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The VocoPro Germinator Will Kick All the Unseen Crud Off That Microphone


Microphones Need To Be Cleaned

There are microphones for doing all kinds of things — you can use them for business or for fun; there are microphones being used for Zoom calls and for PA systems; for karaoke and for interviews. So as expected there are many different types of microphones — electronics being different — and their shapes are not similar.; examples being small clip-on mics to put on people (called lavaliere), mics that sit on a table or desk, large ones at the end of a boom pole, etc. But a standard one for handheld use looks sort of like a tube with a bulb at one end — the “bulb” consisting of a grill covering sensitive audio receiving equipment. And what happens with that grill? It gets pushed up against a person’s face and gets breathed on. That’s just a fact that has to be dealt with. But with people more aware and concerned about staying healthy, a quick wipe on a sleeve or a shaking off of the microphone is not good enough. Not at all. There needs to be a solution to this that makes sense and works correctly and simply. So there is — it’s called the VocoPro Germinator Dual Microphone UV-C Sanitizer. And it’s going to make those microphones clean. So we’ve grabbed the USB-CAST Handheld Digital Wireless USB Microphones (a package of 2) that also come from VocoPro because they’re made from metal and so are rugged and have the “stick” shape the Germinator likes.


Here’s a Pair of Mics To Use

So first about these mics. They’re dynamic microphones and don’t need cables because they operate on the 900 MHz band. Being wireless, they can be used in any environment, although they’re not waterproof and so outside use must be invoked sensibly. Each mic has its transmitter built-in, and aren’t so heavy as to be heinous to hold for long periods of time). An embedded LCD panel displays the frequency, volume and echo controls. It uses 2 “AA” batteries and we had no issues with 1 hour and longer sessions — we found this to be fairly consistent in use with top-notch “AA”s, although it is recommended to use fresh batteries for every session. A USB receiver goes into a Mac or PC desktop or laptop, getting its power there , and receives the audio (an output on it allows for monitoring but requires connection to powered speakers or an amplifier). The best part, besides being able to use both microphones simultaneously, is that the 900MHz radio frequency obviates interference from a WiFi home network or other connected devices nearby. It does exactly that and the transmission from the USB-Cast mics remained clear and free of interference in all uses.


So Why The Germinator You Ask

So why the Germinator? Because even those who profess to avoid slobbering over a mic know they’re spitting even if it’s not being seen. And a quick wipe with a sanitizing cloth might soothe the eye but does nothing for the grill and the pop filter beneath. Stronger measures by the G are needed to kill the germs and viruses and bacteria.Yes that means the current virus too. So into the Germinator the mic goes and 2 minutes ain’t horrendous to wait as the UV-C light zaps all the crap away. You can be all thumbs too since just inserting the mic into one of the two docks headfirst kicks the “on” on. Use it while it’s charging or go the route alone and then enjoy about 300 hands-free cleanings. And don’t bother timing how long the battery lasts in stand-by: we went a day and it was still fine but giving it a charging session before being needed is just common sense. Nor do you have to time those 2 minutes, because there’s a little display with all kinds of goodies for informing. Besides showing a percentage as the mic gets sanitized (for both docks if 2 mics are both getting done at the same time), there’s battery indication as well. And no you don’t have to turn the mic like it’s in a microwave oven as it gets sanitized because the dock gives it a full 360 degrees coverage.


The Germinator doesn’t put a sticker on the mic to say it’s been sanitized, but you know it has. So there’s the satisfaction of a job well done along with avoiding issues from that previous person’s icky mouth. Or the next one. Or yours. For more details about the Germinator as well as the USB-CAST Handheld Digital Wireless USB Microphones, go to VocoPro at

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