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The Industry and Human Augmentation

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Human Augmentation - Blurring the Line Between Biology and Technology


Human Augmentation Technology Investment is Fast Augmenting

Given a newer technology breakthrough is underway with the masses being in the midst of it all witnessing it unfold. It has been forecasted that the human augmentation marketplace would be valued at whopping several hundreds of billions of dollars within a span of a few years which comparatively is a massive increase from 2020.

What's Human Augmentation?

Human Augmentation enables executing actions, either mental or physical, driven by tools practically integrating into human bodies. ‘Practically’ is an overstatement shrouded in ambiguity as there are other forms of human augmentation as well wherein direct human body grafting is not essential. Furthermore, it's been fairly easy to gauge enhancements in performance day in and day out.

Wearables including smartphones and smartwatches, for example, have resulted in enhancements in capabilities that humans are born with, leading to smart communication among humans.

Kinds of Human Augmentation

Media is all gaga about the scope in the human augmentation marketplace as it can potentially convert humans into superhumans, also known as Human 2.0. Advancements in BCI or brain-computer interfaces leading to augmented human intelligence will soon be a reality. However, it is not that all kinds of human augmentation technology would be equipped to bestow superpowers to humans. Groundbreaking human augmentation predictably will take place in three areas.


In all likelihood, the most crucial category is duplicating. Certain forms of human augmentation technology can supersede some facets of human ability that may have been bargained.

Naked Prosthetics, for example, is a technology behemoth that has an immense impact on the marketplace by creating prosthetics for the finger for amputees as well as accident victims.

As a benchmark company, Naked Prosthetics mixes human health and technological material mentioning the business purpose, which drives participants in transforming lives.

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Granted complementing is another form of augmentation technology that provides an increased potential to the capacity of someone including a broad array of stuff enabling enhancement of vocabulary.

It can be anyone’s imagination that smart spectacles showing a holographical display enable remote eye contact as well as viewing far-off places in real-time. On the brighter side though, it is in existence with Google being the owner.


It was extremely challenging for the human augmentation marketplace during the product development phase to develop products exceeding human capacity. Humans are aware of their boundaries or limitations as well as what things come naturally to them, therefore this is a realm where humans can stake their claim in superiority.

At Neuralink, Elon Musks’s brainchild or flagship project, they are showing the way of crossing boundaries and pushing the envelope as it were and building bridges of interactions or communication amongst a computer and the human brain. Furthermore, this isn’t all of it, most organizations are creating other tools with the potential of altering the paradigm of scope for humans.

Tech behemoths are not the privileged ones alone when it comes to increments. Medium and small players have the same privileges as well as the big players actively participate in the paradigm shift. Over half of the big techs and SMEs alike predictably would adopt wearable computing technology in no more than 2 years not to mention startups being noticed through their fundraiser campaigns.

MindPortal is a case in point aiming at developing a wearable capable of equipping the mind for VR immersive experience individually or in groups. The several millions of dollars invested in MindPortal are a noteworthy step to follow.

8 Amazing Human Augmentations

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