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The Place of Engineering in Technological Advancement

Chika is a graduate of civil engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria with B.eng who loves teaching, reading and writing.


Engineering has been the reason behind the major development that the world enjoys. It has added a lot to the advancement of technology in our society and as a result of Engineering many engineers has emerged in oder to serve as a medium through which engineering profession is brought to reality in our society. Without an engineer in a society or world at large there will be a lot of loop holes because the society or the world at large needs engineers for their sustenance. The modern change and trends in technology has been traced to the engineers that are up and doing in the society. Engineering and Engineers has added a tremendous values and change to our society at large when it comes to technological advancement. There are many technological advancement that wouldn't have taken place if not for the sake of engineering and this made it to be the father of technological advancement.


Areas That has Embraced Technological Advancement Due to Engineering

Some of the areas in which Engineering has added Advancement to includes the following

1. Telecommunication: in the area of telecommunication, engineering has helped a lot in its progression. The ability to communicate to someone that is far away from where you are is made possible as a result of what engineering can offer meaning that without engineering it will be hard for telecommunication industry to exist. Telecommunication industry is not only all about the ability to make communication easier but it also involves the devices like phone through which the communication is done. Those devices is a product of engineering.

2. Media and entertainment: in this area engineering has played a very pivotal role for the advancement of media and entertainment industry. The possibility of recording and uploading is as a result of what engineering can offer. Engineering has helped in sustaining the media industry both in devices that delivers it and the one that recieves it. All of this devices is a product of engineering.

3. Sports: in the area of sports engineering has also played a very big in seeing that sports is well enjoyed. The construction of stadiums, the coverages of sports activities are possible because of what engineering was able to offer. It will be hard to have a well constructed stadiums if there is nothing like engineering. It will be hard to enjoy any sporting activities in your home without the help of engineering.

4. Medical: some of the medical facilities is manufactured by an engineer and those facilities is what makes medical area to function appropriately. So without engineering it will be hard for medical practictioner to function appropriately in the area of medicine.

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5. Structure: engineering has a helped a lot when it comes to constructing a stable structures. Without engineering the modern structures that is all over that world will not be in existence. Is only engineering that made this possible. Structures like Bridges, canals, stadiums will not be built if not by the knowledge of engineering.

6. Transportation: the modern modes of transportation is made possible because of what engineering is able to offer. Without engineering this modern mode of transportation that everyone is enjoying will not be available. Is only engineering that made transportation by air, sea, road possible. Engineering made it possible for people to be able to board plane, have their own personal car that takes them from place to place, travel by sea.

7. Education and learning: engineering has helped in making learning easy. It is as a result of engineering that E-learning is possible. Engineering made it possible for online learning which is one of the easiest way to learn in this modern days without much stress.

8. Agriculture: commercial type of agriculture is only possible because there is something like engineering. It will be hard to have access to agricultural machineries if there is nothing like engineering. Some of agricultural machineries includes tractor, bulldozers etc. All this agricultural machineries will not exist if there is no Engineers to manufacture them. And is only this agricultural machineries that has made agriculture easier this days.

9. Finance and banking: the area of finance has advanced tremendously because of what engineering is able to offer. Ability to have online banking was made possible because engineering played their role. The availability of authomated teller machine (ATM) is as a result of what engineering offers which has made banking easier than ever before.



Technological advancement has been so evident in our everyday life due the push that engineering gave to it. All over the world there has been an advancement in technology which everyone appreciated, but thanks to engineering that made it possible for us. The sustainable development that the world is enjoying and are still to enjoy will still be traced back to engineering.

© 2021 Chika Nwankwo

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