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The Problem With the Netflix Documentary 'the Social Dilemma'


The Social Deception

The power and influence that social media has over our daily lives is something that shouldn't be ignored. Many alarming studies have been done that prove social media is highly addictive, it shortens our attention span, it affects our ability to sleep, and it's linked to depression and suicide. While Justin Rosenstein, the creator of the Facebook like button, and many others who had a hand in creating these social platforms claim they had "good intentions", we shouldn't simply overlook their crimes against humanity. This is exactly what the new Netflix documentary called 'The Social Dilemma' will try to convince you to do.

In the past I've exposed many Netflix shows and movies for their constant promotion of transhumanism, secret societies, and even Satanism. I say all of this because even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Do not be deceived! The Social Dilemma is being praised by the mainstream for exposing the negative effects social media has on us but nobody is talking about how the only solution this film offers is more censorship. Instead of taking responsibility for creating a tool that enslaves the mind of the user, they make every attempt to blame conspiracies, politics, and your personal beliefs for being the reason why social media is so destructive to our society.

I personally will always have a hard time trusting the person who created the problem to be the one to provide a reliable solution. If history has taught us anything its that the solution always turns out to be worse than the problem. The end result is usually the loss of freedoms and the rise of a new system of oppression. If you watched this documentary it should be clear that this film was made to push an agenda that has nothing to do with stopping these tech giants from trampling all over ours rights and freedoms.


The Solution

You don't have to be a computer programmer or a software engineer to know that algorithms don't write themselves. One of the key points this documentary tries to make, is the fact these social media companies are using highly sophisticated algorithms to manipulate us into spending more time on their sites. They tell us that these algorithms know what kind of content to curate for us, based off of our data and past search history. While this is half the truth they fail to mention that their algorithms are programed to not curate any content for you that doesn't align with the mainstream narrative.

The algorithms have been programmed to never send you a notification or direct you to a site that promotes whatever these companies consider to be a conspiracy theory. If you are interested in this type of content you have to dig or already know a site that talks about these controversial topics. Instead of a free and open internet, we already have a censored world wide web. Over the past few years sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have practically banned free speech on their platforms. Right now there seems to be a cyber war taking place for the control of information on the internet. With these multibillion dollar Silicon Valley organizations taking on the responsibility of being the thought police for the whole entire world.

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The most dangerous algorithms are not algorithms that are programmed to serve you content that interest you. The most dangerous algorithms are algorithms that are programmed, to program your mind, to know only the information the mainstream media wants you to know. Should we be surprised that the solution being offered in this Netflix documentary is more censorship? If I committed many crimes against humanity and had the power to control what information the public gets to see or not, I would definitely be willing to expose a few of my so-called "Unintentional Crimes" to cover up my more serious past, present, and future criminal activity.


The Truth

If you believe the answer to the social dilemma is more censorship, than you are admitting that you are too incompetent to decide for yourself what information is reliable and what is not. You are asking the very people who created the problem to dictate what kind of content they think you should be allowed see. While they only highlighted a false solution in this Netflix documentary, they did at least mention the real solution, which I'm sure they hoped you missed.

When it comes to the many negative effects social media has on society, these negative effects mostly impact our youth. The solution to these problems are simple. As parents we can no longer afford to allow our children to have unsupervised access to internet. Allowing a child to freely search the internet is like giving them the key to Pandora's box. Nothing good will come out of it. The people who helped create these platforms now boast that they themselves don't allow their children to use social media. I believe we should do the same.

It is lie to say that information being researched on the Internet is tearing our country in two. Even before the internet there has always been people of different minds in this country. Internet conspiracies do not cause people to distrust the government. Lies and crimes that have been exposed by whistle blowers, government insider, and leaked documents are the reason why the people no longer trust the governments of the world. The internet is more than social media platforms and is a tool to educate yourselves. I don't believe for one second that these people who had a hand in creating this social nightmare intend to stop disinformation. I believe they truly want to control information because they know that people are waking up and being enlightened by what they are discovering online. Which is the fact that we the people have been lied to, used, and abused by those who are in a position of power and authority.

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