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The IRIScan Desk 6 Business Document Scanner Does It All


The Dedicated Scanner Rules

Scanners have come a long way since the early days of being an adjunct of printers and just something added for more value. This at least gave you a choice between spending a fortune on a scanner or instead using a printers’ lower resolution scanning tech. Today people have gotten lazy because they think their smartphone can do anything that used to require a specialized device. And the idea of having to tear out pages is just bad news. Now that might be true of taking photos because the cameras built into phones keep getting updated, but the overall technologies and software involved for scanning is sub-par.

So when it comes to scanning the printed word, things become difficult and that’s especially true when it comes to copying the printed page when it’s in book form — because it’s not an easy matter to copy something in book form. So what’s needed is a device that is exactly geared for copying anything that can be placed beneath it — be it a magazine or a book or a set of receipts all at one time (using the included Scanpad) or something flat or a poster or whatever that’s flat. So that’s why — instead of going with a standard inkjet printer with a scanning function — you should find value, ease of use and proper results in using the IRIScan Desk 6 Business Document Scanner.


Assembly First

Because the IRIScan comes in a small rectangular box, you should expect to assemble this scanner. Don’t be aggravated or concerned because the assembly process is fairly simple and anyone can do it. Provided, that is, you follow the instructions provided and take your time and not rush (thank goodness that it also comes with a USB cable for connecting to a computer/laptop, because so many will put this together in a hurry because they need to do a scanning right away, only to find they don’t have or have a long enough cable).


What The Hardware Does

The IRIScan could be designated as being in two sections: the second being the base that can handle things placed on it up to A3 sized (11.69 × 16.54 inches) and is ready to take whatever one wants to place on it (2D only, no 3D imaging). As to the first part, because that being a camera at the top of a pole with it aiming down at the base, which is where whatever is going to be copied is placed. The dual lens camera has a megapixel count of 32 — that’s plenty good enough for copying flat imaging and providing detailed resolution. And turning all done into searchable documents.

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What The Software Does

Now the included software does exactly the kind of things one would want and need when using this scanner: there’s the ability to convert viewable text into editable text for word documents and the like, or making them into PDF documents or transferring them to Excel or making them into TIFF images. Add to that there’s an auto page turning detection sensor to front/back cover pocket book detection to auto de-skewing and auto edge filling of damaged document. So in other words, what gets scanned can be turned into whatever the user wants. And now mentioning that there is a microphone built into the camera as well — what’s it purpose? It’s purpose is being to enable audio when creating videos, be it a web tutorial or an online demo (at up to 30 frames per second) or a YouTube video even doing live demo videos because it’s fully compliant with the known systems like Zoom or Team, Skype or Google. Of course you can do ePub or audio files (MP3, WAV).


Making Those Books Cooperate

But to us the biggest feature deals with the issue of the pages of a book curling up when placed down for scanning. This book problem of the pages not being perfectly flat is taken care of automatically by invoking the auto flatten function (no it doesn’t bring out a set of hands to hold the pages down, it’s in software). This is supposed to also work with paperback books so we tried doing this with an old softbound book now out of print with badly curled pages and the feature worked amazingly well.


Keep Those Books Flat - Digitally

The IRIScan Desk 6 Business Document Scanner has so many features that we might have forgotten to mention some — so before we go consider that it provides its own lighting; there’s 1D and 2D barcode recognition; all this works with both PCs and Macintosh computers being plugged in. There’s so much going on here that it’s more of a matter of what it does telling you what you can do without you having known this before. For more details go to

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