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The Impromptu Rule of the Online Community

The Internet Universe

On January 1st 2021, the internet turned 38 years old. It has became a key source of our lives today and the internet will continue to grow as technology continues to develop. But when things look so good, there has to be someone to poop on the party. We have seen some pretty shady stuff on the internet; stuff to avoid, stuff we wish we never saw and there's even some safety rules to ensure that the internet will always stay holy. But it turns out just like our mind, not everything can remain innocent. For everything exist on the the web, and anything SUS;- check out my last article on that subject, link should be here; will find its way through the cracks. The rules of the internet are simple, but broad and loose? Needless to say, it's a lot of rules for where you're down that path in your life where you just feel like being a menace to society. Those rules include the following topics; piracy, drugs, human trafficking, weird drugs, hackers, catfishing, and selling illegal stuff (includes body parts, important artifacts, stolen property, and drugs). I'll break them down shortly, but I'd like to focus on one internet rule in particular. The saying goes like this, "If it exist, there's a trolling community that follows." If you haven't read me yet, this is about how a group of people that just aren't having the greatest day and decided to make it everyone's problem on the biggest and worst platform to do so; the internet.


Trolls, Karens, and worst of all, spammers are similar in many ways so you can refer to them in the same way and the information you read from this article you can use for all three creatures.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more is developed for users to interact with family, friends, and foreign people as well. This was going well until some arguments were are placed down between the two users. Because the argument was implemented, one side decides to take things a little personal to get offensive, and because the two parties are not face to face, the offensive user is safe from any physical activity. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the troll, bringing the new era of hurting someone, cyberbullying. Admit it or not, you have or will eventually get cyberbullied at some point in your life. Trolls will attempt to mock, tease, and bully you online just for the fun of it. Experts say that this is for power and superiority of the other user. Almost 87% of young people have suffered from cyberbullying at some point and 24% of children and teens have been bullied on the internet. The most common type of cyberbullying is mean comments. Because of large social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, its fairly common for people to get bullied while using those platforms. The target of the cyberbully is to attack anything they see vulnerable. Sadly, suicide rates has gone up because of cyberbullying by 8.7%.

Cyberbully Chart

The Solution to Cyberbullying

When speaking to parent or an adult about this issue, they would tell their young child about their opinion to stop cyberbullying, and that is to get off the internet. Even though it's really is the best solution to stop getting bullied online, you're never ending or stopping the bully, you're just ignoring them. And ignoring the troll will only leave him to believe you don't care or that it doesn't bother you which will make them leave you alone. So, it's a good is a good solution to at least stop getting bullied online. However, if you look to gain justice or to stop this particular troll, then you would have to either report them for bullying you and others or let someone with higher power handle this person because at the end of the day, they are humans too.

But after the bullying is over, there are scars to heal, which is why it is crucial for you to be around supportive people who want to see you happy. That's what make bullying not bullying because you have people who care about you at the end of the day which makes the pain not hurt as much as it used to. You're complaining about one or two people who were offended you online when you should be thinking about the tens or hundreds or maybe that one person who cares about you and wants to see you smile and laugh.

Moral of the Troll

The key to stopping cyberbully is not going to the big president of the board or going to their parents to get this resolved and it's not even reporting him to get his account deleted or blocked, which is honestly not a bad idea, but the one thing that can stop cyberbullying is just to surround yourself by even more people that outweigh one or two spammers. Trolls have chosen to hurt someone else's feelings maybe because their feelings are already hurt. In simple terms, if I ask Don Torreto on what can stop cyberbullying, the answer he would give me is family. As cringy and funny the meme can be, friends you consider as family will truly defeat cyberbullying. As always, stay tuned.

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