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The Office Button of Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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The Office Button of Microsoft Office Excel 2007

The office Button of Excel 2007 is a circular button located on the top left-hand side of Excel’s composing and reading window. Upon opening the Office button, you will find commands similar to those found on the File menu of MS Office Word 2003.

Let us have a look at these commands in details. This will help you work easily with any version of the Excel program.

Commands of the Office Button

These are the commands that you will come across when working with the office button.

New – this command is for creating a new file which could be a blank workbook, new from installed templates, new from my templates, new from existing, new from Microsoft Office Online, budgets, calendars, forms, among others.

Open – use this command to open a previously saved file. A dialogue appears where you select where the file was saved, then click on its name and select open.

You can also use a shortcut for locating the file you want and clicking on it if it is listed next to the commands.

Save – this command is used for saving your document. You should keep saving your file as you keep modifying it.

The Office Button

The Office Button and its commands

The Office Button and its commands

The Save As Option

Save as – use this command to save your file for the first time or to save your file to a new location.

Upon clicking it, a dialogue appears where you have to select the folder in which to save your file and then give the file name.

You can also use this command to save a copy of the document using other file formats apart from the default one.

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Print – this command is for printing your finished document. It has three options; print, quick print, and print preview.

Prepare – use this command to help you prepare the document for distribution. For instance, you can use the Encrypt command for assigning a password to your document.

Send Copy Via Email

Send – the send command will be used to send a copy of your file to other people. You can send that copy via email or internet fax.

Publish – use this command to distribute your document to other people. You can achieve this by using Excel services, a Document management server, and create a document workspace.

Exit Excel Command

Close – this command is used for closing your Excel file. It does not close the Excel Window but just the workbook you had created.

Excel options – this command is used for changing options found in Excel. For instance, you can change popular options in Excel, formulas, how to perform proofing, how to save a document and many more.

Exit Excel – this is for quitting or closing the Excel window completely.

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