we've all agreed now we have secrets, well why don't you let me keep your secrets? Why should you be burdened with having to keep your secrets? Why don't you give them to me and let me manage them for you? Isn't that crazy?

And yet, that's what we're doing with our "secret data." That is data that we don't want to have stolen from us or taken or accessed.

Jaron Lanier: How the Internet Failed and How to Recreate It

Turn Off All Background Apps & Sensors

Now go into your individual App settings and turn OFF collect background data which you will find in data usage and DENY all unnecessary mic and camera permissions.

For those who have developer options activated you can toggle on/off all sensors.


All the Sensors in Your Smartphone

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When I was a child they used to tell me not to sit too close to the TV otherwise I'd ruin my eyesight. Nowadays, the TV is literally on your nose.

When I was a child they used to tell me not to sit too close to the TV otherwise I'd ruin my eyesight. Nowadays, the TV is literally on your nose.

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