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Never Miss a Conversation With The Noopl iPhone Hearing Enhancement Accessory


Noise Makes Listening Hard

Smartphones have really changed things because of their being able to use apps. So you want to make your in-phone camera do different things, then get an app that will do that. Or get an app for a social media site or….you get the idea. But lost in all this is what a smartphone, in conjunction with an app, can do to aid people who need to improve some aspect of their health — yes we know about hardwired tech of such types in smart watches, but the number of phones versus watches is much higher. Think of the phone like a video game console, which uses interchangeable cartridges (apps) but can also take peripherals to increase its value and improve a person’s life. So let’s focus on hearing because there are plenty of people who could benefit from being able to hear a conversation (as example) more clearly. These people aren’t looking to run to the doctor or have an opeartion, but instead have just given up and fell that they just have to put up with the lack of clarity their ears now provide in situations like crowded restaurants or office cubicles, etc. Forget that — grab the Noopi iPhone Hearing Enhancement Accessory instead and rejoice in its reducing background noise and noisy situations and redirections conversations towards you so as to make them more easily heard.


Microphones and A.I.

Now let’s say right up front that this is no substitute for seeing a doctor if there is real concern or if a hearing aid is proscribed. Because with Noopl, besides not having the stigma of something in your ear, the Idea is to modify the surface noise inhibiting hearing what is being said. To accomplish this there’s three digital processing microphones for taking in the sound, along with A.I and “spatial audio” technology for use. Spatial audio, to simplify, means that if you were to turn your head to the sound, the sound continues to be in its position in 3D space. Now why this is good is because if you’re wearing spatial audio-compatible headphones/earbuds, then if you’re listening to a sound in front of you, moving your head employs head tracking that helps to direct the sound to you in a more direct fashion. Now for this to work, iOS 14 needs to be employed and it has to be an AirPods Pro that is being worn (or it could be an MFI [made for iPhone] compatible hearing aid).


Quick Set Up

Let’s break down what you need: there’s the Noopl Listen app (we’ll get to that later), but what we’re concerned with is the hardware, which is shaped a bit like a wedge and made so as to be able to fit up against the bottom of an iPhone (yes iPhone only, no Android phones here). It attaches to the Lightning port and so increases the length of an iPhone by a bit and comes with couplers to improve on its solidity at the bottom of the iPhone. The compatibility for it as is works with iPhones ranging from the iPhone 7 on up — but to enable it to hold onto really well it needs for the iPhone to be in a case, as available/provided by the company that makes Noopl. Again, you can attach the Noopl without a case, but the case does provides a better “fit”. And keep in mind though that while the case barely adds any weight to the phone, it doesn’t possess the extreme protective capabilities as found in some cases. So it is a bit of a trade off of protection versus a better fit for the Noopl. Regardless there’s no batteries involved because the Lighting port supplies it with power.


Steering The Conversation To You

So now the Noopl is attached to the iPhone. Which means its time for the next part of the system to be put into effect, we go to the app. Actually we don’t because plugging Noopl in auto-launches it. Now the app is used to “steer” the sound the person is aiming the iPhone at; this can be left to the app’s algorithm to automatically do, but why not have manual control? So it does. Going to manual lets you change the direction of the “beam” that is pulling in the sound: there’s a wide, narrow and omni beam choice, with icons/illustrations showing you how the results will be towards people in front and around you. That’s pretty much the extent of what the app does and by doing this, it’s accomplishing exactly what is needed. Oh it also asks first to access your microphone (so as to process the incoming audio), Bluetooth (so as to transmit to your headphones) and your motion and fitness activity (for the auto-steering feature for detecting the position of the head).


Easy To Listen

So we thought a great test would be to try Noopl out while attending a Bingo game, having some 40+ people populating a ballroom. Seated at a table with 4 other (chatty) people, in the past we could barely hear the guy calling out the numbers at the front of the room — no sound amplification being used.

Not having AirPods Pro, we couldn’t use the spatial feature, and instead a pair of Audio-Technical Bluetooth earbuds. There was a lot of surface noise around us so we pulled out our iPhone 12, put Noopl on, aimed it the Bingo guy and let the app do its auto thing. Now we could now hear him really well — a lot better than if just sitting there with no earbuds. We fiddled with the manual settings, which altered the direction of the sound being received (narrow being the most effective), and overall the results were great. The only problem was having to work that Bingo card with one hand. Later we realized the iPhone could be put on the table and just aimed towards the Bingo buy. But we didn’t win anyway.


The Noopl’s best attribute is that it benefit pretty much anyone who needs to overcome a noisy environment — think being in an airport for example — meaning it’s not just for those who are looking to get past hearing issues. For more details go to https://noopl.com/

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