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The Role of Electronic Components in Our Daily Life

This hub is a tribute to Electronics.

This is My 100th hub and it is a tribute to the field of endeavor that was my "Bread and Butter," for the past several years, that is Electronics. Electronics - Almost everything that surrounds us has direct link to Electronics, from the very computers we use whether it be laptops, netbooks or notebooks which has millions of tiny electronic components on it like resistors, inductors, capacitors, logic gates and the likes to the calculators, appliances, gizmos, measuring devices, and gadgets to name just a few. Electronics truly molded our lives we have today, for without it, we might as well grimacing in the shackles of underdevelopment and stagnant society where progress is hardly felt as if we are in an isolated islands. Electronics is the barometer of how far humans have gone through if we use the advancement in technology as a yardstick of progress. The dawn of the new wave of the future is bound to fascinate the world once again, the microchips which houses thousands to several millions of semiconductor components that makes our computers do their functions and features is expected to undergo major transformation in the near future. The nano technology, will soon sweep the world and will soon break barriers between possible and impossible, the author of this hub will soon make a hub about this spectacular technology that deals with microscopic objects.

Some Electronics Pictures or Images

Photo from

Photo from

The very powerful microchips used in computers... Photo from:

The very powerful microchips used in computers... Photo from:

The communications systems, several parabolic antennas are utilized here to receive and transmit signals. Photo from:

The communications systems, several parabolic antennas are utilized here to receive and transmit signals. Photo from:

Here are some of the remarkable contributions of Electronics to humanity:

  • Communications Systems - Today's Communications Systems which is a broad field, traces its humble beginnings in 1876 when the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and in 1908 Lee De Forest invented the Triode Vacuum that open the way for the wireless communications. Communications Systems help us get in touch with the people around us whether they are our loved ones, friends, superiors, colleagues and relatives. Telephones, mobile phones, internet connectivity, beepers, TV and radio broadcasting, and other forms of communications will not exists without Electronics and its principles behind all of these necessities.
  • Computers - In 1948 a breakthrough in the history of electronics was eked out by the triumvirate of Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen with the invention of transistors. This electronic components permanently replaced the bulky and expensive vacuum tubes. Transistors which has three lead terminals can amplify voltages, control flow of current and versatile to act as a switch which allows them to do the functions of various logic gates and soon were developed to microchips, which serve as a vital part in all computers.

A basic circuit. The circuit diagram on your left is an open circuit and there is no current. The figure on your right there is a complete path for electricity to flow. The battery represent voltage, bulb the resistance and the arrow the current.

A basic circuit. The circuit diagram on your left is an open circuit and there is no current. The figure on your right there is a complete path for electricity to flow. The battery represent voltage, bulb the resistance and the arrow the current.

Electricity and Electronics

These two fields of discipline are considered brothers if not chariot and horse tandem, for they share common principles, from calculation of voltages, resistance, current and power to the extensive use of the magnetism especially in the two main types of motors which is the AC and DC.

The Different Electronic Components / Semiconductor Components


Here are some practical uses of Electronics:

  • The Christmas lights in your home is similar to the Electronics' resistors in series connection. The connection of lighting fixtures in your homes as well as your different appliances are connected in a fashion similar to Electronics' resistors in parallel.
  • The rectifier circuit is found in every power supply of your TVs, radios, mobile phones, amplifiers, and computers. Power supply is also used to supply voltage in small appliances or devices that uses 3V to 12V DC.
  • Electronics components are used in clippers, limiters, clampers, mutlipliers, active filters, oscillators and many more.
  • Electronics broad applications in Microwaves Communications Systems, Analog Communications, Digital Communications and Information Technology.

My 100th Hub Overall...

My Fifth and a itgeneral Hub in the Christmas HubChallenge...

Some Quotations in Electronics

Electronics is clearly the winner of the day. - John Ford

How are we doing in the electronics field as opposed to, you know, we hear how advanced the Japanese are? Do you think we're still pretty competitive? Oh, yes. - Jack Kilby (the pioneer in inventing the microchip)

I think I thought it would be important for electronics as we knew it then, but that was a much simpler business and electronics was mostly radio and television and the first computers. - Jack Kilby

I think right now the jury is out on where and how much profit is available in the consumer electronics industry, because if you look at the current consumer electronics players, the biggest ones on the planet struggle to make profit consistently. - Kevin Rollins

I'd learned enough about circuitry in high school electronics to know how to drive a TV and get it to draw - shapes of characters and things. - Steve Wozniak

There's a basic principle about consumer electronics: it gets more powerful all the time and it gets cheaper all the time. that's true of all types of consumer electronics. - Trip Hawkins (Indeed as time goes by electronic components tends to get smaller, cheaper and more powerful than their recent predecessors.)

We see portability in electronics being a continuing requirement, higher functionality, better battery life, requiring lower power for the actual electronics. David Milne

Well, the big products in electronics in the '50s were radio and television. The first big computers were just beginning to come in and represented the most logical market for us to work in. - Another quotation from Jack Kilby

When I was a teenager in the late 30's and early 40's, electronics wasn't a word. You were interested in radio if you were interested in electronics. Ken Olsen

Excerpts from

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I like electronic engineering too much. Generally it's a wide field of interest please join me in saying Asante Sana to them that invented elements of electronics

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thank u very much sir...

Dan Harmon from Boise, Idaho on December 21, 2011:

I grew up when that triode tube WAS "electronics". The changes have been absolutely tremendous and have changed our lives in ways that few can understand or recognize, and we have barely scratched the surface of possibilities.

Gener Geminiano (author) from Land of Salt, Philippines on November 28, 2010:

Thanks I appreciate your kind words...

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Congrats on your 100th blog post! I love to see people blogging in my industry, resistors, and yours are well written. Kudos!

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I can't imagine the earth living in primitive ways without the invent of electronics!

Aman Mir on May 04, 2010:

The information given here is not sufficient and is not enough. There should be a lot of information on electronic industries to be given on this page.

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Your 100th hub? That's great, congratulations!

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Great job and congrats on your 100th hub...I found this hub informative and well written...You are a good node in the network of life...

Gener Geminiano (author) from Land of Salt, Philippines on December 12, 2009:

@Paraglider - the vacuum triode is the root of electronics, you are maybe right there Para, but for me I'll put my marbles on transistor although both are good pick... Thanks a lot for the special mention.

@LensMan99- nice avatar and thank you very much for the comment... I appreciate it...

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Thanks a lot again guys, this is a special hub for me and I'm glad you find sometime to visit this...

ralwus on December 12, 2009:

Electrifying hub GH. Kudos. It liberated women a lot from many tedious tasks like laundry and house cleaning.

prettydarkhorse from US on December 12, 2009:

computer yes GH, and the Internet that goes with it, it sure made our lifes easier and easy communication too, nice one, Maita

kaloomba on December 12, 2009:

Great Hub choice! After all, how could we ever get along without the computer or the Internet?

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Great Work...

congrats for Heavy task of publishing 100th Hub in 5th Month....

Dave McClure from Worcester, UK on December 12, 2009:

p.s. congratulations on the big 100!

Dave McClure from Worcester, UK on December 12, 2009:

And all made possible by thermionics. I think the triode was the single invention that had most influence in shaping the modern world, by making real-time mass communication a reality and an expectation.

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