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The PUNKT MPO2 4G LTE Mobile Phone Is A Pleasant Way To Talk


Cell Phones Used To Be About Talking - And Privacy Was Never An issue

Cell phones started out being for the purpose of making and taking phone calls, so the tech didn’t need to be so special. That’s probably why the first models to come out for consumers (not for cars) were about as big as a brick and had an antenna coming out from it looking like one of those bouncy things you wore on your head during Halloween. Battery power was decent but who cared when you payed over $100 to be connected and then paid $1 or more for every minute incoming or outcoming. Having contacts on your phone? Sure. Having an Internet connection or apps coming out from the either, not so much. You used the phone because you weren't at home to use your computer or watch television because its job was to keep you connected with people calling or you calling people because you didn’t want or have an answering machine.

So sure things are different now because cell phones are now smartphones which really means you aren’t smart, the phone is. Who needs that, lots of people evidently. But maybe it’s time to slow down and just go up and do life without having to take the entire life along with you — courtesy of that smartphone. That’s where the PUNKT name comes in — it’s a phone obviously and it’s got tech in it obviously. But what it doesn’t have is tons of connectivity. And that’s what makes the PUNKT MPO2 4G LTE Mobile Phone a valuable way to stay connected aurally through the lack of overly sophisticated computer high-tech. Because the lack of spending one’s life online means more time spending it in the real world — and avoiding giving away details of said life to others.


Look At This Phone

So with all that out of the way, let’s run through what we see first and follow that with what is inside, because there’s plenty going on.

The MPO2 is of the “one hand” variety - meaning that it can fit in one hand and allows for one handed operation. The Polycarbonate body has a curved shape to the back where a rear speaker emits from and gives it a a more “sensual” feel as compared to some other models and the soft touch backlit keys have a satisfying tactile feel to them . Don’t kick us for saying it just feels kind of cute when held. The display is a reasonable and viewable 320x240 QVGA rez and gorilla glass means it can put up with finger prodding (and some bad actors like pocket keys) better than not.

Unlocked and using a nano SIM card that you insert in the tray pretty much the same as any other phone - that parts unremarkable and should be. As is the 5 year rated non-removable rechargable battery using the USB-A to USB-C adapter or USB-C to USB-C — charging pretty fast like under 3 hours) and putting out about 4+ talking time and about 180 hours on standby — of course varies due to usage of the embedded tech and time spent with the phone in use (the fast charging means you can pop in some electric when you’ve a few minutes to spare here and there).

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Turn Me On Punkt

Turning it on and off shows the simplicity, because the vibrating gets combined with some entertaining simple graphics and sounds (ringtones are specially made, btw). The packaging is biodegradable as is the overall theme of the phone — no charger included but you probably have one. What you might not have is a more simple phone that has what is really needed without what is not really needed when it gets pulled out. You want crazy don’t look here, you want cool and simplicity when you need to speak, this does that.

And when we say “small” we’re talking about 117 x 14.4 mm and 100 grams no-weight to talk about at all. With a 2” 4:3 display, a design by Jasper Morrison (renowned product designer) and a simple series of activation buttons or icon buttons because it’s a text based view, so it’s all fast choices and simple results.


What Drives This Phone

Now for the insides - gravity + gyro plus eCompass is good as is Bluetooth 4.2 (kudos to the instruction manual for giving a high five to the 10th
century Danish king Harald Bluetooth who contributed his name), 16GB storage and the WiFi is valid at 802.11 N and backwards — not so speedy but doesn’t need to be as it's only used for updating the OS. Cellular goes the 4G route which is obviously competent — no need for 5G.

Processor is the Snapdragon 210 which is a competant quality performer, especially considering what it’s being asked to do for the MPO2. There's noise canceling voice use, plus SMS with predicative text and a user dictionary, a Contacts and Notes and Clock and Calculator and Calendar and Airplane mode — good solid choices that are useful pretty much all the time when a phone is being used.

The Internet tethering is kind of cool — using USB or Bluetooth or WLAN — because what it’s all about is that it gets connected with another device, using the MPO2’s 4G LTE cellular bandwidth to let the other device use the Internet (like a laptop). Again, the MPO2 is not going online, just letting another do it.

Forget privacy issues in general since the phone isn’t going to be holding tons of personal stuff, but it does have a privacy feature using the Signal protocol that gives you free, encrypted Internet-based calls and texts worldwide via WiFi or mobile data — Signal is a non-profit foundation so look into this if you're holding this phone.


To sum it up, with a reinforced body and back speaker, plus a textured finish both protective and unusual, this is a phone for keeping, not replacing, and comes in black or a light blue. For more details on the PUNKT MP02 4G LTE Mobile Phone go to

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